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It’s Harder To Be Dominant Than Submissive

It’s holiday time. I hope you are enjoying it too. It’s not only the time to relax but also for a lot of kinky activities. Today we want to present you one of the BoyNapped boys you know from several scenes now.

We are visiting kinky Alexis Tivoli who several people call the French Clark Kent. It’s the right weather to do an interview at the pool and so the sexy french is mostly naked.

Hi Alexis. Seems that the work at the set in Alicante has been so exhausting, that you need a break now. What has been the highlight of the 9 days you’ve spent with the BoyNapped team?

Hey KINKFINITY! It does have been energy-draining 😉 but so rewarding as well ! The highlight of the 9 days I spent in Alicante was definitely the electro scene I got to do with Dante Lucas, for many reasons ! First, this guy is gorgeous, has a great body and very nice dick ! Then, it was one of my first scenes as a dominant and I got so turned on by the 3 toys I was told to use: A 2 rings engine to put at the edge and bottom of his dick, a taser wand and a massage stick ! To see him wait for the shot, have shivers from them, expect the pain, get the relief made me discover how much I enjoyed playing on a boy’s desire and pain!

So you have changed to the dominant side for the first time. Was it easier or harder on the top side, and can you tell us why?

I think, for me, it was harder to be on the dominant side, for many reasons! First, I am not a very vocal person, so I had to keep that in mind, even If I was very focused on what I was doing with the submissive! Then, I also had in mind that I had the sub safety in my hands, so I had to be careful not to get carried away with my excitement! Also, I am quite slim and don’t look very rough, so I had to make sure I was looking confident and strong: all that trying to get hard or get the guy hard 😉

But before, you have also been suffering in various scenes as sub. Did you like that too? And what is for you the turn-on when you get used for the pleasure of others?

I liked to be a sub as well ! Even If I am only a top in my scenes, and also mainly in my private life, I like the idea of someone taking commands and using me ! The turns on are very numerous : not being able to move, be considered only as a mouth or dick, get shivers from edging, making the Dom guess how I felt only looking at him or through my breath …

Before we continue our talk, let us check out the current BoyNapped scenes:

Jhonny Polak & Sean Taylor in

A Well-Used Tight Twink Hole

He has such a tight little twink hole, but Johnny is going to get an education from big-dicked dom Sean now that the horny chav lad has him where he wants him. His arse is up in the air with his ankles and wrists tied to the scaffold, it’s the perfect position for an arse lover like this dom. Sean eats out that pucker, fucks it with his fingers and some toys, stretching the boy open, then slamming his big piece of man meat into him! Johnny’s cock leaks precum and Sean milks it out into his face, finishing up with his own load being wanked out over the boy’s balls, taint and butt cheeks. With a toy hammered back into his hole he’ll keep for another round later!

Click here to watch the trailer and more pics.

Ariel Black & Sebastian Kane in

A Crazy Long Cock Edging

Cock edging by the master is bad enough, but when you’re young boner is as sensitive as Ariel’s it’s even worse! The gorgeous boy is naked except for his sneakers, his arms tightly bound up and his long dick there for the master to use. He slaps it around, rubs the wet tip, strokes the boy’s shaft and tugs on his nuts. Ariel’s dick is oozing constantly even while he cries out with a mixture of pain and pleasure. The master gets his captive into the perfect position for some frotting, rubbing their dicks together and furiously stroking them both in his wet fist as the pleasure rises. Sweet little Ariel will never be the same after the master milks his cum from his dick.

Click here to watch the trailer and more pics.

Xavier Sibley & Casper Ellis in

A Ball Punishing Cum Theft!

If you don’t like ball punishment you need to look away, because Xavier is relentless! He needs to steal the cum from smooth boy Casper and he’s not gonna hold back. He knows how to make a boy build a big load, and it’s not pretty. The chained-up twink gets his cock spanked, his balls tugged, the pain of a pinwheel along his scrotum and some of the harshest bollock kicks you’ve ever seen! Xavier keeps that dick hard with his hands and mouth through the pain of the ball punishing, finally wanking the boy off and making his cock explored ropes of hot cum! There’s so much and it flies out so quick he only gets a bit of it, but it’s enough for now. Maybe he’ll be back to make Casper cum some more for him later.

Click here to watch the trailer and more pics.

The last scene was a harder ball busting scene with Casper and Xavier (Read the interview with Casper Ellis.) You know not only the two actors, but also most of the guys who were acting in the other scenes. What can you tell us about the boys?

I had the best time with these boys ! First, I have known Xavier Sibley for almost 4 years now, and we grew to like each other, both into drag race, huge dicks and cocktails.  😀 I did struggle to swallow his dick during our scene, but it was great to do it ! Johnny Polak was my crush the last time I came in Spain before this shooting, he is just so lovely, so twinky, with such a big butt.  😳 It was hard to say serious during our scenes when we had to talk, but we have a great energy ! I got to see Casper Ellis in Spain and at Prowler awards after, he is a very smart and deep Guy, very open-minded, very chill, but I did not get a chance to properly fuck him yet. 

The BoyNapped boys and our Pup se7en

Our readers know that Xavier loves to drag sometimes (Read the interview.) But come on, I’m sure you have also to share some dirty secrets.

Hum, honestly I don’t know, I know Xavier and Casper grew very intimate the time we shot all together, and that one was them was very submissive ! The scene we did fisting Casper was long but awesome, since Xavier and I knew how to fist.

I think I know who was the very submissive. 🙂 And some dirty secrets of the last 9 days you’ve been in Alicante? I know the BoyNapped fans have many dirty fantasies what could happen on a set. 

I have to say we were quite chill, but Leo teased everyone ; because of the sex atmosphere, I was hard like 10 hours a day ; and Max and I got to start to know each other, and he is coming to Paris soon.  🙄 I also know that Dante gave me an amazing cum shot during the electro scene.  😯 


I think a question a lot of fans have is, how sexualized is the ambience beside the set, if so many cute guys are living together in a house?

Ahah, it really depends: Sometimes all the models have boyfriends at home, so they behave, sometimes we get along very well, but we don’t feel like fucking, sometimes we are all very slutty!   🙂

What was your hottest experience on a set, but not in front of the camera? 

Once, with Johnny Polak, not this time, but the time before, the first time we met ! It was … intense, exciting, cute, intense. The first night I did not manage to get into his bed, but the second one my «it is cold in mine» worked because he is very polite! Then I said «Can we spoon» and it all started there ! He is very ticklish, therefore I had so much fun playing and touching all parts of his body.

Last but not leas, Alexis, what are your upcoming projects?

I have so many projects right now ! In a few days, I will finally get my contact lenses so I am going to start porn shows, in France, and I hope soon, Europe, with stories and props ! I am also going to start shooting my YouTube channel too, about porn and some other great stuff. 

Click here to check out the BOYNAPPED scenes with ALEXIS TIVOLI

Sound you have a full program, and we can just wish you all the best for the future. It was a nice talk to you under the French sun, but now it’s time to call Sean Taylor in Spain to ask him about the upcoming scenes, but first we have also to know what he is thinking about Alexis Tivoli.

Alexis is a wonderful guy to work with. His HUGE French dick is amazing to look at, touch, stroke… make to cum! As a person, he is really sexual, lots of sex is never enough sex for him. It’s been interesting watching him turn from a sub slut French twink into a rough fucking Dom.

Two days ago we have presented an interview with the female-to-male trans boy Olly. I know you’ve also done scenes with him. How was this first experience with a trans boy?

Olly was an amazing guy to work with!! He’s very brave for going through the changes he is making in his life, I envy the strength he has. On set, he was a pleasure to work with, nothing was too much, he was open to trying new things and for the first time in his life, took a good anal fuck! Something he had never done before. Working with a trans boy for me was interesting too, opened up a whole new world of ideas to me. Hopefully his scenes are popular, and we get to do it again and explore some more! 😉

What can you tell us about the four upcoming scenes of the next two weeks? Do you have any special recommendations?

Well, I have to be honest… 3 of the next 4 scenes all have me in them! My favourite, from my side, has to be the scene with Joey Valentine. He was SUCH a good bottom! He took my dick like a pro while being tied up and suspended in mid-air… but you should also look out for the hot spanking scene with Ariel Black & Sebastian. Ariel learnt on our set that he really enjoys being spanked, so this is a good scene to look out for!

Alexis Tivoli


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