Wern Berg

1990 | 174 cm | 63 kg
South Africa

owned by Sir Adam Berg

Current Lockdown Project:

Days locked:158
Days to go:229

16.5 cm

12.5 cm


Holy Trainer

21 days

Authorized Milkings:Only allowed to release inside his cage while being fucked by his Master, no other authorized milkings.
Nocturnal Emissions:3 times in current lockdown
Other Allowances:Allowed out of cage for cleaning and hygiene and sleep

You began your current lockdown period as the result of a twitter game with time added for likes, retweets, comments, and followers added. Did you expect the time would add up so fast?  Were you more scared or more excited by the large number of days that resulted?

When it comes to the Twitter challenge I was definitely scared at first and nervous as I have seen how the challenges on Twitter blow up quick with days!  My longest before this lock up was 3 weeks. My sir Adam encouraged me to stick with it and I really wanted to do it as to go longer than 3 weeks and to be held responsible was a big turn on.  

Are you allowed any kind of milkings during your lockdown?

I am a sensitive sub boy and when sir Adam has sex with me always caged as it should be, I so reach climax and ooze cum. (This does not always happen.)  This is my release my Sir Adam allows me to have!

As you’ve been locked, do you find you’ve become more submissive to Sir Adam? I presume you started as equal boyfriends. How has that progressed?

Yes I have become more submissive to Sir Adam. We started off as equal and started to find that Sir Adam’s sex drive was a lot higher than mine. I wanted to please Sir Adam more, but was never in the submissive headspace.  I then found out about chastity and did my research and how it worked and discovered that it makes a lot of boy more horny and submissive to their partners.  I then brought chastity up with Sir Adam and discussed the ins and outs. We agreed that lock up is required. The goal was not to make me small and useless but to increase my horniness and the submissive side I had been craving.

Did you and Sir Adam used to make decisions together, that he now just makes for you because your role is to submit?

Of course, in the beginning, we both decided when we wanted to cum and do as we pleased.  That all changed as he took control of when I could cum. The anticipation of not know when you will be allowed to cum again is a big turn on as is not being able to touch or play with myself without Sir Adam’s permission. 

Sir Adam now has full control over his boy and over sexual needs. Sir is always right and I will do anything to keep Sir Adam happy, so at the end of the day I tend to agree with Sir.

How has your mindset changed since beginning your lockdown? Do you do things now you’d never do before?

Since I have been in chastity my whole mindset has changed when it comes to sex and kink. Being constantly horny and wanting some stimulation, I find myself doing thing I would of never done without it. For example, I would of never let my Sir Adam fuck me without me going to clean my boyhole. But since I am so horny, I have let go somewhat and let him do as he please, as I am keen regardless of the time and situation.

Do you have an open relationship where you have sex partners outside of your marriage or are you both exclusive to each other sexually?

Since I am locked for a long period of time and my Sir — being a gay guy needing to be fucked too, as he enjoys it — we have agreed that we have a open relationship when he requires a cock in him and I am unable to satisfy him in that way.

I do want to some day have my Sir and a few other guys use me as they please as it is a huge fantasy of mine!  The rule of thumb between me and my Sir is that we are honest and open as to what we want and no going behind each others backs to avoid any surprises.

You and Sir Adam briefly flirted with the idea of both being locked and serving an online Master. Now that you’ve told me how you use chastity to balance out your sex-drives, I wonder if that’s the reason it didn’t work out?

We did venture down that road but the time difference between my Sir Adam and his Master didn’t quite work out. The idea is still there but Sir wants a Master physical with us. We both like the idea of a master as Sir is also switch versatile to things.

That makes sense. Good to know. Have you found it frustrating to go so long without being allowed to jerk off or use your nub to fuck?

Yes I have found it frustrating at times that I am unable to stoke my locked nub or even to fuck but then channel my frustration into something else by giving my Sir a blow job or allowing Sir his way with his boy! It gives me satisfaction to see my Sir cum.

I do have days where I wanna just take it off and jerk off and cum but in the back of my head I know that it would be a let down to me and my Sir — as all my pent up horniness disappears and sex drive reduces to a minimum.

Good boy.  You’re very lucky to have your Sir to serve directly to help keep you on your path. I know you have a Twitter following, but does anyone other than you Sir know about your locked condition in your real life?

I am a lucky sub to have a kind and guiding Sir to help me reach my goal of being a faggot committed to serving Sir and alpha men.  A few friends of me and Sir have discovered and found us on Twitter and knows about my lockdown status. But no one else know about it, making it exciting!

Have you had any embarrassing moments when you thought people had noticed your cage?

Not at all yet 🙈 in the start I was very aware of the bulge the cage left in my clothes and if people will notice but to date nothing has happened.

Do you have advice for other boys who want to try long-term lockup?

The advise I can give to boys that would like to do long term lock up is take it slow and take your time. Speak to other locked boys, if you think you stuck or need some encouragement. Do research and see what your goal is with chastity and discuss with the relevant party as this will build a relationship and trust.

Use some type of lube to keep the chafe under control (I use baby oil Gel around the base ring to avoid chafing or skin bunching up.) If you are able to find a Sir or a Dom to control you, that would be ideal but you will need to chat to the Dom to see if you are compatible as each sub is different. 

Don’t push your self to the point of hurting yourself or causing damage to yourself.  If you have a good Sir/Dom they will understand if you need to be uncaged for healing (but this should be discussed with the Sir or Dom before hand).

That’s all very good and thoughtful advice.  I hope the readers will consider all of those points and not be hasty in making their commitment.  Do you have anything else you would like to add?

I hope that my answers meet your requirements, Lord, as they are my honest thoughts and would love to help other boys in chastity and to guide them if required in the right direction.

The constant leaking of precum in my jocks is a perpetual reminder that I am locked and that I belong to my Sir.

Good boy. Thank you, boy. And thanks to your Master, Sir Adam.

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