It was New Year’s Day.  As was typical, Derrick started thinking about that most common of New Year’s resolutions – getting in shape.  His job had gotten stressful over the last several years, and his focus on diet and exercise had waned, with predictable outcomes.  It wasn’t a problem for Ken, but Derrick didn’t like the “bear cub” look he was developing.  Not that there’s anything wrong with bears or bear cubs, it just wasn’t the image Derrick had of himself.  So, he re-committed to going to the gym and watching his diet.  He figured, based on his research and previous experience in the gym, that it would take about a year to accomplish his goals.

A year seemed like a long time.  A lot could happen in a year, so Derrick developed a plan for achieving his goals.  The plan consisted of 13 four-week periods.  By the end of the thirteenth period he would look better, feel better, and have more energy – all the positive things associated with getting fit.  The plan relied on Derrick maintaining focus and making progress each period towards his goal, and he came up with a unique incentive plan.

The two had been together for quite a while.  Both were into BDSM, Derrick much more so than Ken.  In fact, Derrick sometimes thought that Ken simply went along with his kinky ideas because Derrick was so into it.  Among his kinky interests was chastity – Derrick had played with chastity before, both self-locking and with key holders.  Ken had even played the Key Holder role before.  Derrick had several cages, some plastic ones and a custom-made metal Jail Bird cage from Mature Metal.  It was a slight modification to the standard Mature Metal cage.  Derrick had this one made with an extra long locking post that had a second hole.  The first hole was, of course, for the padlock or security screw that kept the device in place.  The second hole was a little smaller, and was meant for a small numbered, plastic lock.  The plastic lock wouldn’t secure the device by itself, but would provide evidence that the cage hadn’t been removed.  This was a concession to the requirement of Derrick’s work, which required some frequent travel. Kinky as he was, Derrick had no desire to involve the Transportation Security Administration in his play, so when he had to travel he simply removed the cage at the airport in a restroom before security, went through security, and then re-fastened as soon as practical.  He documented this with photographic evidence sent to his key holder.  He’d managed to keep this up several times, going for weeks at a time.  His current chastity record was around 150 days.

Derrick had been out of chastity for a good long while.  He had enjoyed lots of play – including his favorite, e-stim.  More accurately, that could be described as e-torture.  Derrick liked pain, and like electro-torture most of all.  His favorite fantasy was to be tied spread-eagle, and have his ET-312 box connected to his cock and balls and an electro butt plug, set to ramp up as gradually as possible, and be left with no chance of release until the box had ramped all the way up.  He’d tried that a few times in various scenarios, and had even managed to complete it once or twice.  However, those times required someone else.  Derrick always came from the e-torture, sometimes in the first 10 to 15 minutes, and after he came he would turn the box off if he was playing solo.

Derrick also had a fantasy of being restrained in a semi-public setting, like a dungeon party, and e-tortured for the amusement of those attending.

So, Derrick put all these ingredients together and came up with a kinky plan for getting fit.  He’d be put in chastity, and surrender the keys to Ken.  When he had to travel, he’d follow the travel protocol outlined above, or just use a plastic cage for the duration of the trip.  At the end of each four-week period, if he’d met or exceeded his goal, Ken would tie him up and they’d rehearse Derrick’s favorite fantasy.  If Derrick hadn’t met the goal, he lost that opportunity and wouldn’t be allowed any play until the next four-week period was up, and then only if he’d met his goals.  These four week periods would continue until Derrick reached his goal of looking good naked.  Of course, Ken thought he looked just fine, but this was Derrick’s aesthetic goal, so Ken was supportive.  Once Derrick reached his goal, they’d take a trip to New York and go to a Sunday night New York Bondage Club party, where Derrick would finally get to experience his public e-torture fantasy.

The question was, could Derrick get Ken to agree?


Derrick thought about it a bit, and decided “Fuck it – if I don’t ask it won’t happen.”  Ken was a little hesitant at first, but then agreed to the plan.  After all, all he had to do was enforce Derrick’s chastity.  And in a year’s time they’d have a nice vacation to NYC.  So, after a bit of discussion, Derrick got a small padlock, locked the Jail Bird on himself, and handed the keys to Ken.   Ken would keep one on his key ring, and the other would be stashed in a safe place that only Ken knew.

Derrick threw himself into his new fitness plan.  Over the first month he averaged five days a week in the gym, spending more than an hour each time.  Crucially, he also made significant changes to his diet.  The plan worked – he crushed his goal for the first four-week period.  Therefore, at the end of that period, toward the end of January, Derrick had earned his first rehearsal for the NYBC visit.  They both learned a lot from that rehearsal.  Ken confirmed that he preferred BDSM play with Derrick wearing a hood – it made the play less personal.  Ken was uncomfortable inflicting pain on Derrick initially, even though he knew Derrick enjoyed it, and the hood helped to de-personify the activity.  Derrick also showed Ken how to operate the ET-312, and described the various settings on the box.

Ken rigorously enforced Derrick’s chastity.  He was beginning to enjoy the fact that Derrick couldn’t get off except when he allowed it.

This continued over the course of the year.  There were only two periods where Derrick missed his goal, meaning he missed the opportunity to be released and rehearse the planned scene for NYBC.  At the end of those periods Ken tied Derrick up for an afternoon anyway, without unlocking him.  That gave Ken an opportunity to practice some of his own BDSM skills.   He discovered that he enjoyed flogging Derrick, something he’d gotten into several years before with a previous boyfriend.  He also discovered that he enjoyed beating on Derrick’s balls a little, as well as subjecting Derrick to some nipple play.

As Derrick got more fit, their sessions got hotter.  Ken found he enjoyed the sight of Derrick bound.  Sometimes Ken would tie Derrick up for his own enjoyment, outside of the agreement to enforce Derrick’s fitness regime.  Of course Derrick wasn’t unlocked during those periods, but it wasn’t about Derrick at that point – it was about Ken and what Ken wanted to do.


The day had finally come.  Ken and Derrick had rehearsed tonight’s scene several times, so they knew what to do tonight.  The two were in New York, and it was late Sunday afternoon.  NYBC was going to be open for its usual hours – 7 pm to 1 am, and they were getting their gear together for the evening.

Derrick finished his shower in their hotel room, and was looking at his body in the mirror.  He’d come a long way.  It had taken a year – a year of focus, attention, diligence, calorie and macronutrient counting and lots of gym time.  There had been a few embarrassing events along the way – guys at the gym who’d seen his chastity cage, and one near-miss with an airport security baggage inspection when he’d had to travel for business, but the result was worth it.  Derrick thought he was actually in better shape now than he’d ever been.

Their trip to NYC had taken a while to get scheduled, with their other commitments.  As a result, it was now spring, and Derrick had been in chastity for 17 months.  Although Derrick had met his roughly one-year target, Ken had insisted that Derrick remain in chastity until their planned evening at NYBC.  Coincidentally, their trip to NYC coincided with the annual gay pride weekend.  The two had enjoyed the festivities of the celebration over the weekend, with Derrick enjoying strutting his new physique at every opportunity.  He loved the fact he could now turn heads.  Frolicking shirtless at the celebration had been a real turn-on.  Derrick had even found it hot a couple of times when guys noticed his cage.  One guy, emboldened by a few drinks, had even grabbed Derrick’s crotch.  Derrick had found it really hot when the guy felt his cage and he had to explain the deal.  However the real attraction was the NYBC party tonight.

Derrick reflected on the last 17 months of hard work as he looked in the mirror.  The results were worth it.  He had lost a good amount of weight, and more importantly had significantly reduced his body fat.  He knew he’d never be an underwear model, but he was now trim and well-proportioned, with all the right bulges in all the right places.  He wasn’t particularly well-endowed, but with the right outfit the chastity cage really enhanced his package.  He would certainly look good at NYBC tonight.

Derrick was wearing the metal Jail Bird chastity cage, with his PA ring (a circular barbell) looped around the end of the cage, and an extra metal cock ring behind the base ring of the cock cage.  The extra ring was solidly wrapped in black electrical tape.  The chastity cage had been securely locked on Derrick ever since they got through security for their flight to New York – just as it had been for most of the last 17 months.

Ken came into the bathroom and unlocked the Jail Bird, allowing the cock cage to dangle supported only by Derrick’s PA ring.  Derrick proceeded to shave the parts of his cock and balls that he couldn’t normally get to when the cage was locked on.  After a few minutes, Ken locked the cage back on, and Derrick put on a see-through jock strap, made of a sheer black material, which contrasted nicely with his cage.  Looking in the mirror, he flexed his newly-lean body, and struck a couple of bondage poses, including his favorite standing spread-eagle position.  Yes, he’d finally achieved his goals for his physique, and tonight was going to be a well-earned reward for that.

They finished getting dressed, both wearing innocent-looking jeans and T-shirts.  Ken carried a small backpack with equipment they would use later at NYBC.  He also had the key to Derrick’s Jail Bird.  Derrick also carried a small drawstring gym bag.

They took the subway and arrived at the club shortly after 7.  That was for two reasons – the web site indicated that their parties were busy earlier rather than later, and Derrick wanted to have the entire time available for play. They paid the entrance fee, and Derrick opted for the coat check.  Derrick took off his shoes and socks, and placed the socks in his drawstring bag.  Similarly, he removed his T-shirt, folded it, and placed it in the bag.  Finally, off came his jeans, which were also folded and placed in the bag, which was left at the coat check.  Derrick put his shoes back on.  They were black Nike sneakers with a white “whoosh” on the side.  Derrick would have loved to go barefoot, but wasn’t sure the protocol at NYBC, so had opted to wear the sneakers.  Besides the sneakers, Derrick was now wearing only his see-through jock strap, which nicely showed off his cock cage.

After Derrick handed his bag to the coat check, Ken began to rummage through his backpack.  Out came a set of leather wrist and ankle cuffs – the good ones you get from Mr. S.  Those were fastened around Derrick’s wrists and ankles, and secured with small padlocks.  Similarly, a leather collar was fastened around Derrick’s neck.

The first thing the two did was to find the guy in charge.  They introduced themselves, and confirmed their plan for the evening was acceptable.  Derrick had corresponded with him via email before the trip, so he was well informed what the two men had planned.  Derrick also reconfirmed that photos were OK.  NYBC had a policy of not showing faces in their photos, for the privacy of their guests, which was acceptable to Derrick and Ken.  Derrick arranged to get the un-redacted copies emailed to him after the evening was done.

The first part of the evening wasn’t scripted.  They knew that lots of different things happened at NYBC, and it was Ken’s plan to let Derrick have some fun in nearly any way he wanted.  There were only four rules:  Play safe, play consensual, and nothing permanent or visible the next day when wearing normal street clothes.  Marks that took longer to heal but were concealed by street clothes (e.g. marks from a whip) were allowed.  Finally, the chastity cage wasn’t going to get removed until later in the evening.


Several hours had passed.  Derrick had enjoyed quite a bit of fun.  He’d gotten a massage early on, which caused his cock to strain against its cage – something the masseuse enjoyed.  The masseuse asked about the cage.  As they agreed, Derrick simply indicated that he was here with his dom, and he believed that, later in the evening, he’d be tied up, the cage loosened, and allowed to cum.  However, he claimed not to know what specifically would happen.  The masseuse simply said “Well, I bet that’s going to be interesting!”

He’d participated in a bondage scene or two, helping to tie up some of the other guys who were looking for fun.  He’d sucked a dick or two on a tied-up guy.  He’d also been tied up to a bondage table while some wax was dripped on his torso, arms, legs, balls, and his chastity cage.  There were a few bits of wax still in the cage, but that was of no consequence.  He’d also just been tied spread-eagle to a St. Andrew’s Cross and whipped, and had a nice cross-hatch pattern of welts on his newly-muscular back.  All of this had gotten him very horny.  After all, his only orgasms for over a year had been tied up, spread eagle, with electric current running through his cock and balls – the rehearsals for tonight.  While Derrick enjoyed that, Ken had pushed and expanded his limits.  Could he take 100% tonight?  In the rehearsals, sometimes he could and sometimes he couldn’t.  The first few rehearsals had been a challenge for the chaste boy to achieve 100% on the power box output.  However, over the 17 months, Derrick had gotten quite adept at enduring the e-torture scene that they were about to re-enact at the NYBC for, hopefully, the entertainment of all present.

It was now 10 p.m., and it was time to begin the scene that Derrick had concocted those many long months ago.  Derrick was still secured to the St. Andrew’s cross from his flogging, his face to the wall.  Ken undid Derrick’s ankles and wrists, spun him around so he was facing outward from the St. Andrew’s Cross, and re-fastened his wrists to the top of the cross.  He caressed the wet front of Derrick’s skimpy jock strap, which was soaked with precum.  He yanked the jock strap down, Derrick stepped out of it, and Ken then shoved it into Derrick’s mouth.

Ken reached into his pocket and retrieved the key to Derrick’s chastity.  He removed the circular barbell from Derrick’s PA piercing and put it in a small zipper pouch.  He then unlocked the Jail Bird, removed the lock and cock cage and put them in the pouch.  Finally, Ken worked the base ring free of Derrick’s cock and balls, and put it into the zipper pouch as well.  That left Derrick’s cock and balls free from confinement, save for the taped metal cock ring he was still wearing.

Ken then reached into his bag and pulled out a Folsom BP-L electro butt plug.  He fastened that into a locking butt plug harness, lubed it up with conductive gel, and worked it into Derrick’s ass.  Derrick was horny and eager and did everything he could to help Ken get the plug in and secure.  Ken then looped the harness around the taped metal cock ring Derrick was wearing, fastened the waist belt, and locked it on.  Ken then locked Derrick’s ankle cuffs to the bottom of the St. Andrew’s Cross.  Ken then took a plastic ZipLoc bag out of his backpack, and from that bag he retrieved a length of conductive rubber wound in a loop, a PES Coronal Stimulator (the “Basic Corona” version), and two sets of lead wires.  The rubber loop was fastened around the base of Derrick’s balls, next to the taped cock ring.  The coronal stimulator was placed on the head of Derrick’s cock.  The two sets of lead wires were attached – one to the butt plug, and the other with one connector to the rubber loop around Derrick’s balls, and the second connector to the Coronal Stimulator.  Ken took a ball gag from the backpack, removed the jock strap from Derrick’s mouth and fastened the gag around Derrick’s head.

Ken then took an ET-312 power box from his backpack, connected the lead wires to it, and set the ET-312 on the floor between Derrick’s legs, but to one side.  That way when Derrick ejaculated he wouldn’t get cum on the box.  Ken turned the output down on both channels, connected the lead wires, and turned the box on.  Ken then made a few adjustments to the power box to ensure it would generate the desired amount of (read: maximum) power, and that the “ramp mode”, wherein the box would gradually increase its power output, was set to start at 50%, and increment by one percent every two minutes.  This was the most gradual ramp the box could do.  Ken then activated the ramp mode, and set both output channels to 100%.  This meant that Derrick’s cock and balls and ass were being shocked with 50% of the power box’s maximum output.  That would increase by one percent every two minutes, until 100 minutes had passed and the box was at full power.

Derrick yelped as the current coursed through his cock and balls and ass.  They’d attracted a few onlookers, so Ken explained how the setup worked.

“He’ll endure the whole 100-minute ramp up, and then for good measure he’ll enjoy the box at full power for 20 minutes – so we’ve got at least two hours.  He’ll cum at least once from this, which will increase his torment even more.  If you like to watch a guy thrash and squirm in bondage, you’ll want to see that.  Anything any of you want to do to him you can – except for adjusting the power or reducing the output or disconnecting the electro.  But there’s a lot still left – whipping, nipple torture, etc.  By the way, he’s been locked in that chastity cage for 17 months, so he’s quite horny.  Consider him some extra entertainment for the evening.”  With that, Ken moved away to a bar stool where he could keep an eye on Derrick and the goings-on.  The two were good with the “anything you want to do” message, since NYBC had a specific set of guidelines that ruled out risky activities.  In addition, Ken was ready to intervene if needed – if Derrick gave him a pre-agreed signal that something was wrong, say, or if Ken thought something needed to stop.  However, those were just safety plans – the goal of the next several hours was for Derrick to be able to live out his torture fantasy.

And live it out he did.  The other patrons of the club went about their business, engaging in various bondage-related activities, and occasionally stopping to look at Derrick.  The club photographer took some photos.  Every now and then someone would tweak his nipples, or give him a lash or two across the torso with a whip.  About 35 minutes into the torture, the ET-312 ramp was at 67%.  Derrick had gotten hard after the first 15 minutes or so.  His cock was fully engorged, standing out from his body.  He fought his body’s natural reaction, but he knew it was a losing battle.  Soon, amid a surge of electricity coursing from his balls up through his cock, the horny Derrick came, thrusting his hips as his cum spurted out a few feet from where he was bound.  Things got more intense after that.  Cum is a really good conductor, which meant that the sensations in Derrick’s cock were heightened at just the time he wanted them to subside.  This was why he was never able to sustain the electro post-orgasm when he was playing solo – and why he needed a scene like this.  The coronal stimulator kept some of the cum from shooting away from his body, so the sensations around his cock head were increased by the bath of salty liquid.  The powerful sensations in his cock and balls caused him to scream into his gag and thrash about.  He was attracting some onlookers – everyone there liked to see a fit man tied up and struggling, and Derrick was putting on quite a show.

One dom stepped up to Derrick, grabbed his chin, and said “Does it hurt, boy?”

“Y-Y-Yes sir!” Derrick murmured into his gag

“Well, I’ll give you something to take your mind off of it.”  With that, the unknown dom pulled out a pair of nipple clamps – the kind that have adjustable screws, serrated teeth, and come with a plastic cover for the teeth.  This particular set didn’t have a cover on the teeth, however, and the dom proceeded to attach them to Derrick’s nipples, screwing them mercilessly tight.  Derrick yelled and screamed into his gag, the new pain causing a fresh rush of endorphins.  He hated this, and wanted to stop.  At the same time he loved it, and was glad that there was plenty more to come.

Someone had captured a handful of Derrick’s cum in his jockstrap.  The dom who’d screwed on the nipple clamps undid Derrick’s gag just long enough for the jock strap to be stuffed in Derrick’s mouth, then the ball gag was locked back in place.

After a few minutes, Derrick’s yelling and struggling subsided a bit.  He was getting used to the post-orgasmic pain.  Indeed, his cock began to get hard again.  A couple of doms were watching.  They conferred with Ken quickly, then with a smirk approached Derrick, who was beginning writhe around again, his movement choreographed by the pulses of electricity.

One dom said to him “Boy, I’ve just made a bet.  I think you’re going to cum before the electricity gets to 100%.  If you don’t, I lose my bet.  I don’t like losing, so if you don’t cum, I’m going to beat it out of your balls.”

The other dom said “Boy, you’re screwed.  I’m on the other side of that bet.  And if I lose, you’re going to get an extra 10 minutes at 100%, then I’m gonna flog the shit out of you.”  He looked down at the ET-312 unit.  “Boy, you’re not even halfway there.  You’ve got a long way to go.”

The evening continued like this.  The photographer would occasionally snap some more pictures.  Derrick would have periods where the electro seemed tolerable, followed by periods where he yelled and struggled and seriously considered invoking his safety signal.  The pain was excruciating and erotic at the same time.  The ramp continued past 80%, then just before 85% Derrick came again.  This time, however, the sensation of the electro completely masked the sensation of orgasm.  Derrick could tell from his muscle contractions that he’d come, but there was no orgasmic pleasure in it.  The dom who just lost the bet grabbed Derrick’s chin and said “An extra 10 minutes and a good flogging for you, boy.  You need to learn to hold your orgasms until your superiors give you permission.”  Derrick just moaned through his gag in response.

The ET-312 kept relentlessly increasing output, every 120 seconds.  Derrick’s ass felt like the plug was going to drill all the way through.  His cock felt like it would be fried for days.  He certainly didn’t think he’d want to cum again for a good long while.  As the output passed 90%, Derrick squirmed and yelled into his gag.  The various NYBC attendees would give him encouragement, tease him, or express admiration for his ability to endure the pain.  When the box reached 100%, the dom who lost the bet said to Derrick “You’re finally at 100%.  You were already slated for 20 minutes at this level, the 10 you owe me will make it 30 minutes total.  We’ll see about your flogging then.”

As Derrick adjusted to the 100% level on the ET-312, his moaning and struggles subsided.  That was as expected – as with many forms of S&M, the more you play the more you get acclimated to the pain, so the more stimulation you need.  He was getting hard yet again.

The dom who lost the bet had been talking with Ken.  With Ken’s permission, he walked back over to Derrick.  “Boy, you’re hard again.  I don’t care if you’re hard, but if you cum again I’m doubling your flogging.  Let’s see if we can discourage that.”  With that, he turned down the output on both the channels.  He flicked a few buttons on the ET-312, and said “Boy, the box is now set to ‘High’ power output, instead of ‘Normal’.  Now we’re really going to torture you.”  With that he slowly turned the output on the butt plug back up.  Derrick yelped at around 66%.  The dom then did the same thing on his cock and balls, causing Derrick to yelp at about the same spot.

“10 minutes, boy.  No ramp this time – I’m going to torture you as I see fit.”

As it turned out, the dom had a lot of experience with electro-torture, and with the ET-312 box in particular.  He spent the next 10 minutes giving Derrick the most intense electro-torture session he’d ever experienced.  Derrick yelled and screamed, struggled and writhed.  He only knew the current torturing his cock, balls and ass.  By this point it was getting late, and the crowd at NYBC had diminished a bit.  Many of those who were left were in a semi-circle in front of Derrick, stroking their cocks at the display.  The doms were getting ideas, and the subs were half hoping they could experience this at some point, and half fearing that is exactly what their doms were planning.  After the 10 minutes were up, the dom who’d assumed control of the ET-312 box turned it up a few notches.  That caused Derrick to scream his loudest yet, arch his back, and begin pumping cum, once again, under the influence of the current.  When it became obvious there was no more cum to be produced, the dom turned off the box.  Derrick sagged in his bonds, exhausted from the over two hours of intense electro-torture.

The dom wasn’t finished, though.  He produced a single-tail whip.  “You owe me a flogging, boy,” he said.  “I saw you get flogged on your back earlier.  This time we’re going for the torso.”  The dom stepped back and landed a lash across Derrick’s chest.  The nipple clamps were still attached, and the whip caught the chain connecting them.  Derrick’s eye grew wide at the pain, and he yelled again into his gag.  After 20 lashes or so, the dom had created a nice pattern of welts from the top of Derrick’s chest and his upper arms, down across his stomach and onto his upper thighs.  One or two may have even caught his cock, but it was so inflamed from the electro torture that it was hard to tell.  One of the lashes caused the clamp on Derrick’s left nipple to come loose.  Derrick screamed as the blood rushed back into his tortured nipple.  The dom, who was apparently an expert flogger, then caused the same thing to happened to the remaining clamp on Derrick’s right tit.

By this point it was 1pm – closing time for the NYBC.  The dom who’d flogged Derrick’s chest said to the remaining crowd “That was a nice show – let’s give him a round of applause.”  As the crowd started to clap, someone yelled “Lock his cage back on!”  Derrick shook his head – this was supposed to have been his release from chastity.  The whole reason he’d endured the discomfort, kept his focus on his workouts, watched his diet.  The chorus grew louder “Yeah, lock him up!”  “Let’s see the cage back on him.”

Ken walked over to Derrick, removed the plug and the electro implements from his cock and balls.  “They seem to think you should go back in chastity.”  “Mmm-Mmm” said Derrick into this gag, shaking his head “no”.  “You’ve apparently got a fan base.  And I think you like chastity.  And watching you this evening, I’ve concluded that I like having you in chastity too, and only allowing you to cum under torture.  Back on it goes, boy.  And this time I control everything about it.”  Ken smirked as he lubed up the metal cage, worked the base ring onto Derrick’s balls, slid the cage onto his cock, and locked it into place.

He turned to the crowd. “I hope you all enjoyed.  If you want to know more, or see what comes next for him, he keeps a blog on tumblr.  I’ve got some cards here with the URL.” Ken said as he started to hand out the cards to the remaining NYBC patrons.  “Log on and send us a message with what you think should be next.  Maybe we’ll do a cam show, or come back after he’s recovered and gets nice and horny again.”

With that, Ken turned to Derrick, removed his gag, gave him a long, passionate kiss, and unfastened him from the St. Andrew’s cross.  The two changed back into their street clothes. Ken insisted that Derrick wear his cum- and spit-soaked jock underneath his jeans.  Amid words of encouragement and compliment, and promises for devious ideas for torment forthcoming to Derrick’s tumblr, they left NYBC for the evening.

– The End –