Are you a Cast fan? Yes, it is a very special variation of bondage, but it definitely has its attraction. It is a very intense restraint you’re feeling in this form of long-term bondage. In an interview, Daniel has told us about his love for this special kink. Today we’ll talk with him about the upcoming Cast Camp which he organizes together with other Cast kinksters.

Hi Daniel. Since 2007 a group of guys is organizing a yearly camp for cast lovers. The next one will happen between the 19th and 26th of March in the region of Blåvand (Denmark). How many dudes are you normally, and what do you do the whole week?

Hi Marc. Thanks again for your invitation. The number of people varies quite a lot. We had everything between 8 and 18 if I remember well. But usually we are around 14 people. It always depends a bit on the mood of the community. Theoretically, the sky is the limit. There are so many holiday houses available. If more people want to join, they just book the house next door. In our high times, we had 4 houses in walking or better said crutching distance.

Apart from the obvious thing (casting) we have a really great holiday! The houses we book have all kind of leisure activities: a big swimming pool, a whirlpool, sauna and other things like table tennis or a trampoline. Have you ever jumped on it with a leg in a cast?

We cook together and have most of the meals together (apart from the breakfast, because some of us sleep really long). And of course, we also go out into the public with our casts. To the beach, to the city. That’s the great advantage of Denmark: No one knows you. And in Winter or early Spring, not many people are there anyway. So it’s easy to go out with a cast, even if you are shy.

And one more thing about leisure activities inside the house: In the last years, we decided to have a “playroom”. In this room you can find for example a bed which is equipped with the Segufix system. Believe me, this room is used quite often.

Oh, seems that other strangers visiting Blåvand will think that people have to be very unlucky there because so many accidents happen. 🙂 But it sounds really fun. What kind of people are joining your event?

Oh, indeed. We were once at the beach with 5 people, and 4 of them with one or more casts. The fifth one was our driver, by the way. And there, we bumped into a small group of other tourists, and they asked us whether we work at a cast factory. We had a quick chat with them and told them, that we are medical students and self-exploring our job. They felt fine with our explanation.

So, who is “we”? We are everyone. We are straight, gay and queer. We are caster, bracer (the ones that are more attracted to medical braces like knee brace or wheelchairs) and just curious people. The age range is between mid-twenties and mid-fifties. So basically, we really are everyone. And the most important thing: Everyone, who is interested, is very welcome!

I know a question many are interested in is, how sexual is this camp? Is it just about plastering guys, or is it a little more?

This is one of the most important questions, for sure. Let’s name it: Cast is our fetish and fetish is related to sex! Yes, we do have sex at the camp. No, it’s not an orgy.

So the camp is quite cosy in its open areas, for sure: We sit together on the couch and are cuddling with each other. We have a bath together in the whirlpool completely naked and since it’s a very demanded place, we all have skin contact with each other there.

And on top, when we cast each other this happens quite often naked, and then you can’t avoid seeing a hard dick from someone, because for us this procedure of being wrapped with fresh cast is really exciting!

This happens in the public rooms of the camp. The “real” sex happens behind closed doors with a twosome or threesome. Or more? I don’t know. I don’t count the guys entering the playroom or the sleeping rooms. Danish holiday houses have lots of hidden cosy places where you can have sex. And where we have sex, of course. From a bilateral wank or blow job up to a good fuck, everything is possible.

But there is an important rule: What happens at the Camp, stays at the Camp! Privacy is one of our highest values.

Yes, confidence, consent and privacy are the base of kink lifestyle. As casting is a kind of bondage fetish, I would like to know if you practice also other bondage styles in the camp? And how is it about other clinic games like medical examinations?

The camp and our needs and kinks changed over the years. In the beginning, it was only cast. Then the brace and wheelchair stuff came on top. And now since about four or five years, we have discovered the bondage, medical bondage and clinic stuff as well.

I’ve already mentioned the complete Segufix equipment, which is on the bed of the playroom. And there is also a normal bed in the playroom for the master to watch the fixed patient all the night.

We also have some straight jackets with us. Apart from the cast, this is also a nice and long term compatible bondage solution. You can spend hours and days in the straitjacket and participate in most of our social life in the houses. There is always someone willing to feed you or help you with a bottle of beer.

But we also have some classical bondage helper like cuffs, ropes or masks and harnesses.

Quite popular at the camp are also diaper and catheter. Especially with long term bondage play, it gives you an additional extension of play time and some significant humiliation during the play and beyond.

All this is accepted of course by all participants, although it’s not the kink of everyone. So a certain consent and compromise is always necessary, especially if so many people are in a small place. But on the other hand, we have enough private rooms for an intense medical examination without disturbing others or being disturbed or heard.

It really sounds like a fun week. Last but not least, it is up to you to motivate other kinksters to become part of this plastered Danish holiday experience.

Indeed, it is a fun week! And it’s also a relaxing holiday week for sure. We all have to take part of our annual holiday for this event and this is the reason, why we also pay attention not only to the sexual part of it but also for the leisure and recreational bit. We have become good friends there and always looking forward to seeing each other again. But we are also very open to meet new friends.

Of course, everyone is a little shy if he joins a group he doesn’t know before. First, you don’t need to be scared … we are a very welcoming group of guys who are sharing the same kinks. You will feel home soon. And if you want to join us together with your cast fetish friends, even better. Just grab two or three other casters and rent the house next to ours. We have an open door policy so that people visit each other in their houses. And if you visit me in our house, then feel free to join me in the jacuzzi!

And there is always a way to get there. Either by car, train or plane. Our cast family is very international. Just contact us and we’ll help you find your way to Denmark.

Let’s see each other in Blåvand!

March 19-26, 2022
Blåvand (Denmark)
Around 300 EUR
for accommodation, energy, food and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

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