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Defeated Jock (3)

Taylor knelt before Kam, unable to fully process the declaration he needed training. Taylor watched Kam reach for something, and as Kam connected it around his neck, Taylor realized it was a dog collar. “That will help put you in the mood. And I like seeing you in it.” Taylor just groaned. The collar was snug on his neck. He felt owned, the circle of leather pulling him further down. “We’re going to take some time to train you. Eventually you’ll be a good slave.” Taylor groaned again, knowing he had no choice in the matter. “Let’s get that tongue to work. Lick my junk.”

“Yes, Master.” Taylor couldn’t resist. He didn’t have it in him. The plug was still in his ass, and he had sucked Kam off the whole way here. Having to face people today, people who had seen his humiliation on video had ripped him to shreds. Knowing Kam had fucked Pam had sunk in during the drive and Taylor was numb. Taylor leaned forward, extended his tongue and licked the side of Kam’s balls, near the creavece it met the leg. He felt like a dog. He licked more, getting the balls to move, lickig up Kam’s shaft which stiffened some.

Taylor licked around, getting the balls, shaft, even up to the head. He had been ordered to lick, not suck, so that’s what he did. No rebellion now, just doing as he was told. His defeats swam before his eyes. Physical defeats, in athletic contests and dick size, the crushing defeat of having to suck Kam off that first time, and the possibly harder blow of Kam fucking Pam. Knowing there was video, only the most innocuous which had been posted so far. Kam had much worse to put out if he chose.

“Fetch me a beer bitch-dog. There’s some in the fridge.” Kam’s foot ran up and down Taylor’s cock as he issued the order.

“Yes, Master.” Taylor started to rise.

“Un-nuh. Crawl bitch, like the dog you are.” Kam grinned.

“Yes, Master.” Taylor got to his hands and knees, crawling to the kitchen, getting the can and crawling back. He felt low. Kam widened his legs, and Taylor knew he had to get back to work. He did, drawing his tongue more over the cock and balls before him. He heard Kam give a contented sigh and slide down a bit, obviously enjoying the service. Taylor just sort of zoned out, licking and playing his fall over and over in his head. He lost track of time.

Taylor was brought back to reality as Kam shifted, pulling back up on the seat. After blinking twice, Taylor moved forward to continue his work, realizing his tongue was dry. How long had he been doing this? Kam was moving around, and Taylor realized Kam was doing something to the collar. Suddenly, Kam stood up, and Taylor discovered he was leashed. Kam lead Taylor to the kitchen. Taylor heard water running, and Kam put a dog dish of water on the floor in front of his slave. “Drink slave.”

“Yes, Master.” Taylor felt a twist in his gut as he bent lower and began to lap at the water. Kam chuckled over him. As his tongue returned to normal, Taylor started to reflect on his position. How could he be just taking this? He gripped his hands into fists. He had to do something. But he didn’t know what. Kam had videos of him doing all sorts of gay shit. Not that Kam could be seen in them, unless someone recognized Kam’s huge cock, it would be just Taylor getting destroyed. Kam could just sit back and laugh. Taylor had no choice, he was stuck, total stuck with no way out.

Quenched, Taylor shook his head a bit. “You have a lot to learn still.” Kam declared from on high. Taylor looked up at him. Kam seemed taller, with Taylor on the floor before him. “I’m going to make you do stuff that you will hate. You’ll do everything I tell you. Everything. You understand.”

“Yes, Master.” Taylor really felt under Kam’s thumb.

“Come with me.” Kam pulled the leash, Taylor followed crawling not sure what was going to happen next, not sure what he would do, knowing he’d cave. “I want you to clean this, with your tongue.”

Taylor came out of his fog, realizing he was in the bathroom. Kam was pointing to the toilet. “Fuck no!” Taylor started to back up, staying on his knees.

“You will.” Kam pulled the leash, once again defeating Taylor, who got dragged on the tiled floor. Taylor felt more like a dog trying to scramble back. Kam dragged him to the toilet and grabbed Taylor’s neck, forcing it to the rim. “Lick slave.” Kam’s grip on Taylor’s neck tightened, forcing Taylor a yelp of pain. “Do as you are told.” Kam growled, adding more strength to the pressure on Taylor’s neck.

Choking back a sob, Taylor extended his tongue until it hit the cold porcelain, causing a shutter that made it through his entire body. Kam’s hand was firm, Taylor licked. After a few licks, Kam’s  hand released, but Taylor continued, licking the rim of the commode. Kam watched him, smirking. Taylor felt a tear run down his cheek, but he kept licking.

Knowing what he was doing was disgusting, that he was crawling even lower because Kam made him. Taylor couldn’t believe he was doing this, degrading himself further and further because Kam wanted it. Would he ever be free? Could he ever get away from Kam? Or would his life be doing anything his old rival wanted him to do? Taylor continued to lick.

“I’ll be back for you later. Keep your cleaning work going.” Kam left Taylor to debase himself without an audience. It was worse than having Kam watch, licking a toilet without anyone to see him, to just obey. Over the bowl, Taylor saw and heard a teardrop fall into the water. He realized Kam was pushing him lower than he had ever been before. Knowing he wasn’t being watched, Taylor stopped licking and just stared at the water. It was stupid, just looking at the water in a toilet bowl. But it was all the comfort he had, cold comfort though it may be. Hearing Kam move around, Taylor began to lick again, even though the sounds were far enough away that he knew he couldn’t be seen. The fear of punishment, both immediate physical and later if Kam sent out the videos, was maddening.

Taylor sniffed, he could tell Kam was doing something, now he smelt food. Steak? Yes, Kam was cooking a steak, the scent making its way to Taylor’s nose. Taylor thought back to the cheap plastic-wrapped sandwich he had left in his room, knowing it was a mark of his fall, a ploy to keep away from people who had seen him humiliated on their screens. Taylor just kept licking, his spirit falling further and further, not able to find any way out of the predicament he was in.

Taylor zoned out, just letting his body go and blanking his mind. Not thinking seemed to help, as it hid the disgust he felt for himself. He was a bit startled when he realized Kam was picking up his leash and giving it a slight tug. “Come on slave, time to eat.”

“Yes, Master.” Taylor was glad to be free of the toilet, but very wary of what dinner would entail. Taylor crawled behind Kam to the kitchen. Looking up, he could tell one place had been set, and there was a couple bowls on the floor.

“You’re dinner is in there.” Kam pointed to one of the bowls. It was filled with, Taylor looked at it, trying to parse it out. It didn’t look like dog food, which was his first fear. But it was a bit of a mess. Kam laughed, picking up a squeeze bottle and applying mustard to it. “Not as bad as I could make it. It’s hamburger, mostly. Put in some lettuce, tomato, onion, that stuff, and the bun, all cut up. I’m having a T-bone steak.” Kam put on some ketchup. “Eat like the dog you are, no hands. While I enjoy a meal like a real man.”

“Yes, Master.” Definitely not as bad as possible, but still bad enough. Taylor was being treated like a dog, a well-loved dog, but still a dog. Eating with just his mouth would be a challenge, but everything was in fairly small pieces, so he’d be able to get it. It wasn’t an impossible task.

Kam sat down. “Get to it. Or you’ll go hungry.”

“Yes, Master.” Taylor bent down and started to eat, instantly getting his face dirty with the food, but really needing to get something in his stomach. The food looked unappetizing, but it really wasn’t much worse than a messed up burger. Taylor could tell his face was getting messed up with the ketchup, mustard, and rest of the food. He felt like an animal. Of course, he was in a collar, leash, and eating off the floor. Just like an animal. What had Kam reduced him to?

Taylor could hear Kam eating above him. Real, human food in a human way. A good meal, from what Taylor had seen. Steak and sides. Taylor rooted around in his bowl, knowing he was defeated, lost to Kam. Forced to do these humiliating things. Taylor was finishing up licking the insides of the bowl. Glad to get some food in him, as it seemed to settle his twisted stomach.

Taylor pulled back, looking at his empty bowl. He was done. Kam looked over at him and laughed. “You’re a fucking mess. Just kneel there, I’m still eating.”

“Yes, Master.” Taylor said softly. Watching Taylor, Kam had a self-satisfied smirk on his face. Taylor could feel his face covered in crap, he knew he was looking stupid. That is what Kam was grinning about, Taylor kneeling there, humiliated and just waiting. A delightful entertainment, if you weren’t the one covered in food. Kam didn’t rush, which made Taylor feel the shame grow in him. A slight tremble started in Taylor’s hands.

Kam finally finished, and got up. “Clean up the kitchen, you can stand to do it. Wash your face, then crawl out to me.” Kam looked down at Taylor. “Wash your face last.”

“Yes, Master.” Taylor grabbed his bowl and started to rise, realizing he would still feel the disgrace of his face even without Kam to see him. Taylor got to straightening the kitchen. At the end, he was glad to finally be able to apply water to his face. Taking a breath through his hands felt so good as the muck on his face fell away. Taking a towel to dry, Taylor inhaled deeply, letting the air out long.

Taylor turned towards the room Kam was sitting in, knowing he was going to have to debase himself again, and got down on his hands and knees, beginning the crawl to his conqueror. Kam grinned as he saw the cocky jock approach. Kam was so turned on by his defeat of Taylor, so amazed Taylor had folded so easily. The extra time Kam had put in, long hours in the gym and track had paid off better than he ever imagined. Kam had hoped he would win in some or most of the bets, never expecting to take them all. But as Taylor lost each one, the bets got bigger, and Taylor had fallen further and further into the trap. It had gone much better than Kam had dreamed, Taylor submitting, seemingly lost in defeat.

“Take the cage off.” Kam said nonschantally.

“Yes, Master.” Taylor began to remove the device, secretly glad to get it off. It was uncomfortable, and since he didn’t seem to have any control over getting hard, it hurt when he did. Taylor groaned as the ring came off his cock and balls.

“Put it there.” Kam indicated the end table.

“Yes, Master.” Taylor dropped it in place.

“Stand up, turn around.” Kam kept up his easy voice.

“Yes, Master.” Taylor got off his knees and obeyed.

Kam looked at the ass in front of him. In both meanings of the word. The metaphorical ass of Taylor’s personality, and the literal ass of the muscular globes slightly tensing and releasing and his nervous slave awaited the next order. Nice, round, smooth. So inviting, so ready to be fucked. Kam wondered if Taylor knew fucking was on the docket. Not that he cared, it was going to happen. But Taylor had been so surprised by so much.

“Feel your cheeks up, rub and squeeze them.” Kam spoke barely above a whisper.

“Yes, Master.” Taylor’s hands came back and began to fondle his own ass. Opening the crack so Kam could get glimpses of his upcoming target. The globes moved, Taylor actually enjoyed doing this, short of it being in front of a guy. Taylor’s cock had stiffened, Taylor was sure part of that was because it was in part because it had finally been freed. But that didn’t make him feel better, there was no reason for him to be aroused. He had been humiliated and was being bossed around. Taylor again wondered why he was hard. It didn’t make any sense. He hated what Kam was making him do. So why was he getting boners? He just couldn’t understand why massaging his ass in front of Kam was turning him on.

“Move your hips around some.” Kam commanded.

“Yes, Master.” Taylor groaned, Kam always made everything worse. Taylor did as he was told, moving his hips while groping his ass. Taylor felt like a cheap slut, thinking of the times he had had girls do similar things for him. Not that he had ever made them call him Master, but he had gotten some to hike up their skirts and play with their asses. One or two had even given him a lap dance.

Taylor felt Kam’s hands on his ass. He hadn’t heard Kam move closer, and that he had lost himself in his performance. Taylor worried about this lack of attention. Taylor realized he really needed to pay better attention. “You have such a great ass.” Kam said, kneading Taylor’s cheeks. Not thinking he needed to reply, Taylor just closed his eyes, feeling Kam’s hands on his ass, Taylor let his hands slip away. Kam continued to molest Taylor’s ass.

Taylor felt puzzled, he felt something else behind him, something touching his ass. It took a moment, then Taylor realized what it was. Kam’s dick. Taylor’s eyes shot open. Kam must have removed his pants. What was Kam thinking?

Kam used his hand to force Taylor to bend over, and Taylor felt a rapidly growing fear of what was next. “What…” Taylor began. Kam said nothing, but delivered a smack to the hip-side of his ass. Taylor bit his lip. He knew what was about to happen, and he knew there was nothing he could do about it.

Kam hummed, Taylor could just hear it. Taylor felt Kam’s dick in his ass crack, opened by his bent-over position. Kam’s dick felt cold and wet, Taylor couldn’t figure out why. He shuttered. Kam’s dickhead touched Taylor’s asshole. That was it, Taylor began to bolt away. He didn’t get far, Kam grabbed Taylor’s hips and applied a steel grip to keep Taylor in place. Taylor tried to wiggle out, but could not.

“Hold still, or it will be even worse for you slave.” Kam’s voice sounded cruel. Taylor balled his hands into fists, letting out an unintelligible sound. Taylor felt the dick back next to his asshole, he started to shake.

Taylor felt Kam’s dick start to penetrate, causing Taylor to feel his ass ring expand, beginning to make him feel uncomfortable. Taylor could feel Kam’s dick filling him up, a pressure he never expected to feel, never wanted to feel. It felt wrong to Taylor, a filling up his ass, nothing was ever supposed to be there. With about two inches of Kam’s cock in him, Taylor began to give out an odd grunting, continuing to grow in volume as Kam forced more of his hardon into Taylor’s back passage.

Taylor tried to move, hoping that shifting left or right would relieve the pressure, that did not work, and Kam forced Taylor to hold still. To emphasis the point, Kam shoved a couple more inches in quickly. Taylor gave a yelp and Kam growled “See.” Taylor took the point. The fast entry of the two more inches shocked him and he didn’t like it. Kam pushed further in. Taylor hurt, and was breathing in gasps. Kam kept pushing, more of more of his significant boner going in, Taylor letting out odd sounds as Taylor’s mind raced to deal with what was happening to him, that he could do nothing about it.

Taylor hurt, really hurt, there was pain in taking a cock up your ass, why did people actually want this? Who could enjoy it? This wasn’t supposed to be happening to him, Taylor knew that. But it was, and he was powerless to stop it. The more Kam put in him, the less a man he felt, this was so much worse than sucking Kam off, it was being fucked, like a girl. Kam had taken his anal virginity and put Taylor in the group of guys who had had a dick up their ass forever. A sob escaped Taylor’s lips, triggering a chuckle from Kam’s.

Taylor’s mind was spinning, unable to accept what was happening to him, more and more dick in him. Inexorably, Kam shoved his cock into Taylor, Kam watching his member go further into his slave, the man he had vanquished. Kam felt a great surge of power. It was such a rush to finally have Taylor under his control, forcing Taylor to take whatever Kam wanted. Kam knew he could do anything he wanted to Taylor now. Kam could see just an inch of his dick was left to go into Taylor’s defenseless hole, now a pussy. Kam’s pussy, a pussy owned by Kam.

Kam slowly, deliberately pushed the last inch in and gave a satisfied smile, just stopping there. Fully encased by Taylor’s ass, Kam’s dick felt warm, Taylor’s ass spasming around, giving Kam great sensations, Kam waited and enjoyed the physical and emotional pleasure.

Taylor felt something new on his ass, shaking his head, wondering what this new feeling was. Hair, Taylor’s eyes widened as he realized it was Kam’s pubes, Kam had shoved his entire dick in Taylor’s ass and now was all the way in, pubes to Taylor’s ass. Taylor realized he was totally impaled on Kam’s cock, and a tear rolled down his face. Nothing had driven Kam’s domination of him so deep into his soul, a man’s cock was fully in his ass, and he would never be able to reverse that it had happened.

Taylor’s ass had this odd, full feeling. It was like nothing he had ever felt before. It was weird, discomforting. Kam’s hands on Taylor’s hips were gripping hard, reminding Taylor that he had no choice, that he was under a man’s control.

Kam left his dick in place, not moving, kindly letting Taylor adjust to the invader. Kind in that regard, unkind in that Taylor could feel it, and was having to deal with the fact that Kam had turned  him into a pussy. Kam knew Taylor had to struggle with the reality. Kam could taste the exquisite humiliation Taylor was feeling, like sharp metal in his mouth. It was almost as good as an orgasim. Kam would almost cum  just on that, without pumping. So great to have a fit stud completely under his control.

Hearing Taylor take a sobbing breath Kam grinned, knowing he had won. He would be Taylor’s master forever. Kam slowly began to pull out, and Taylor gave a shocked sound. Kam’s smile broaded. Taylor was so easy to manipulate. Taylor felt the motion of Kam’s cock withdrawing, as glad as he was it was sliding out of his ass, he knew it was just the prequel to Kam fucking him.

Kam took most of his dick out, then reversed and began to go back in, picking up a bit of speed. Taylor moved and Kam tightened his grip to keep Taylor in place. Fucking a man was always a rush, doing to a male what a male should be doing gave Kam a thrill. Added on this was the fact Taylor was an anal virgin and didn’t have a choice. Kam was almost high with the thrill of power.

Kam couldn’t hold back, and started to really thrust fast, no longer able to hold back and just had to go at it, to make Taylor really feel the fucking, and Kam wanted to cum. Taylor was just going to have to take it. Kam got into a groove, shoving his cock in and out of Taylor’s warm asschute, it felt great, physically and emotionally. Kam was on the top of the world. Kam let out a whoop of victory, feeling the cum boil up from his balls.

Taylor was struggling, the fucking hurt. Kam had lubed up, but it wasn’t enough to keep the pain away, and that was just the physical side. Mentally, Taylor was shattered, he was being fucked and fucked hard, he couldn’t believe anyone ever wanted this. It was horrible. Taylor’s mind was shut off, not able to deal with what was happening to him.

Taylor dug his fingers into his own legs, hoping to get this over with. Damn, Taylor realized he was hard, harder than he had ever been. Taylor’s short dick was aching it was so erect. Taylor dug further into his legs. This couldn’t be happening. He couldn’t be turned on by getting fucked, it just wasn’t possible. Taylor shook his head, his long hair crossing his eyes, this absolutely was wrong, no way he was so boned up. Taylor’s shock at his own erection was only surpassed when he then realized his balls were churning, about to boil over. No, no, no. Taylor knew the feeling, he was on the edge of cumming. How could he be so close by something so terrible. More than close, it was too late, cum shot out of his dick. Spurts of white liquid landed on the floor, an unbelieving cry escaping from Taylor’s throat.

The orgasim caused Taylor’s ass to spasm, and Kam felt it, hearing the noise from Taylor. Kam knew Taylor had just cum, that was all it took. Kam shoved deep into Taylor’s ass and let his jizz go, marking Taylor as his bitch forever.

Taylor was sobbing. Kam pulled out and let his hands off Taylor. The defeated jock slumped to the floor, landing into the spooge.

To be continued …

Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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