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DADDIES – The hyper masculine males

Hi Dylan. If I check out the kink pics you’re doing I can see how various the kink world is. But it looks like you are into daddies 🙂 What is the attraction of the daddy type of men?

The Musk, the strength. And the attitude. When a man can hold his own way with me, but is also kind and nurturing (like a role model) it really gets my engine running.

I have always had a fascination with the hyper masculine male. Growing up my father had always owned a motorcycle, so I’ve always been influenced by type of men who would ride together. Further I have found that more often than not the “daddy” figures to be quite knowledgeable and understanding, with an air of maturity that comes with many years of… experience 😏.

So you love to be the “weak” part who is begging for guidance and protection?

The words Weak and Begging are very strong words – and wildly inaccurate in my case. Contrarily, I would consider my desire for daddy figures to stem more along the lines of a lust for someone who’s able to metaphorically match me, punch for punch in the bedroom.

I know how many photographers are and that makes me guess that you have to have a very dominant and demanding side too. Is that true and how does this side look like?

It’s quite curious, I’ve found there are a lot of correlations between my in-the-studio domineering personality and my in-the-bedroom domineering personality. For example, my dominant side, in both my Fetish and photography life is a gentle, nurturing and empowering demeanour. I’ll sit down with my model (as I would my sub) before the shoot/scene and discuss what their intents are. I’ll be constantly checking in with my model, making sure that they’re comfortable with what’s going on. Most importantly, if my photos require me to get more hands on (especially with rope work) I will always get consent and make sure that my model is on the same page as I am.

How does it come that you do fetish photography and why is it such an interesting field to work in?

Like any good story, there was no specific reason I started shooting kink photography. The first time I shot a model tied up in rope was when I had a friend come over to my one bedroom apartment back in late 2016. We watched a YouTube video on Shibari, learning how to do a basic rope harness haha. It’s definitely evolved from there however!

So you’re a kink photographer by accident. 🙂 If you look back to the expeirence you have done in more than 3.5 years of fetish photography what have been the most remarkable moments?

The most personal remarkable moments for me are when a model and myself are reviewing the photos mid shoot and I’m met with the reaction “oh my god! Is that me?”

My favourite bucket list item I’ve ticked so far to was getting to shoot Daddy Mr Kristofer and Pup Amp – two role models I’ve been following for a few years. I have also had the honour of working with a large number of Fetish/Adult stores right up and down the East Coast of Australia, with my work being used in stores such as Sax Fetish, Lucrezia & Du Sade, Soft Butch and Black Rabbit.

However, when I was contacted last year by the event organiser of the Gay Fetish Photo Competition at Darklands 2020 in Antwerp, Amsterdam to have one of my photos featured, printed and on display – I was absolutely floored.

I can understand that you felt honored, but there is also a reason why they want it. 🙂 You do great pictures. Ok with Mr Kristofer you have really had one of the well known role models for daddies standing before your lens. What are the sensations and emotions you want to communicate with your pictures?

Oh yes! Mr Kristofer is such an incredibly beautiful man, inside AND out. He even took a few moments out of our shoot with Pup Amp so I could get some photos with him – some rather hot photos too 😏

My main message I want to spread with my photography is empowerment through breaking the stigma around Kink, Fetish and Sexuality.

Such a message you can just send credible if you’re into kinks by yourself. Can you tell us a little more what you’re into?

In my personal life, I’m very much a piggy bottom boy. There’s not a much better fantasy for me than a gorgeous, hairy daddy using me as his own personal urinal for the evening. Public, Exhibitionism, Understall, Glory holes and Cruising are definitely big plusses in my book.
However, I’m diving into my switch side more and more these days, especially where I have spoken in length with a sub about our plans for a particular sensory deprivation/intensification scene.

In the non sexual sense, I love the rubber and latex scene. We all look so fucking hot when we’re all shiny and sweaty and musky… sorry, got a little distracted there for a second.

Fetish photography is always connected to exhibitionism and voyeurism. You’re giving insights into intimate scenes and you hope that people like to see it. But have you ever done a real exhibitionistic photo project and how was it?

The closest I have come to a full exhibitionism themed shoot would be with Ray Dalton, an adult film star who spent a 2 hours with me shooting around the streets of Sydney in very little (and sometimes no) clothing

Admittedly it was a little nerve wrecking, however in the end it was very thrilling – and also very comforting working with someone who’s as experienced as Ray is. It was a great first step. We did get a few people stop and stare as they walked past which was very interesting.

Can you tell us a little about upcoming projects you’ve planned?

Actually I don’t have any plans in the works at the moment! Every now and then I get a gorgeous man come through my studio and they’ll leave more than happy with the result of the shoot. Most recently, I had a incredibly handsome man come come in to see me – nervous as hell. We talked through it, we pushed his boundaries and he left feeling like a brand new man. This is why I love doing what I do!

Wow, sounds like he has had a very special evening. 🙂 Btw. Where can people see your pictures?

I post a majority of my work up onto my Instagram Page @HDGimage, however I am working on updating my Twitter to release some of my less-than-PG rated photos 😉

As we present today some of your Daddy pictures I really have to ask you, what was your hottest kink experience with a Daddy guy?

That’s an easy one! There is a gentleman who I met in Sydney when I was there for Mardi Gras 2020. It was at the incredible party Meat Rack, put on by Haus of Savvy events. Its a BDSM play party, so there were a LOT of beautiful leather men in all stages of undress – attended by Adult Film Superstar Ray Dalton. There were men being led around by collars. Bois, Subs and Pups everywhere. Towards the end of the night, there was a large group of us playing while also watching a show that Ray was putting on for us – and I spotted this beautiful beary Daddy being serviced by one of the number of stunning Sydney boys. So obviously I have to join in. As I’m going about my business, my tongue doing things to this daddy’s butt that would make even a piggy boy blush, I realize that freshly upping the gauge of my septum piercing right before this event was a terrible Idea, as I kept getting too carried away. So as I move towards his chest to play with his nipples instead, he instead pulls me into a big bear hug, and we make out while the rest of the crowd now watches our show as well as the one that Ray is putting on. Once we’re done, and members of the crowd move in to take the place of where my nose and tongue once were, I lay there, his arm around me as I watch gent after gent service him. After a while, I jump up, say that I’d definitely like to meet him again, and take off. Right at the end of the night, we bump into each other – so we exchange numbers and arrange to meet up for a beer and some wings a couple more times before we leave town. There are a few more stories I can share with this fine gentleman, I assure you – we’ve kept in contact since.


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