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BigButtGeek – From Sketches to Ass Pop Art

Seven months ago, we’ve presented BigButtGeek for the first time here on KINKFINITY (Click here to read the last interview). He has told us why he loves so much ass play and fisting, and how this love has become the topic of his artwork. I continue following his blog, and I’ve to say that his pictures about a bottom best part have become better and better. I think it is really time to talk again with this British power bottom and artist and to give you an insight into his new work.

Hi BigButtGeek. Welcome back. Seven months aren’t really a long time, but the style of your artwork has really changed. You started with sketches, but now it has become more and more kind of pop art … I really love the term “pop” if we’re talking about ass illustrations. What is in your eyes the biggest evolution of the last seven months?

Thank you for inviting me back to talk about kink and my artwork. I was very much at the beginning of my journey when we last spoke, I’m probably still very much in my infancy as an artist, but yes, a lot has changed. I think the wonderful thing about having the connection to social media that my work has is that I don’t create in a bubble or vacuum. I post work to Twitter (and censored for Instagram) that isn’t always what I would consider my best. Sometimes I try a new style or colour scheme. I’m often surprised by the illustrations that get a great response and those that go largely unnoticed. The bold, colourful, graphic style that has evolved from my work seems to be what’s most popular. Though I remain true to the subject that interests me, my style has definitely evolved from the feedback of my following.

I see, you like to please. 🙂 That seems to be a submissive approach of being an artist. Is this approach coming out of your personality?

Absolutely not. I’ve never been very good at following instructions – unless you’re paying me of course. I’m turned into quite a dogmatic person. Mostly because I’ve learnt to trust my instincts and judgment on things. Even in FF play, I don’t think anyone would describe me as passive. I’m always still very much in control.

Hehe. There is nothing more dominant in fist play than the cunt of the bottom. I really like the new style which is even more colourful, and it has got something of a comic. That means that I can be very happy about the feedbacks you have got. 🙂 How would you describe the style you have at the moment?

I’ve never thought to put a name to my style, I’ll leave that for the viewer. But the word ‘Bubblegum’ has been used quite a lot to describe my style. Ironic that something so childlike and innocent is associated with my work.

Bubblegum sounds good. But the guys which I can see on your illustrations are not really dudes to chew and to spit out fast. Sexy guys with hot pussies. Seems you really like porn actors. :))

I think in anything you have your heroes. The people you look up to. I’ve tried to draw a wide variety of people; most recently a drew a woman. If I find it hot and inspiring I’ll draw it

I’ve noticed a trend with many queer artists in the last few years to paint/draw their icons. Pop stars, drag queens, famous actors. Most of them resonate with queer culture in some way. When approaching my artwork, I thought who are our equivalent in the FF community? These are our twitter and xtube stars. People with huge followings that are creating interesting and exciting content like HungerFF and Axel Abysse. Or simply those with huge followings because they’re hot and have very talented holes, like Putxoxoxo or Punched93…to name but a few. It’s the same philosophy with my work. It is piggybacking off the fame and notoriety of others but hopefully creating something beautiful, entertaining and unique also.

I think an artist who is specialized on ass art can tell us, how a butt has look like to be a nice one … an ass you’re interested in to draw 🙂

I only draw people that I find hot or interesting. I would never draw someone simply based on their following. It sounds cliché, but if I think someone is arrogant or elitist, I find that so ugly and would never dream of basing art around them. There are some very talented holes out there which are always fun to draw, guys who can go deep or have huge prolapses. But I’ve also drawn people I just thought had a nice energy to them.

Let us talk a little about Rosebuds. Out of my experience there are many guys proud of their rosebuds, others like them and there are also others who just find them ugly. You seem to be one of the guys who like rosebuds. Can you tell us why you like it?

Like most ‘normal’ people, I was repulsed by the idea of a rosebud or prolapse for the longest time. It probably wasn’t until I started getting more into FF play that I understood what was happening with the body and why/how a rosebud occurs. I think it becomes a sign of dedication, of committing to something enough you’re willing to alter your body for. I know for many it’s a huge turn on and something people actively try to achieve (not sure if it’s something you should force). I think of it as a happy surprise. Or your happy hole saying hello 🙂

Now you’ve made me curious …. do you have a rosebud and how does it look like? And we really also have to ask you about new fisting experiences you’ve made in the last year?

Oh it’s just a little rosebud! Makes itself known after some heavy punching or toy play. Not something I was aiming for so was a nice surprise. I mostly just gape.

With new Fisting experiences I guess it’s just meeting more people from lots of different backgrounds and levels of ability. I’m quite vocal on social media not to put guys with trashed holes on a pedestal. We all love a trashed hole but it’s important that guys (and girls) of all abilities feel included. We all started somewhere so I feel it’s important to play with people of all abilities.

You’re totally right and to be honest trust is something important in fist. That is not something you find in a dark room. 🙂 But now we have to talk about upcoming projects as ff lover but also as artist. What can you tell us about?

The big thing I want to do this year is organise a Fisting party; bit in the vein of my artwork. Something fun, colourful and very welcoming. Other than that I have a very long list of people and things to draw. Plus working on commissions.

A colorful fist party …. can you describe a little more what do you have in mind?

Two things are motivating me with this. 1) A lack of Fisting parties/events in London. These always require different needs than regular fuck parties and are anyways very loud and very dark etc. 2) What seems to resonate with my artwork is a sense of fun and an accessibility for those who not normally be interested in Fisting and fetish. I think my artwork can be a conduit for an FF night that is more relaxed and welcoming to all.


1988 | 178 cm | 75 kg
London (UK)

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