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Being Collared Shows Loyality

MasterMarc: Hi TinyFearlessLeader. You’re one of the boys of The Shackler. Can you tell us for how long are you serving The Shackler and how does it come?

Tinyfearlessleader: Hello MasterMarc. I’ve been serving Sir as a collared boy since January 2017. For several months prior we had been messaging on Recon but our schedules hadn’t aligned to actually meet (meat?) in-person until then. I remember waiting outside the airport for Sir and feeling my heart racing at the thought of the long weekend ahead of me. As someone relatively new to kink, I was so far outside my realm of familiarity that I wasn’t sure whether to be aroused or scared. But once I crossed the threshold into The Shackler’s Lair, the chemistry quickly sparked between us with an intensity that would rival even a Violet Wand. When Sir asked me to consider being collared at the end of that first visit, I reflected upon both the responsibility and privilege of serving him before lowering my head before him as he locked the polished chain around my neck.


Wisconsin (U.S.)

I think service is the ultimate expression of freedom.

MasterMarc: I think this strange mix of feelings before meeting a new master have most boys in common but it is always nice to see, how fast a boy get good feelings if he is in good hands. You have become collared very fast. What does it mean to you to be collared?

TinyFearlessLeader: On a concrete level, being collared gives Sir the exclusive ability to breed my hole; no-one except for Sir is allowed to give me their seed. But on a more abstract note, being collared represents a deep sense of loyalty to Sir, both as a Master and as a good friend. My collar symbolically links me within a kinky family tree of Sir, his husband, and their respective boys—and it goes without saying that family ties are just as strong, if not stronger, than Sir’s heaviest bondage gear.

All that being said, I think it’s important that every D/s relationship is dynamically negotiated in the context of those involved. I’m sure my idea of a collar will change as I grow older and learn more about myself, and that is why freely communicating our goals, expectations, and concerns was so vital when Sir first collared me.

MasterMarc: Can you tell us about your desires to serve, to be used and as what do you see yourself and how should your master treat you?

TinyFearlessLeader: I think service is the ultimate expression of freedom. When I recognize myself as a submissive, I’m able to find clarity by surrendering my own tendencies to indecisively overthink situations and find peace in the knowledge that some choices are for Sir to make, not me.

Whenever I’m being used, whether it’s in the supple leather of a sling or while bound with an unforgiving straightjacket, I thrive on the pleasure of those using me. The roughness of the facefuck, the sensuality of the nipple caress, the passion of the thrust inside my hole—all these qualities bring me deeper into a headspace where I derive my satisfaction from knowing that my Sir is satiated.

All that being said, I believe that a kinky lifestyle has far more dimensions than just the power dynamics of sex. I view myself as an eclectic mixture of a sub’s desire to please, a boy’s playful naughtiness, the intimacy and romance of a cheap chick-flick on Netflix, and most importantly, a human being’s right to be respected and valued. Part of why I enjoy being with The Shackler so much is that even when he’s thoroughly used and objectified me, I never feel undervalued or that he doesn’t take pride in owning me.

MasterMarc: Trust is the base of good SM and a good master respects his boys and show them that they are important to him, even if he don’t show it in some situations. But with the knowledge that the master is taking care about them it is much easier to relax and to act as slave. Could you tell us about your hottest and most intense experiences you have had? And can you tell us, why they have been so remarkable for you? 

TinyFearlessLeader: I cross the rubberized flooring threshold into the North Wing of Sir’s playroom, noticing how the neatly-organized wall of chains and shackles glimmer in the dim twilight. I savor my sense of sight while it lasts. My gaze darts between each corner of the room in a vain attempt to discern Sir’s plans for his willing slave, but moments later I feel Sir’s firm hand tightening the gasmask over me. Darkness. The intoxicating scent of leather invades my nostrils and makes my cock twitch. Sir notices, and chuckles. I feel my limbs guided into neoprene sleeves of a sleepsack. Defenseless and immobile, my only connection to the outside world is through breath and sound.

I hear Sir moving about the room. I await in fervent bliss as my mind races through each of the tools Sir might use tonight. He knows the suspense is driving me wild, but perhaps that’s why he’s moving so slowly. He’s giving me a proper mindfuck well before he even touches me.

Sir unzips a small gap in the sleepsack—just enough for my throbbing bone to escape. A lubed hand delicately teases my exposed head. Slow. Cruel. Erotic. Moans escape my lips as I valiantly try to thrust my hips into his grip, but the restraints keep me pinned down. He stops, but before I’m able to moan in protest he’s swiftly attached the gasmask to a rebreather and nitrous. My desperate pleas for orgasm slowly shift into a lightheaded daze. The outside world disappeared into the bassline of a Pandora Radio station and the pure bliss enveloping my cock. I am floating weightless in space, allowing the waves of edging euphoria to wash over me. I feel myself approaching the last of oxygenated air. Fear mixes with pleasure to amplify my horniness even more. Suddenly my cock erupts, spewing forth ropes of cum as Sir adjusts the gasmask to give me fresh air. As the last orgasmic convulsion passes through my spine, I breathe deeply and lay still, knowing that Sir is pleased with the load he milked from me.

MasterMarc: Many guys are looking for a relationship in which they know, that they are exclusive, even if they are a slave. Can you tell us what kind of feeling it is to know, that you are just one of several boys?  

TinyFearlessLeader: Not to sound overly cliche, but it’s incredibly humbling, I’m super thankful that such a highly-experienced and well-known Sir as The Shackler is taking a fledgling sub like me under his wing, and (quite literally) showing me the ropes of slavehood. A lot of my vanilla and traditionally monogamous friends don’t understand how I’m not jealous of my collared brother (PreachersBoi), but the key point is that our entire kink family thrives on open and non-judgmental communication about our needs and desires. Just because Sir is there for my brother doesn’t mean he’s any less here for me.

MasterMarc: That really sounds great and it is the way it should be. I am looking forward to our next meeting to talk about other topics.

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