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Being forced to endure degrading activities

An interview with Dirtyboygames about humiliation.

MasterMarc: Hi Dirtyboygames. I don’t know if the polite style to start an interview is really the correct one for now or if i should ask, what this dirty bastard is doing here with me. If you think that I should really waste my time with such a subhuman as you are? Ok, … I think our readers have realized now, that we want to talk about humiliation. Can you tell what humiliation is for you?

DirtyBoyGames: Humiliation for me is about finding ways to bring a boy down a notch or two. My particular humiliation kink seems to revolve around the idea of being “forced” to endure degrading activities and sex games which can mean a wide variety of things. Piss (blush!), facials, spit, gunge, puppy play, name calling, cocksucking, and dirty games all turn me on. A lot of stuff is less about the act of “sex” and more about the dom putting me in my place. This weekend one of my dom friends had locked me up for a couple days to make me particularly horny. He knows that makes me desperate to cum, and more willing to obey. But his cruel game was that if I wanted to cum I would have to ultimately serve as his urinal. (blush) I resisted for quite a while because it felt so dirty (no please don’t make me do THAT sir!), but i wanted to cum so badly. He used that tension in me to get me to degrade myself…and eventually had me on my knees, looking up at him shaking….he not only pissed in my mouth by all over my face/hair, etc. That’s when I was allowed to cum.

MasterMarc:What is for your the turn-on if people do humiliate you? What is the kick which makes you horny and how do you feel after such a humiliating situation?

DirtyBoyGames: The most important thing for me is that I’m both attracted to the guy who wants to dom me, and that he makes me feel safe. I often tell a dom “the safer you make me feel the dirtier you can force me to be for you.” Also, eye contact can be SO HOT. Especially because sometimes I feel so embarrassed that I can’t even stand to look my dom in the eyes…being FORCED to do so anyways….mmmmm.  😉 That feeling of being forced, being defeated, being made a literal hot mess can be so sexy. Knowing that my being used and degraded turns this other attractive guy on is a huge turn on. And I should clarify it’s more a guys sexual energy than his mere physical looks which make someone attractive to me.

MasterMarc: I know it is not easy to talk about feelings, but can you tell us, how do you feel in such situations?

DirtyBoyGames: I feel used, spent, exhausted, bashful, embarrassed, dirty, etc. Often after after cumming and/or after a particulary intense moment I can experience sub drop and suddenly feel super embarassed in a non-sexual way and crave being held, comforted, etc. Good doms will do this aftercare, and maybe we’ll talk about how ridiculous sex can be, but also that what just happened was super hot. Once I come out of my subspace I like to have non-sexual conversations. I’m very intellectually curious about all sorts of things, and often I find other kinky people tend to be the same way.

MasterMarc: Is it just the moment of humiliation you want to live and afterwards you want to be again an equal? Or do you love that even if you are talking about intellectual things the top is showing you, that you’re a kind of subhuman, but at the same time he takes the discussion for serious?

DirtyBoyGames: Haha. 😉  Ultimately all of this for me is a game, as Dan Savage likes to say, “an adult game of cops and robbers.” Truthfully I don’t identify with the term “subhuman” at all, although I’ve played with other sub boys who do enjoy that term. I might even be a little unusual in that I identify as an alpha outside of the bedroom. I’ve helped build successful organizations, and have achieved a reasonably high level of success personally and professionally. It’s actually the contrast between these things and being sexually humiliated that seems interesting and hot to me. Ultimately all of the non-sexual aspects of my life are actually most important, things like family, work, and community. However…the strange thing is that does seem to free me to be pretty intense sexually. (blush).

MasterMarc: Out of my longterm experiences with subs and slaves I know, that things which seems to be humiliating at the beginning can become kind of normal and they loose this attraction of humiliation. How do you see it, do you have similar experiences and what are the consequences out of it?

DirtyBoyGames: Yes, I agree that one of the things about BDSM in general is it can be a bit of a drug, and one of the potential long-term dangers to be aware of is you might get stuck in a cycle of always chasing the next high. Thankfully the human mind is infinitely creative, and so as long as I set clear limits that keep me safe, there are always new avenues to explore. I mean, I remember at the beginning just the mere fact of showing someone my hole, or having my dom put his finger in my mouth was extremely humiliating. Those things are still hot to me, and a good dom can even make JUST those things hot  even now, but one of the fun games to play is pushing your boundaries and limits. OMG….i am ruly am embarrassed by the things I’ve done…but my faggot brain thinks they’re SO HOT. (blush) There has definitely been a progression over the years. I think because it’s so safe piss seemed like the ultimate humiliation for a long time. But based on the interests of my kinky friends I’ve branched out in all sorts of ways. Bondage, puppy play, forced diaper wearing, hole play, gunge, etc…. (head down, ashamed boy)

MasterMarc: I think you should give us a better insight into your dirty mind and desires. What have been for you the most humiliating and hottest experiences you’ve ever made? And can you tell us also about your feelings and sensations you’ve had in those moments?

DirtyBoyGames: Aw, fuck…do I really have to sir? This is embarrassing! ‘sniff….

Once a dom friend dared/ordered me to go to a piss party in brooklyn, and party for young boys in their 20s and 30s.

I remember i was SO fucking nervous, and couldn’t believe all these boys were walking around in their briefs or naked. there was an area in the back that has a bathtub…and i was totally blown away to see a boy sitting there in the tub…under a urinal sign! I was mesmerized but shy so i just stood at the back of the room taking this all in for quite awhile. I was way too shy to actually do any of this.
I left to go get a drink and when i came back the cute boy from the tub was gone, but pretty soon i felt a tap at my shoulder. When I turned around I was shocked to see the missing boy from the tub! It was him, and he was smiling right at me. I was stunned!  “i’ve been watching you watch me all night….you’re a piss boy like me aren’t you?”  I was like a deer in headlights…i couldn’t admit something so dirty, and he was clearly turned on by my shyness. I didn’t exactly run away, so he got a little more agressive.  “Look boy, you’re not gonna get hurt, come back into the tub with me…”  I shook my head no. I was so scared, I had only come to the party to watch not participate! He just got more demanding…he leaned in close and whispered…”look, i can spot a little dirty faggot from across the room. you’re going to be safe with me, but you ARE coming back with me to the bathtub, got it. ….. FAGGOT ?”   The way he said it…so authoritatively…i was SO fucking turned on which was obvious, but I still couldn’t voluntarily do this. He had to physically drag me across the room, and then he pushed me down as i resisted.  I resisted “No! PLease don’t make me do this!” (though my willingness to let him push me around was obvious and clearly indicated consent) and he was like “I can recognize a dirty little piss pig when i see one. Look boy, this is for your own good, just cause you’re shy isn’t an excuse.”  He pushed me down on my knees and without any warning started pissing right on my chest.  I squirmed and tried to get away, but he just smirked at me grabbed me by the hair and aimed right for my face.  i was half crying, half whimpering….but my pathetic lil boy cock was rock hard.  By the time he was finished i was a total mess, my hair, face, body soaked in his piss.  I was shaking physically and he bent down and hugged me, and told me it would be ok, and then he climbed into the tub next to me and started making out with me. Other guys started coming over and started pissing on us while we made out. He was whispering, “I’ll keep you safe, you’ll stay here with me for the rest of the night.”  and i did!    it’s was fucking INSANE.  and it’s a true story. (blushing boy)

That’s one story sir. (blush).

MasterMarc: That was in a club. This is a kind of a protected public place. How important is this public aspect for you? Isn’t it a big part of this kick you get by being humiliated, because it is something different to be humiliated in a place nobody can see it and at a place you get the feeling of being not only in your own eyes a subhuman?

DirtyBoyGames: Well again, I don’t identify as subhuman, more as a full human being humiliated/degraded which makes the fall from grace that much more intense.

As far as public/private humiliation. It was definitely more intense being used/degraded in a semi-public space like that piss party in Brooklyn. Public exposure is not one of my own kinks, although I know MANY subs who LOVE it. For me I get all shy and cautious about not wanting to impose my sexuality on the non-consenting public. So I almost never play in actual public, and don’t particularly like PDA that goes beyond a kiss or hand holding. That said, the nice thing about this party or similar clubs is that people are there expressly for the purpose of sex. That makes me much more willing to explore being submissive in a group, etc. I’ve been back to that same party a few times, once or twice my dom friend took me on a leash. (blush)

MasterMarc: Can you tell us another of your “best of” experiences? (probably one without piss in the center of attention)

DirtyBoyGames: I remember I’ve often played with other sub boys, sometimes in a sort of “big bro/lil bro” dynamic. It can be hot to take care of each other, keep each other safe, and Ioften have a rule that sub brothers can’t keep secrets from each other, and we have to share each other’s humiliations.

This one lil bro I used to play with met a dom who wanted to use us both, and I was game until I found out the dom was into diapers. That was new for me, and it seemed “too out there” but in the spirit of supporting my lil bro I agreed to play along.

When I showed up to the dom’s place my lil bro was already there naked except for being in a diaper. He did look super cute, and remember laughing at him and telling him he was such a faggot. The dom smiled at me and said, “well don’t laugh, because you’re next!” Again, I was pretty mortified. But the house rules were that boys weren’t allowed to use the toilet under any circumstances. I actually had to go pretty bad when i first arrived. The dom made a compromise that I didn’t have to wear a diaper and could use my lil bro instead, so I remember peeing in the back of his diaper. It was hot when he looked at me so scornfully because he had been dry until that moment. Hehe. 😉

Eventually I got more comfortable with the idea over the course of the night and agreed to wear one. It was super embarrassing and humiliating being forced to wear a diaper. It was hot that my lil bro was there to cuddle me and tell me it was ok as I sort of whined and cried about it.

The dom even tied us up in bondage for several hours so we were tightly pressed against each other, and all we could do was squirm against each other in our diapers and make out. That was pretty hot.

Eventually the dom decided he wanted us to play a game, and so he decided that my lil bro and i would wrestle. The winner would get rewarded, and the loser punished. Even though I did valiantly attempt to pin my lii bro down, apparently I’m not so good at wrestling, as within about 3 minutes he had my helplessly pinned and I was declared the loser, and my lil bro the winner.

My ill bro’s reward (and my punishment) was that he could do ANYTHING he wanted to me for 10 minutes while I was going to be tied up unable to stop him. He had me lay on my back and him and the dom tied me up so i was totally exposed and helpless to stop them. My lil bro climbed up on top of my chest in his diaper (which was already wet from before)  He spit right in my face, call me a dirty faggot, and complained about how I had pissed in his diaper before. He asked “So you don’t like diapers because you think they’re too dirty, huh?” and i shook my head to indicate that “no” I definitely did NOT like diapers, or especially having to wearing one. I could feel the warmth of his diaper on my chest while he looked down at me, smirking.

He started to undo his own diaper while he was on my chest. I remember be confused as to what he was doing. Then, point blank in front of my face he added a lot more piss to his diaper. It was expanding, and felt even warmer than before.

“Do you have any idea what I’m going to do to you for your punishment big bro?”


And right then he took his sopping wet diaper and smashed it into my face. (blush) I wriggled and squirmed to try and get a way but I was stuck. He pressed it into my face as  I cried, and basically taped in in place. Him and the dom then proceeded to play with my hole for the remaining 10 minutes and ended up jerking me off in that position. I felt so humiliated and used.

(Postscript…years later that dom and my lil bro eventually got married! ;-))

MasterMarc: I think you’ve to tell us even more experiences here on sadOsam. But before we finish this interview, can you give some advices to people who are scared to live their desire of humiliation?

DirtyBoyGames: Aw, fuck! Really!? It’s embarrassing to share these stories. (head down)

I would say that it’s really important to feel safe, because that allows you to “release” some of your inner sexual feelings as a sub. Having a trusted dom that can help push you to explore new areas will make you grow as a sexual being and otherwise. Don’t rush into this kind of play without a lot of communication (which of course can be playful and dirty in nature) before you meet up. Even though I’m usually the one being used/degraded/humiliated I strangely feel more powerful about myself knowing that I can explore such intense moments of dom/sub dynamics safely with another trusted person.

MasterMarc: It seems that to become humiliated in such posivite circumstances are at the end not making you feeling weak in life but it is making you stronger. Is that correct?

DirtyBoyGames: Yes sir, I would say that’s true. As long as the experience is positive, and often if there is some nice aftercare moments where the dom reassures me that he values me as more than just a dirty faggot, and that what just happened was super hot for him too, it’s a positive cycle. Of course sometimes when I’m playing with boys that are switches I might just turn the table on them. 😉

MasterMarc: Thank you bastard, it was a pleasure to talk to you and I am sure we will read more about you and your experiences on sadOsam soon.

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