Cervinyl is a crafter / modder with a kinky passion for inflatables. They talk to us about what makes such an interest, what they personally like about them, and how they use their own personal skills into enhancing this passion.


South-Atlantic Area (US)

Hello dear readers, I’m here with Cervinyl today, a lovely kinky craftsman of not your everyday kind: Inflatables. Say Cervinyl, when did you first notice that they’re a thing you’re interested in, and how did that take place?

Hello! Well, I was a late bloomer growing up. I was never really interested in getting a girlfriend/boyfriend in high school, and sex/sexuality was almost never a thing I even thought about.

Part-way through high school, when the whole my little pony movement happened, I got interested in the show and got involved with the community at the time. After a while, I somehow stumbled upon artwork of some of the characters from the show lying on top of balloons, looked at it for a bit, got turned on as a direct result of an idea for the first time (instead of random hormones) and was like “Why the hell do I like this!”. From there I found images of them with inflatables and I was like “ok this rules but also what the hell”, did some research… turned out I had a fetish! Not something I had ever heard of before.

From there, I started looking outside of the MLP community for information and content relating to inflatables and pooltoys, and the rest is history. I’m not much a part of the MLP fandom anymore or keep up with it, but I look back on the time fondly as it was a catalyst to realizing my sexuality: Pooltoy animals lol (I’m asexual and aromantic otherwise)

Interesting, I was aware there was quite a fandom for my little pony, but I must’ve skipped over the inflatables crossover 🙂

So I’m sure many of our readers are now wondering what may be attractive about a pool toy. And I am also curious myself. Can you explain it a little to us? What are some of the sensations and views etc that attract you? Is the touch of them special to you for example? And would their material matter then?

The inflatable crossover was quite niche, so it’s understandable lol.

But yeah! It’s weird right? being attracted to something inanimate and artificial like that. I don’t 100% understand why i’m fascinated with them, but i can give some examples of what i love about them.

Generally, the inflatables that I’m attracted to might be considered “cute” on a face level, even to the common person. Some good examples that would help get the picture across are the PuffyPaws Wolf, Inflatable Balto, Inflatable World Ride-on Fox, and Horseplay Kangaroo. I sort of take this to the next level though, finding them cute like how someone who’s person-oriented might find another person cute and want to take them out on a date.

Since I’m a sex-repulsed aromantic asexual, the idea of doing anything involving sex with other people terrifies me and I’m generally not interested in being romantic with anyone else either. I love that they’re adorable, squishable, huggable, things I can express my attraction and sexuality with that doesn’t involve other people.

To get a bit specific with the details, I love the way they squeak and squish as I hug or ride them. The feeling of the cold smooth vinyl warming up against my body when I bring them close is a special feeling too.

Most of the time when I’m in bed and have them on top of me, I’ll give them kisses, and if they’re small enough, spoon with them. If they’re one of the larger ones like my PuffyPaws Wolf, I’ll often try to nap or sleep on top of them. Getting to share these moments with something I love is such a special feeling.

It might be weird for some, but they’re likely weird again for others ;P That’s what makes the world interesting I think. There’s always stuff to discover, and expand your horizon with. Is there something like an ideal form/state of them for you? Do you feel differences between deflated/inflated states 🙂 And is the act of pumping them up/deflating them special for you?

Oh! I think I answered this a bit in the previous question, but I’ll go over the details for what I look for in an inflatable.

I’m actually a bit picky actually when it comes to the kinds of inflatables I find attractive, or rather it might be better to say I have a “type” lol. While the general idea of filling vinyl with air is a pleasant one, I’m mostly just attracted to cartoony animal-like inflatables.

For the 2nd part: I wouldn’t say I don’t like my pooltoys when they’re deflated… but I can’t hug and ride a flat sheet of plastic!

And for the last part: for a lot of inflatable enthusiasts, the ritual of inflating their pooltoys is an important one, often seen as if they’re “giving life” to them. However for me, I don’t have quite the strong connection to this process… that said, it’s still really nice to feel them slowly take shape as they inflate, or feeling them slowly lift you off the ground with nothing but air in the case of the large rideable ones like the PuffyPaws Wolf (:

Haha that does like fun in some ways, having an air ride. You’re also a crafter, upgrading some of these suits with additional features, right? What are some of them, what do they give the enthusiasts, and how did you come to making them?

As there’s quite a large crossover between inflatables and furries, I was quickly exposed to many other fetishes and sub-sects of inflatables that you can find in the furryverse. I stumbled on vore fairly quickly, and while the idea of bodily fluids and flesh really turned me off of the idea, the aspects of getting squished by the inner walls and being kept trapped in it were still appealing to me.

I remember at some point stumbling upon an old video by Cyrin Inflatophin showing off how to make a double-layered Intex Orca, basically turning it into a vinyl sleepsack, and realized it’s the perfect mix of what I was looking for: A tight squishy trap that doesn’t involve flesh, organs or anything like that. Plus it feeds into my sub side by pretending the inflatable itself trapped/ate me.

Not having anything to go off of besides the old video and my ability to interpret it, I bought two Intex Orcas, a cheap zip, some iffy Loctite Vinyl Glue from a department store, and dove head first into working with vinyl.

My first few attempts were rather shoddy: they had leaks, failed easily, and overall just had bad build quality, but over time I came up with new techniques, figured out what could be optimized, and got better tooling to help speed up the process and increase quality. Eventually I was confident enough to attempt turning things other than orcas into suits, and the rest is history.

It’s an always changing process though to this day! I’m always trying new things with each build to see what can be improved/scrapped/optimized/etc.

In some ways that’s even more of challenge isn’t it? I mean makers can plan from scratch, you gotta make something work with a finished thing.

Is it especially the trapped aspect for most? Does also the animated pool toy aspect from the outside view play part in it?

Making inflatables from scratch would be a much more involved process as they usually require large industrial equipment in each step of the creation process. However, if I did have a warehouse capable of doing that, I’d be able to come up with a suit design and weld it all together quickly and efficiently. It just happens that getting a warehouse and the tools to make these things is not sustainable or practical lol.

Plus, when working with an existing product, you have a bit of restrictions in what you can do, and limitations are a great source of creativity in my experience! Part of the creative process in making the suits from the existing pooltoys is figuring out the best way to mount the inner and outer layers together that helps restrict the person inside without distorting the shape of the original inflatable due to the inner layer pulling on the outer layer when inflated, as well as figuring out the best place for the zipper and breathing tube.

The rest of the creation process is just technical ability that you practice with time, like knowing how to work with glue and scrap vinyl efficiently.

For myself specifically, I love to imagine the pooltoy tricked me into allowing it to trap me.

But I’ll also pretend that I’ve turned into the inflatable itself too, just depends on how I’m feeling.

Oh! I also love how moving inside of it makes it look alive, which I get to see when I record myself in the suits using my phone.

I usually upload them to Twitter and YouTube after I finish a build and get a rather positive reaction each time (:

Is there a special fantasy or a special thing you’d love to realize some time? Or are you rather happy with what you got and where you are now?

Hm! At the moment I’m pretty happy with what I can make and what I have, but there is one thing I’d love to make eventually that might not happen.

PuffyPaws made an adorable anthro vixen inflatable that I would love to turn into a suit I can walk around and exist in, but they’ve been out of production for over a decade without any plans to do a rerun of it. That’s definitely a bucket list item I hope to realize someday. It’d be like a fursuit in a way, but as a pooltoy!

XD that sounds quite interesting. I hope you get to do that once! Lastly, are there any words you’d can give to people who stumble upon your kink, and may be curious but shy/fearful?

If you want to try it out, having a friend or partner to help reassure you along the way if you aren’t familiar with encasement-like bondage helps a ton, and always make sure to have a way out! I personally keep a retractable razor in with me if I need to make a quick escape for any reason.

That’s a good advice to end on. Thank you for your time, Cervinyl, it was a real pleasure to talk to you.

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