A kinky story written by “DestroyWhiteBoys“. (Illustration by Theo Blaze)

I stood silently, waiting for the next white boy to make his way into my room. Suddenly, a huge black man slammed open the door to my room. His massively bulging biceps seemed to be ripping at his doctor’s coat. “Hey, Jamal…don’t forget that Obama’s State of the Union speech is coming on soon.” He raced off and let the door slam behind him. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to watch our king put more worthless white losers in their place. I grabbed the remote and turned to channel 3. Suddenly, I heard that familiar voice of the beloved King of America.

“My fellow Americans, I speak to you now during a rough time in our nation’s history. Many of you hate me for what I have done…but you must believe me when I tell you that what I’m doing, I’m doing to strengthen the human race. It was only 2 years ago that I passed the first reparation laws. We have come so far since then, America. It started with a simple pardoning of all black crimes. It’s hard to believe now that we’ve already nearly wiped out the inferior white race. I cannot believe how much stronger the human race has become. Since the forced slavery of white men, black births have increased by 800%.  It should be more apparent than ever that blacks are clearly more evolved than whites. With the rise of black populations, we saw a huge drop in disease rates. Some of the best scientists in the world claim that the best way to wipe out all disease is to ensure that humans have the strongest immune system they can have. Through much research, it has been proven that blacks have a stronger resistance to disease than whites. Thanks to increased black births, we now have a world full of children that are stronger, faster, and smarter than ever before. Too long have we sat back and let the white man water down our powerful genes. That is why…with a heavy heart…I must do what is necessary to ensure that this nation reaches its full potential. I have just passed a new bill called ‘The Nigger Supremacy Act’. Simply put…it states that being a lesser human being is now illegal. From this day forward, all whites must report to their local Nigger Supremacy Building for processing. The white men will be dealt with as the criminals they are, and the women will be sent to breeding camps. I refuse to allow white men to ruin this country ANY LONGER!” The all black crowd erupted in cheers and applause. I could feel my heart swelling with pride and honor.

“That’a boy, my nigga. We’re taking this country by storm. Soon there won’t be a disgusting white boy left on this earth.” I heard the door crack open and a massive 7 foot tall muscular black hunk stepped through the door. He froze for a second and turned around.

“Get the fuck in here before I beat you to death!” A young white boy timidly walked through the doorway. He was in tears and shaking with fear. He waddled over to the chair near the door. He must have truly been afraid, because he never looked at anything other than the floor. The huge black man looked over at me. “You know the law, my nigga. Break this one’s spirit…or toss him out in the dumpster. It’s up to you.” He walked out the door and closed it behind him. I walked over to the boy, placed my hand on his chin, and lifted his head up so his eyes met mine.

“What’s wrong, little white boy?” He tried his best to talk through the crying.

“M-My father…he’s DEAD!” He began sobbing more than before. “I…I couldn’t believe it. This huge b-black man with a rifle just…just broke in and shot him. He said that I needed to go here…I-I don’t know what to do. My mother was taken years ago…and I have nowhere to go now.” He went back to sobbing uncontrollably.

“Oh…I see what’s going on here. You’re one of those white bitches I keep hearing about on the news; one that hasn’t given in to nigger supremacy yet. That’s pretty rare to see. Most of you guys dropped to your knees the second we made Obama our King.” I leaned down and spit directly onto his face. He didn’t even move and inch. He was still devastated by his father’s death. “Listen, bitch. You have to understand that we’re just trying to do what is best for mankind. Your father could never compete with someone like me. I’ll guarantee that I’m bigger, stronger, faster, and smarter…not to mention his little pencil dick doesn’t even compare to my black anaconda.” I reached down and wiggled the noticeable bulge in my pants. I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist looking. He just stared in awe as my massive bulge jiggled back and forth like a mound of Jell-O in my pants.

“B-But how do you know my father?” He asked, wiping the tears away from his eyes.

“I don’t…I just know that all of those white boys are the same. It’s kind of sad, really. I feel bad sometimes that my people are just so much better.” I couldn’t help but have a disgusted look on my face as I eyed him up and down. “You must have seen all those New World Order posters we put up in all the cities. All you gotta do is take one look at that nigga’s horse-sized cock, and you should understand just how worthless you are.”

“My daddy told me never to look at those things. I did look once, but my dad said those pictures must be altered or something. He says no one can be that big.”

“Of course we’re that big, you stupid white loser. Maybe now you understand why King Obama has to do all these horrible things. He has to save the world from white ignorance. Most of you don’t even realize that you’re inferior. Niggers are BORN better; that much is obvious.” I shook my head in disgust. I couldn’t believe that there were still people out there who didn’t realize that niggers are just simply…better than whites. “Maybe I’ll just have to prove it you myself.” I said, jiggling the bulbous lump of meat pushing tightly against my jeans.

“Y-You can’t do that…that’s against the law.” He said, recoiling in fear and anticipation.

“HA!” I had to stop myself from laughing to explain what was going on. “I can’t believe you don’t understand that this HAS to be done for the good of all people.” I grabbed him by throat and squeezed him as hard as I could. “Besides…I’m a nigger. I can do whatever I want. You must have heard about Obama’s new nigger supremacy laws. ‘Crime’ has been redefined as something that only whites can commit. There is no such thing as a nigger breaking the law. Do you really think that nigger that broke in and killed your worthless father was ‘breaking the law’? Of course not…he was a soldier in the New World Army, assigned to whip out as many whites as he could.”

“Oh my god! I have to get out of here…you people are crazy!” He tried his best to get up from the table, but he just couldn’t overpower my hands around his throat.

“Well, I can see that you’re going to make this hard on me. Guess I’ll just have to resort to tough measures.” I reached over to my desk and picked up this face mask with a small TV screen on it. “This is what we use on resistant white faggots like you that just can’t get it through their head how much better us niggers are.” I strapped the machine onto his head and pressed a large red button on the side. A bright light came through and pictures began to flash rapidly from one to another. There was a faint voice talking through the machine. I went over to my desk to get some paperwork done. For the next hour, all I could hear was the faint sounds of the narrator for this slideshow. ‘Niggers are better…whites are worthless…nothing can resist the power of a nigger…you are nothing but a slave to niggers…’ Along with the narrator’s words of encouragement, images rapidly flashed on the screen. Most of them depicted either a horse hung nigger with the muscled body of a Greek god…or a skinny, barebones white boy with a metal cage around his flaccid penis. At the end of the hour, I walked over an unstrapped the device. He looked back at me, eyes glazed over, smiling uncontrollably. He stared down at my still massive bulge in awe. I smiled, knowing full well that his mind had been completely broken. “You finally ready to take this big fat nigger dick?” He looked at me with loving eyes full of admiration.

“Yes, sir, please tear my ass apart with that massive nigger dick of yours.” He reached forward and tugged at my huge soft bulge. I pushed his hand away and slapped him right in the face. He only recoiled in pain for a second. Within an instant, the blissful look of love and happiness returned to his face.

“I’ll tell you when you can touch me, you stupid fucking faggot!” The louder I screamed at him, the more he seemed to smile.

“Of course, sir. This worthless faggot slave will always obey.” A bit of drool dripped out of his mouth, as his glazed-over eyes mindlessly stared forward.

“Get on your knees, faggot!” I said, in a booming tone. He knelt down and instinctively opened his mouth, while panting like an excited dog. I could feel my monster dick straining against my jeans, begging to be freed. I reached down and unzipped my pants. Before I could even get the zipper down all the way my cock sprung forward, ripping the zipper apart. My huge cock leaped forward and slammed right into the young boys face. I saw a couple drops of drool fly from his mouth as he was thrown back from the force of my girthy meat stick. Knowing that he wasn’t allowed to touch me without permission, he knelt patiently.

“Please, sir. Tell me how huge this powerful nigger dick is!” He mindlessly stared forward with the same look of hunger and addiction that I had seen in hundreds of white losers before him. I reached down and swung my massive dick side to side.

“Oh, maybe about 13…14 inches last time I measured.” The number only made him seem even more excited. I grabbed the shaft with one hand and slapped it against the open palm of my other hand a few times. The wet slapping sound seemed to drive this young boy crazy. I could see him squirming in place, desperately licking his lips.

“Please, sir. I don’t think I can take it anymore. I need it…I’ll do anything for it.” I couldn’t help but feel sorry for this worthless little boy. Thanks to my mind control machine, all he could think about was devoting himself to niggers. I bet he couldn’t even remember his own name. I grabbed him by the back of the head and pushed his mouth face towards my throbbing dick. Without being told to, he opened his mouth as wide as he could. I gently put the first few inches in him…but to my amazement, he just couldn’t wait. He lunged forward, burying ever last inch of my horse cock down his throat within a split second.

“God damn! I guess you really were hungry, huh faggot?” With an entire throatful of my cock, he playfully nodded. “Just sit back and relax that throat, bitch. I’m gonna show you just how powerful nigga dick is!” I grabbed him by the back of the head and started thrusting into his mouth. I could see his entire face starting to turn red, as I prevented him from coming up for air. I could see his head start to vibrate in place. “I thought you wanted to serve me, faggot? Maybe you just aren’t ready for nigga cock.” I said with a look of disappointment in my eyes. He instantly threw back his head. My cock flung out of his mouth, dripping with his spit. He gasped for air and took a few seconds to regain his breath.

“No! Please, sir…please give me a second chance. I know I can make you happy.” He lovingly rubbed his hands on my dripping wet shaft.

“Fine…lay down then!” I was only going to give this loser one last chance to show his devotion to the new Nigger World Order. He lay down on the floor, face up. I walked over and stood above his eager face. I pulled off my pants, throwing them to the corner of the room. I could see a look of excitement spring up on his face as he stared at my puckered asshole and muscular ass cheeks.

“Please, sir…please let me taste that sweet nigger ass! I promise I won’t disappoint you.” He opened his mouth and let his tongue hang out. I lowered my ass until it was only a few inches above his mouth.

“Go on, faggot. Enjoy the feast!” He threw his head upward and buried it into my ass crack. Every now and then he would pull his head out of my ass to grab a breath of air and thank me for giving him the privilege of eating my ass.

“Ahhh…Fuck me! That’s one tasty nigger asshole!” The young boy slammed his face back into the dark crack of my ass. I could feel his tongue flopping around, making sure to drench every inch of my ass in his spit. Disgusting sounds of wet slurping were bellowing from his mouth. I couldn’t help but moan with pleasure as he shoved his stiff tongue as far into my asshole as he could. I smiled, thinking of how to help this faggot get what he wanted. I let my legs fall out from under me and I fell down tight against his face. Now my entire weight was pressing down on his face. He squirmed and slapped his hands against my thighs, indicating that he couldn’t breathe.

“I thought you liked tongue-fucking my shithole?” I said, while pressing down my ass even harder. He was murmuring erratically, as is begging for air. After a few minutes, I could feel his body start to go limp. I lifted my ass up off his face. His lifeless body was lying on the floor. His entire face and head was drenched in his own spit. I just stood there for a few minutes. I could feel his spit dripping from my ass crack as I stared at his still body. I contemplated throwing his inferior body into the dumpster out back. Just looking at this weak and pathetic young boy made me even more disgusted with the white race. I kicked him in the side and he sprung his head up, gaining consciousness. “I guess you’re not as devoted to the nigger race as you said you were, huh faggot? You disappoint me again!” He crawled to my feet as I yelled at him.

“Please master, give me another chance. This time I KNOW I won’t fail.” He put his face against my feet and started kissing them. As much as I wanted to just kill this white loser right here and rid the world of his inferior genes…I still had to drain my nigga nuts.

“Fine! Bend over and I’ll show you what white boys were made for.” The boy eagerly bent over on the floor and looked back at me. He grabbed his flappy ass cheeks with his hands and pulled them apart. He smiled at me as I stared at his airtight puckered asshole.

“I’ve never had anything inside of me before…let alone a horse-sized nigger cock!” I couldn’t tell if the boy was scared or excited. I grabbed my monster dick at the base and slapped it against the crack of his ass. The force of my thick, heavy dick seemed to push him toward the ground. I laid my entire shaft against the arch of his back, as if to see just how far my entire cock would reach up into him. Since he was a young little boy, my shaft reached from the base of his ass to about halfway up his back. “Please, Master…I can’t wait anymore. My inferior white ass is so hungry for your huge nigger fuckstick.” He said, while slapping his own ass cheeks. I lifted my shaft off his back and pressed the head tight against his puckered ass. Once the entirety of my head slipped into his hungry ass, I could hear the boy start to moan and groan. “God damn…that thing must be as wide as my fucking arm!”

“If you want this monster so bad…then take it yourself, faggot! Back up that boy pussy!” The boy smiled and started backing up his ass towards me. I could feel more and more of my shaft being clamped tight by his virgin ass muscles, as he crawled backwards.

“Fuck!” He couldn’t help but moan as he took 6 inches of my girthy shaft into his tight ass.

“Come on, bitch. You haven’t even taken half my shaft yet. Keep fucking yourself, faggot!” My yell echoed through the room as the boy kept backing his ass up towards me. Amidst the groans and girly screams, he finally took every last inch. I could feel my low-hanging nuts being pressed tightly against his ass. The boy just panted like a dog as 14 inches of nigger meat laid in his colon. “Now comes the best part…showing you just how good niggers are at fucking white holes!” I started to thrust my hips forward and backward slowly at first. I could see his face starting to turn red, either from the pain or the pleasure.

“God damn that feels good! Fuck this ass harder, you big dicked nigger!” I picked up the pace, listening as my floppy nutsack slapped against his ass. “I never knew that dicks felt this good inside of me. I should have become a faggot years ago!”

“Well, not all dicks.” I said, correcting the misguided white boy. “White guys can’t fuck for shit! Even the ones that have big dicks still don’t know how to use them. They lack the same rhythm and force that us niggas have.” I said, all while fucking his ass even faster.

“Then maybe I should go and fuck that nigger that killed my father…sort of like a thank you gift for getting rid of that worthless white trash.” I have to admit, I was amazed to hear him talk like that.

“That’s right! No one is gonna miss that worthless piece of trash…just like they wouldn’t miss you. You white boys are a dime a dozen. There’s nothing special about any of you.” I slapped his ass as I pumped in and out of his dripping wet hole.

“Yes, sir! The only thing us whites are good for is serving or dying!” I was amazed at how quickly the mind control device at worked on him. Most white losers need multiple sessions with the device before it completely wipes their mind. Only after one hour with the machine on his head, this white boy was completely brainwashed. After what seemed like an eternity of tearing his ass apart, I was finally ready to dump my load.

“Ahhh….FUCK!” I felt jet after jet of cum rush from my balls and deep into his sore ass. I stood there, moaning in pleasure for a couple minutes until the last drop of cum came out. I grabbed my cock at the base and slid it out of his boy pussy. The second my tip left his ass, thick piles of cum flew out and splatted against the wall. Big piles of cum continued to spill out of his gaping hole as I looked down at my flaccid cock. It was covered in cum and ass juices. I gave it a good shake and watched as the cum flew off of my shaft. I let it drop out of my hand and flop back and forth, slapping against my thighs loudly. “So how do you feel, bitch? Do you like this new Nigger World Order?” The boy just looked back at me, while fingering his gaping asshole.

“Yes, Master. All I can think about is getting another nigger dick in my boy pussy. Thank you so much for finally making us white losers good for something.” He kneeled down in front of my still throbbing cock. I could tell that he was amazed to see the tip of my floppy horse cock reach all the way down to my kneecaps. With a smile, he puckered his lips and kissed it right on the shaft. “I swear, by King Obama, that I will do anything I can to support the rise of the nigger empire!” He said, while gently licking the residual cum off my floppy dick. “I will do anything I can to help crush the inferior white race!”

“Soon you won’t need to worry about those losers anymore. We’re doing our best to wipe out that pathetic race for good.” I looked out the one-way mirror to the waiting room and noticed a line of scared white boys. “Well…enjoy that gaping asshole, faggot. From now on, any nigger that you see…you have to give them anything they want, got it?” He kept kissing my foot-long shaft.

“Of course, sir. I live to serve.” I looked down at his glossy, dull eyes. I could tell that his mind was completely turned to mush. This poor little boy didn’t stand a chance at resisting our nigger supremacy machines.

“That’s a good little white faggot. Now get the fuck out of here.” I grabbed him by the hair and dragged him over towards the door. I threw the door open and pushed his naked, cum soaked body into the waiting room. I looked over at one of the huge black guards. “This one is ready to head to one of the slave camps. I’ve already made sure that he’s broken in. He shouldn’t put up any fight for the boys over there.” I winked slightly and stepped back into my office, ready to destroy many more white boys.


  1. Is there a site in texas for black gods looking to break and brainwashed and reprogrammed and retrain this 38 year old white boy with a device lije that story i must wear for 2 hrs and be force to get shave off all my hair force me to get girly with a wig till my hair grow out im turely want someone help me get in ro this lifestyle ive been trying for over 20 years since i was 18 im meant and ready for the New World Order being controlled by a black man 4 life

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