(Illustration by Theo Blaze)

WARNING: I tend to use the “n-word” in my stories quite a bit. If you cannot handle reading that word, then this story isn’t for you! Remember that this story is entirely fictional and should not be taken seriously by anyone.


“I can’t believe I fucking wrecked it.” I muttered, slamming my hands down on my steering wheel. I continued cursing to myself as I drove into the local auto shop. I stepped out of my car and walked into the mechanic’s shop.

“Excuse me, sir.” The large black man in front of me spun around. “I recently got into a little fender bender, and I’m gonna need these dents pushed out.” He eyed me up and then dismissed me with an ignorant tone.

“Yeah…whatever.” He went to work on my car as I grabbed a seat against the wall. I couldn’t help but be impressed by the man’s giant muscles. Not only was he about a foot taller than me, but every time he lifted a heavy tool, his muscles flexed so hard that they nearly ripped at the seams of his shirt. Looking around, it was obvious that he wasn’t the only man like this that worked here. I could see about a dozen muscular black males, all glistening with sweat.

It didn’t take them long before every dent on my car was pushed back out. The same muscular man from before stomped his way over to me with a stern look on his face.

“Okay, boy, it’s done. Here’s your bill.” When I finally took my eyes off his rippling muscles, I looked down at the paper he handed me. I couldn’t believe the price that was listed on it!

“Are you serious?! There’s no way I’m paying that much!” I tossed the bill back into his hand. He just stared at me. Suddenly, with a smirk on his face, he spoke up.

“Don’t worry about paying this.” He said, sounding suspiciously too nice. “Why don’t you come by tonight, and me and the boys will help you work out some other form of payment?”

“Really?! That would be great. Thank you.” Without giving it much thought, I made my way into my car and eagerly went home. Under the cover of night, I went back to the mechanic. Still unsure of what my payment would entail, I entered into their shop a little anxious. When I finally got into the garage, I noticed the same group of black men from before. Most were just standing around idly, though some of them seemed to be waiting for something.

“It’s about damn time, white boy.” Ignoring the racial comment, I walked over to the boss I met before.

“I’m here to pay up, sir. What did you have in mind?” I said, while being unable to take my eyes off his giant chest muscles.

“‘Sir’? I like that tone, little boy. It’s gonna serve you well tonight.” With a slight motion of his hand, the rest of the men started to walk over to me. It wasn’t long before I noticed that a circle of disgruntled black men was starting to form around me.

“W…What’s going on here?” I could feel my heart racing as I saw the looks of hate and disgust on their faces.

“You said you wanted to pay us back, honky. Well here’s your chance. I hope you’re ready…because tonight’s gonna be a night you’ll never forget.” The hatred in their eyes was quickly overcome with hunger and lust. With my heart now beating uncontrollably, I quickly bolted for the door. I didn’t even make it two feet before one of those huge hulking men grabbed me by the throat. With one muscular hand, he lifted me up completely off the ground.

“Please! Please stop!” I could feel a couple tears drip from my eyes. I wasn’t sure what these guys were going to do to me, but I knew it wasn’t going to be good.

“Someone shut that faggot up!” One of the other shirtless guys yelled. The man who had his hand around my neck leaned over to the workbench and grabbed a leather strap. He shoved part of it into my mouth and tied it around the back of my head. He threw me down onto the cold concrete as I murmured inaudibly. He slid a couple chains through the chain loops that were built into the floor. He grabbed my arms and forced them against the ground. I squealed slightly as he tightened the chains around my arms and tied them into place.

I watched as the group of sweaty black hunks circled in closer to me. I squirmed and thrust my body back and forth, trying desperately to break free. The men just smiled with confidence when they heard my muffled screams.

“I’ll go get some ‘tools’ to help open this fag up.” One man said, in a suspicious manner. A couple minutes after he left the room, I finally started to settle down. It was clear that all my fighting and screaming wasn’t doing anything useful. Finally able to think straight, I looked around the room. I could see about a dozen muscular black men all staring at me strangely. Each one of these alpha males seemed to be at least twice my size. As fearful as I was, I couldn’t deny how incredibly masculine and powerful they looked. Suddenly, I heard thunderous footsteps from behind me.

“These should get you nice and loose!” He said, slamming a heavy box down in front of me. My eyes got huge when I saw numerous giant floppy dildos hanging out of the sides of the box. Some were bigger than others, but most of them seemed to be something that people would classify as “XXL”. A few of them looked to be about as thick as my wrist, while some others were about the size of a normal penis. I began squirming and breathing heavily, knowing exactly what was about to happen.

“Get a load of this loser, boys.” The man behind me said, looking out into the group of black alphas. “He’s so excited…he can’t wait to start getting his ass torn apart.” They started laughing amongst themselves as my muffled groans became even louder. Eventually, I was screaming through the leather strap in my mouth so loudly that the man behind me came and knelt down in front of me. He grabbed a clump of hair on my head and lifted it up to face him.

“Don’t worry. We’re gonna take good care of your ass, faggot.” He reached over and ran his hands over each rubbery dildo in the box. “Now which one do you think we should start with?” He started with his hands over the smaller ones, and gradually moved to the bigger ones. The more he ventured into ass destroying territory, the more I shook my head back and forth, begging him not to use those.

“Oh…really? These are the ones you want? You must really have a hungry asshole, little white boy.” Purposefully misinterpreting my actions, he smiled as he pulled out one of the biggest ones in the box. I threw my head from side to side and stared right into his eyes. I knew he understood what I was saying. He clearly enjoyed seeing me fearful and scared.

“Don’t worry, wimp. Soon we’ll have this monster balls deep inside of you. Just be patient.” He said, arrogantly smirking. He grabbed a can of automotive grease from the workbench and slathered some on the huge dildo. As he ran his hand up and down the shaft, I finally got an idea of just how unrealistically big this giant lump of silicone was. Even this muscle god’s giant hands weren’t big enough to reach all the way around the diameter of the shaft. It must have been as wide as a man’s closed fist. It was hard to judge the gigantic length of this monstrous creation…but it was well over a foot long. After the entire shaft was shiny and dripping with grease, he started walking back behind me.

Suddenly, I felt his giant muscular hands grab at the waistline of my pants. With one strong pull, he yanked them clean off me.

“Please…don’t.” I uttered, sounding already defeated. He didn’t even acknowledge me. He grasped the wide base of the toy and forced it towards my bare ass. I felt the slippery head press tightly against my butthole. Without much resistance, the greasy head slipped right into me.

“Ahhh! Fuck!” I tried my hardest to get free, but the chains on the floor were far too strong. Even though I only had taken the head of this unnaturally large cock, it was still the largest thing that had ever been in my ass.

“Relax, faggot.” One of the black guys said from the shadows. “We’re just opening you up for the grand finale!” I knew all my begging and screaming was clearly doing nothing. I laid my head down on the concrete floor, trying desperately to ignore the pain. As he finally inserted every last inch into my ass, I felt the large silicone balls press tightly against me. I was already panting and out of breath even before he started to fuck me with it.

“Damn, honky! I gotta say…I’m proud of you. Your boy pussy just ate up this dildo like it was nothing.” The width of this giant dildo was more evident than ever before. It felt like someone had shoved their entire arm into my ass. The pain returned as he forcefully yanked the long dick out of my ass. Before the head slipped completely out, he rammed it back in, in its entirety. Knowing full well that my requests for mercy would go ignored, I had no choice but to groan quietly to myself.

“Listen up, my niggas! This worthless white piece of trash is finally starting to enjoy himself.” The man behind me said, smirking to himself. After what seemed like an eternity of having that giant rubber dick tear apart my insides, he finally pulled it out one last time. By now, I was a panting and moaning mess. I couldn’t even think straight anymore. Thanks to that vicious pounding, I had lost all feeling in my ass.

The giant black man finally dropped the dildo to the floor. I heard a huge wet bang as the heavy extra-large dildo flopped against the concrete. Suddenly, I felt the man behind me press one of his hands tightly against the gaping chasm that used to be my tight asshole. I couldn’t help but acknowledge the jolt of pleasure and feeling that shot through me as he rubbed his fingers on the worn out edges of my loose asshole. I hated to admit it, but just hearing the wet slopping sounds of him fingering my greasy ass started to get me aroused.

“You ready, boys?” The man said, looking out into the dark room filled with huge black men. “I think this fag is more than ready for the real thing!” Without being able to turn around, I shuddered to think what was going on when I heard him undo his zipper. I listened intently, hearing the sound of something thick and heavy slamming down against the outside of his jeans.

“Let’s go, guys! I wanna wreck this this fag’s hole once and for all!” He said, sounding annoyed. I watched as the guys in front of me started grabbing at the bulges in their jeans. As much as I tried to fight it, I couldn’t help but wonder just how big their dicks must be to make bulges that size! One of the men reached his huge muscular arm into the fly of his jeans and started to yank out something heavy.

I gasped with a mix of amazement and fear. He pulled out a huge veiny dick that must have been as thick as my wrist. He let his soft dick drop down. I watched in pure awe as his soft anaconda flopped around a bit before finally settling down. The head of his gargantuan cock nearly reached down to his kneecaps! I gasped again, with my mouth completely hanging open.

“This must be the first time you’ve seen a REAL man’s cock, huh faggot?” The man in front of me said, holding his arms at his waist in a heroic pose. I couldn’t deny how incredibly masculine and powerful he looked. His soft floppy horse-sized cock, his glistening muscular chest, his arrogant and dominant attitude…everything about him just screamed “alpha male.” I couldn’t help but feel incredibly inferior as I looked out at the group of black alphas that were all whipping out their monstrous sized cocks.

I knew exactly what was about to happen to me. I knew that no amount of begging or crying could help me now. They had already ripped my ass to shreds…what more damage could they do? I tried my best to brace myself as the group of hung black alphas gathered around me. Their giant dicks flopped from side to side with every step closer to me. I could feel my body start to shake in fear as they all gathered around my ass.

“Damn! That pussy sure is damaged. But I bet we can wreck this fag even more.” The room erupted with laughs and words of agreement. Suddenly, I felt one of their monster dicks slam down against my ass. The weight of his massive meat stick nearly slammed me against the concrete floor. He turned around and looked at the crowd of black men.

“Which one of you wants to help me break open this nice white boy pussy?” One of the black alphas walked up, dick in hand, and stood to the side of the other man. They each grabbed their own dick and squished them tight against each other. Without any warning, they launched their collective dicks right into my already sore asshole.

“Fucking hell!!” My sloppy and dripping wet asshole easily ate up every inch of their superior cocks. Strangely, the feeling of pain and fear that was there before seemed to be replaced with pleasure. I couldn’t deny how incredible it felt to have these two black alphas jamming their gargantuan cocks into my ass. With alternating motions, the two superior men began pounding me without mercy. When one pulled back, the other pushed forward, making sure that at any given second I had a black dick pushing apart my insides. The pleasure of having the shit pounded out of me, mixed with the sound of their big meaty nuts banging against each other was starting to drive me crazy.

I could hear my grunts of fear starting to shift into moans of pleasure. Not only was fighting back no longer an option…but just lying there wasn’t any option either anymore. I reached out towards one of the black men standing in front of me. I grabbed his massive dick tightly in one hand and watched as his soft meat ballooned out around my tight grasp.

“Well, well.” He said in an arrogant and cocky tone. “Looks like this faggot is starting to really enjoy himself. Let’s show this loser just how much white boys love nigga dick!” A couple of the black men stood in front of me. As the two black men continued to tear away at my asshole behind me, I reached out and grabbed the two big dicks in front of me. I yanked the one on the left up to my mouth. Hungrily, I ran my tongue up and down the seemingly endless shaft. Every taste of his superior dick made me feel more and more inferior as I knelt before this god. In a haze of lust, I let his dick drop out of my hands and flop back down to his legs. I grabbed the one on the right and did the same thing. Running my tongue over every inch and slapping the heavy meat stick against my face. I couldn’t help but enjoy the arrogant smiles on their faces. For some reason, knowing that I was making them happy started to make me happy.

The second I inserted one of those dicks fully into my mouth, the man took charge. He grabbed my head and forced as many inches of his giant dick down my throat as he could. I could feel my face turning red as I gagged and gasped for air. Finally, he stopped face fucking me and let his dick slide out of my mouth. After catching my breath for a second, I looked up at the other guy and opened my dripping wet mouth.

“M-More…please…” I uttered, exhausted and barely able to think properly. His eyes opened widely as he smiled arrogantly.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about! Finally this worthless white pig is starting to learn his place!” He grabbed me by my hair and forced his hips forward, rocketing his dick right into my mouth. As if he was fucking some girl, he thrust in and out of my mouth without any mercy. I could feel the thick streams of saliva running down my chin and chest. After his yanked out his dick and threw my head back down, I looked behind me. The two men were still mercilessly ripping apart my ass.

“Please…I need more…more dicks…” I tried my hardest to speak as thick streams of spit were still pouring out of my mouth.

“You want more nigga dicks, don’t you faggot?” I nodded my head while smiling, still in a drunken stupor of pleasure. “Then fucking say it, white boy! Beg for these nigga dicks!” His loud voice echoed through the auto shop.

“Please give me more nigger dicks! I need MORE!” I begged as loudly as I could.

“That’s a good little slave.” He slapped my ass and made me yelp with excitement. The two black men behind me walked away and another two took their place. I looked back and marveled at the huge muscled chests of the two new black alphas. Both of them had dicks just as big as the ones before. I grinned with excitement when I realized that just one of them would be able to satisfy a horse! I pressed my sore and loose ass up into the air, waiting desperately for these alpha males to bless me with a rough and violent pounding. Without any resistance, they slipped their dicks into my wet and greasy chasm. They put their arms around each other’s shoulders and started thrusting in and out. Within a couple seconds, they picked up the pace and were tearing into my ass at lightning fast speeds. They looked to each other and smirked; two brothas united over their love of destroying young white holes.

As I moaned and grunted with pleasure, two new guys stood in front of me. One of them grabbed me by the hair and lifted my head up to face him.

“You’re a good little slave, aren’t you boy?” He said, in a very low and manly voice. I nodded intently. “Then beg like a slave does.” Without skipping a beat I said,

“Please, sir, fill my mouth with every inch of your superior nigger meat!” Just saying those words made me squirm with lust and pleasure. He grinned slightly then collected a big wad of spit in his mouth. Yanking my lips open with his hands, he spit directly into my mouth.

“That’s a good boy. You show respect when a nigga uses you.” As he thrust his dick into my mouth over and over again, he fucked his wad of spit right down my throat. The other guy beside him nudged him to the side.

“Come on, nigga, move over. I wanna try out this fag’s throat too.” With one hand, he pulled at the side of my mouth. With the other hand, he squeezed the head of his cock tight against my mouth. I tried my best to gurgle some words out, but with a mouthful of dick and spit, I couldn’t say anything. Suddenly, it popped in past my lips. Their two dicks were now stretching apart the sides of my mouth. One of them slapped me hard across the face.

“Why the fuck are you just sitting there, you dumb white bitch?! Starting wrecking your throat on our nigga dicks!” I rocked my head front and back, gagging myself with every motion. I could feel those two girthy dicks being squeezed tightly in my sore mouth. I tried my best to take every inch I could, but eventually their dicks reached so far into my throat that I was gasping for breath. I tried pulling back, but one of the guys grabbed me by the neck and pulled me back.

“You’re not getting away that easily, bitch. Look how much you still have to take.” I looked down to see the wet marks that my mouth made on their shafts. I was able to deepthroat about 6 inches of both their shafts at once. To my amazement, I had even more than 6 inches to go if I wanted to get all the way down to the balls.

“I know you can take more than that, slave!” He forced my head forward and crammed a couple more inches down my esophagus.

“Damn, nigga.” The one guy said as he looked to the other one. “This fag’s throat sure feels good.” They thrust in and out of my mouth, as if my throat was just some hole for them to use for their pleasure. As I gagged and spit up huge piles of thick saliva, the two hunks behind me never stopped jackhammering their dicks into my ass. With four foot-long dicks inside of me at the same time, I felt every shred of manhood I had start to melt away. Every time one of them thrust into me, I started to crave them more and more.

After a couple hours of being used and abused by hugely hung black alphas, the onslaught finally stopped. Every one of them had their turn inside of me. Whether they gagged and choked my sore throat or pounded away at my completely destroyed boy pussy, I pleasured every one of those men as if it was my job. As I lay there, dripping juices out of both of my holes, I couldn’t even think back to a time when I didn’t crave black dicks. My mind was so dazed and overcome with lust that I could barely remember my own name. The boss came back around to my front. He leaned down and stared right at me as I panted and tried to catch my breath.

“It’s about this time that you faggots usually beg to be freed.” He said, anticipating my next actions. Deep down, I didn’t want it to stop. Any bit of fear I had going into this was now replaced with the most pleasurable experience I ever had. I looked up at him with glossed-over eyes and a huge smile on my face.

“Please, sir…give me more…” What started as a confused look on his face quickly turned into a pissed off look.

“…What? We ripped apart your ass like it was nothing! How the fuck could you want more?” By this point, he was basically yelling at me.

“It just…felt so good. I never knew how great nigger dicks felt in my ass. Please stretch me out more.” I couldn’t even control what I was saying. The extreme lust and pleasure completely destroyed any reasonable thought in my head.

“Fine then. If that’s what you want, faggot…then that’s what you’re gonna get.” Clearly pissed off, he stormed off into the next room for a brief few seconds. When he emerged for the shadows, I noticed that he had some sort of electric drill. To my amazement, attached at the end of it was a giant floppy dildo. My mouth dropped as I stared at the gigantic mound of silicone. It must have been just as long as the first dildo, but much wider. I squirmed with excitement as he got closer to me. I watched the unrealistically large dildo wiggle back and forth, imagining how torn apart my ass would soon become.

“We call this baby the ‘Cunt Destroyer’.” As he turned a knob on the side, the drill quickly thrust front and back, making the huge dildo flop around wildly like it had a mind of its own. He turned the knob back off, and the machine started to slow down. With my ass still stuck up in the air, he bent down behind me. I suddenly felt the cold rubber end of the giant dildo pressing against my sore worn out hole. It didn’t take much force for the giant monster to squeeze in. I could feel every vein and lump on the shaft stretching out more of my insides. This is exactly what I wanted! This is what I would need from now on. A normal sized dick would never please my ruined asshole again. Only giant black dicks and huge dildos from now on!

After every last inch of this amazing beast was buried into my ass, I waited patiently. The anticipation grew as I eagerly awaited the impending destruction of my ass. As I heard him turn the knob, I couldn’t help but squeal with excitement. Very slowly, the monstrous sized dildo gently pulled in and out of my ass. Even at these slow speeds, I could feel it yanking and stretching at the sides of the gaping chasm that used to be my tight asshole. I looked back at the heavenly black god behind me.

“Master, please…faster!” I couldn’t help but give this man as much respect and love as I could muster. This powerful man had succeeded in changing me from a normal guy to a mindless faggot with an insatiable hunger for anal destruction.

“I can’t believe it.” He said, sounding both shocked and annoyed. “Most of you pathetic white losers would have passed out from the pain by now. But you’re a hungry faggot, aren’t ya?” I nodded happily. As he turned the knob even farther, I couldn’t help but throw my head down against the concrete. The harder it tore into my asshole, the more I craved it. Every time he turned that knob farther, I could feel new areas of my ass being stretched open. Eventually, the horse sized dildo was thrusting into my ass so quickly that my entire body began to vibrate and jiggle. My moans and screams of pleasure were being audibly jostled. I could hear that he was upset. Apparently, he had hoped that I would cry and beg like the other white slaves they had abducted over the years.

“I’m just about done with this worthless piece of shit! Say goodbye to your asshole!” He forcefully cranked the knob as far as it could go. I let out the loudest scream I had ever made before. My entire body was being violently jostled back and forth. I continued to scream with pleasure as my asshole was utterly torn to shreds. It felt like someone had shoved a jackhammer into my ass. At full speed, it was impossible to discern individual motions from the drill. The incredible speed just made everything seem like one big blur of constant pounding. It must have been thrusting in and out of my ass at least a dozen times every second. If it weren’t for the chains that were still tied around my wrists, the force of this huge machine would have had me sliding around on the floor. The black alpha made sure to keep pushing as hard as he could, ensuring that every inch of the gigantic vibrating dildo was deep inside of me. For a few minutes, I screamed endlessly as my ass was damaged beyond any hope of repair.

Finally, I heard him turn the knob down again. The lightning fast thrusting began to slow down. Eventually, all motion had stopped, and I laid there with a horse-sized dildo resting in my dripping wet asshole. My head was resting against the cold floor. I grunted and panted with exhaustion as my tongue hung out of my mouth. Drool poured out of my mouth as my brain was swimming in ecstasy and pure bliss. With one strong pull, the black alpha yanked the dildo right out of my ass.

I could hear the thick pools of grease and juices drop out of my asshole. An endless throbbing began the second that monster cock left my body. Deep down…I knew the only way to satiate that throbbing hunger was to put something even bigger in my butt. Before I could beg to get stretched out some more, a couple of the black alphas untied the chains that held my wrists against the concrete floor. The boss grabbed me by the neck and lifted me up off the ground with one hand. As I dangled in the air, face to face with a black god, I could feel my ass hungering for his giant black dick.

“You’re our property now, white boy! I hope you enjoy serving big dicked niggas…cause that’s all you’re gonna be good for from now on.” Still held in one hand, he marched me towards the back room. As I walked past the crowd of superior black men, I could feel the hunger in my ass grow. Every time I passed a black god, who still had his dick hanging out, I just wanted to drop to my knees in front of them and beg to get destroyed by their massive dicks. He led me into the back room that was barely lit. He tossed me onto some old mattress and began to walk away.

“Please, sir…” I quickly interjected. “I’m gonna go crazy if I don’t get some nigger cocks in me soon.” I begged, sounding like a desperate lunatic. He turned around and smiled at me, arrogantly.

“Don’t worry, slave. We’re gonna use you as much as we can till you’re completely destroyed. Then we’ll just toss you aside for a better, tighter white boy.” He turned around and pulled the door shut. Before it slammed shut, I heard him utter one last sentence.

“You better enjoy tonight, because I don’t know if you’re gonna live through the cunt-destroying fuck fest we set up for you tomorrow.”

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