A story written by sirsleatherboi
(Illustration by Theo Blaze)

I wasn’t thinking at all about what got me into this predicament. I was completely focused on learning to take every inch of this special man’s oversized member into my willing but now quite well used mouth and throat. I so wanted to please him and hearing his grunts and groans only made my enthusiasm surge. A seventeen year old boy could be no more consumed. He was over twice my age but this masculine and ruggedly handsome man had made me swoon two weeks earlier. He had talked me into this training session with surprising ease after my first boy to man sexual experience with him. I had experienced gay sex with a man before him but this helpless servitude seemed only to set my vulnerable heart free!

He was teaching me things that I never dreamed would even interest me yet I was enthralled and literally captivated by the whole process of being “his”. Being a man’s boy or a Daddy’s boy was never on my personal “radar”. Yet here I was enthusiastically being used for his pleasure unable to object yet also not in any way wanting for him to stop. It had probably been at least a half hour since this training had begun and I was already getting good at it. Daddy’s groans and feeling his cockhead so deep in my throat without my gag reflex had me excited beyond belief. My own seven and a half inch cock strained and pulsed in the leather cock and ball harness Daddy had included as my “uniform” for him. I was as hard as he and as every bit as moved as he seemed to be.

Finally I was given pause while Daddy helped me to me feet. He gave me a greedy tongue swirling mouth sucking kiss that made my world feel so incredibly right. “You learn well boy. Now follow me.” He said firmly. Daddy took my hand and led me down the stairway to his basement. He turned on the light switch and the red lights of the basement revealed a completely furnished bondage dungeon of the like that I had only seen in photographs. Daddy was always so well prepared. I was immediately locked by my wrists into a wooden arm spreader and he hoisted the spreader toward the ceiling until I was standing almost only on my toes.

“You will learn to thank me for all of this” Daddy said. Incredulously I believed him. With my naked bottom turned to him, the first spank was gentle and coy. The second was firm and stinging. The third and fourth had me wincing and jumping as I whined from the stinging hot blows. Daddy had me count and thank him for each smack to my already hot derrière. After twelve I was quite on edge as Daddy got out a slim black leather paddle. The first stung unbelievably as I cried out. I soon learned that if I did not count and thank Daddy with genuine sincerity for each blow, he would only start over. “A boy” can learn quite quickly especially with stinging lessons! I was soon able to develop a tolerance and sense of discipline I never thought I possessed. After two sets of twelve smacking whacks Daddy kindly stopped.

The dungeon was incredulous and Daddy had me turn to see my entire reflection in the full length wall mirror. My arms were helplessly straight up toward the ceiling and my cute bubble butt as he called it was crimson red. He then turned me toward the mirror and grabbed my throbbing hard penis which was straining in the leather harness. “Look here boy. You love this. You were born to be a Daddy’s boy!” I was so embarrassingly hard yet Daddy was helping me see that this all made sense. Being his and under his control was so much more than I ever imagined. I was so physically aroused and so powerfully moved by his treatment of me and by my learning. I was already bought in to his teachings. I may have even been falling in much more than lust!

I was now being blindfolded. I was told to spread my legs. It was awkward being on my toes so Daddy lowered the spreader some so my feet could be flat on the floor. Suddenly Daddy was gone. I was helpless, unable to see and so aware now of the cool air. I smelled the scent of leather coming from my perspiring body and collared neck area. My wrists were tightly held and I moved my fingers to keep the blood circulating in them. My breathing was coming back to normal but my cock seemed to strain even more in its tight leather harness. I felt it pulse constantly and my isolation just seemed to fuel some inner fire inside me. I so wanted Daddy and he had just left me here to “stew” in my helpless and submissive condition.

I felt every inch of my naked body exposed in the basement’s cool environment. My brain was on overload yet I needed and wanted more. I was so focused on my helpless state and my exposed smooth hairless hard nude body. Without any stimulus my mind and my senses were on overload. I had no idea what daddy’s plans were, but I just wanted him back. I so wanted to feel his touch even if it was his stinging hand on my already bright red ass. I longed for his touch, for his kiss and for his cock. I did not realize it at the time but I was already a captive of the heart and of my spirit and as his. These emotions were so much more powerful than any my young self-had experienced. Daddy was clearly very skilled!

I heard him return. He had needed to make a phone call he said. He asked me how I was feeling and I told him I felt good. Daddy was pleased and said there were just a couple more things before I would be freed. I felt an incredulous pinch to my nipple and then the other. Then I felt something cold and wet at my anus. I knew I was being lubricated for something. I honestly hoped it was for him. My excitement surged and in my blindfolded excitement I thought I was finally going to be consummated by the man that I was so enthralled by. I wondered why he was waiting so long to take me there.

I felt something cold again and there was something being pressed inside my sphincter. I felt something but it was small as it was pushed inside me. He asked me to keep my ass clenched and not to lose the “egg” he put in my body. Daddy asked if I could “hold on” for a few more minutes. “Yes Daddy” I said obediently. I was being unselfish as I should but I wondered just how Daddy could leave me again and alone again now. I felt so physically strained and almost so desperate. I whimpered when heard him go back upstairs and I could hear he was back on the phone again. Suddenly I felt a shock and my insides were buzzing. I literally jumped as the spreader helped me keep my balance. While Daddy was on the phone, he apparently had a remote device controlling the egg shaped vibrator that was deeply embedded in my anus!

The device was actually incredulously stimulating. Again my senses were on overload and my pulsing erection seemed only harder and wetter than ever. I felt like I was going to explode in pain and in pleasure. My nipples burned and I felt a chain bouncing against my chest connecting what I would learn were nipple clamps. How could I feel so much emotional and physical pleasure and pain? My yearning for Daddy was so great and the five or ten minutes he was on the phone felt like many hours as I struggled with my predicament. The on and off sensations of the vibrator so teased my straining body and Daddy was not even here.

There is a magical drama to blindfolded helplessness that obviously Daddy knew all about. I felt every muscle straining in my trim swimmers body. Even my dirty blonde hair seemed to stand on end. I was his “pretty boy” he had told be after my consummation last week. I felt so proud. My body and every nerve ending yearned for him. He was so handsome and loving yet so harsh and he had such high expectations of me at the same time. “Locked” in this isolated fantasy world that was so real, I was fantasizing about what it would be like to have him take me as his again. My heart and soul seemed to be “owned” and possessed by his wants and desires. I was already “his” in every way I could at least imagine.

When Daddy finally returned has asked me how I felt. “Incredible!” I eventually blurted out. The answer should probably have been “desperate” but a good boy thinks before he answers. I was a mess physically and emotionally but I was on some kind of almost dream like blindfolded high by the mixture of pain, pleasure and eroticism caused by Daddy’s sensual tortures. Daddy seemed quite pleased by my answer.

Daddy then took me down from the spreader but he kept me blindfolded. He then led me just few feet away and had me touch a bench. He then helped me lie face down on it with my legs spread as my body felt the firmness of this leather padded bench. With my still straining hard cock sandwiched between me and the leather bench I found my position a lot less relaxing than it should have been. Daddy fastened and locked my wrists together under the bench and he had me spread my ass widely for him.

Daddy told me to “expel” the egg from my anus. It was embarrassingly awkward like I was defecating but I succeeded. Daddy was pleased with his boy then told me I was to receive more training. My ass would be “loosened” for Daddy. As crazy as it may sound it was music to my ears. Anything that resembled having this man fuck me like he had two weeks ago had me near to drooling in excitement. I had never experienced more joy in my young life than when Daddy had fucked me that unforgettable day two weeks ago. I would do anything to feel him inside me again. I was literally prepared and perhaps even more than happy and more than ready to do anything he so desired!

I took many items in my ass. He would first have me feel them and suck them with my mouth and throat before plunging them into my depths. The first were small and soft. The next ones were harder, longer and one huge one even felt almost just like Daddy’s cock. Daddy teased me and teased me warning me to keep my cool. He would slowly shove each into my willing and excited bottom. I was expect to naturally meet each thrust by raising my ass like a boy in dire need. It was very easy and it was just pure instinct to comply.

Unfortunately, lying on my hard over-stimulated cock made this an incredulously difficult and arduous task most of the time. I was so revved up and stimulated I feared I would have a premature orgasm. I had learned the first time with Daddy to be disciplined and to wait for his “permission” before I could orgasm. Daddy had me meet each thrust of each phallus and had me “fuck” each as I lay with my ass raised and legs spread above the bench. I was losing my mind in lust and my body was so close I finally had to admit to Daddy that I was afraid I might cum.

Daddy withdrew the longest of the phalluses from my ass. My body was still rocking hoping to meet it and have it return to my needy bottom. I was panting and breathing like I had just stopped running for a mile. I took deep breaths trying in desperation to compose myself. I was then shocked by the feel of a solid and stinging whack to my ass cheeks. “Count Boy!” Daddy ordered. After twelve he relented, but I almost orgasmed from the stings of the cane he was using on me! I never felt a cane before and the stings sobered me at least momentarily. Just everything daddy seemed to do to me had me on the absolute edge of madness and orgasm!

Daddy rubbed my bottom soothing it with his cool hands. “Your ass is just so hot and pretty you naughty little boy.” He said loudly. Suddenly I felt my opening being invaded again as suddenly I felt his body atop mine. I squealed in the ultimate delight knowing full well the feel of Daddy’s huge cock entering my so very willing rectum. He thrust but a few times and my cries of “Yes Daddy! Yes Daddy!” Echoed loudly from the walls of the cool basement dungeon. Having the real thing inside me took me to heaven on earth. Daddy kissed me on the cheek then turned me and kissed my mouth passionately. He stopped to ask me if I liked his cock inside me as I squealed in desperation “Oh Yes Daddy”! once again.

All of this provocation was just way too much. I suddenly lost all of what little control I had left. “Oh God” I screamed out. I saw stars and lights and my whole body shivered and quivered in the most intense orgasm of my young life. His thrusts brought me even higher and higher as my anus and sphincter spasmed wildly around his huge thick and pulsing manhood. My mind and body were exploding like a nuclear bomb. I heard Daddy growl and gasp as I felt my own cum shooting in spasm from my cock sandwiched under me between the bench and my pelvis. When I felt his heat enter my ass I think I started to cry in rapture and I began to tear up in joy.

I had failed to keep my end of my bargain as a submissive but Daddy was tolerant and empathetic. I knew I should NEVER orgasm without his permission but the kisses were just so magical. He wiped my tears and seemed thrilled at my response and my joy and appreciation of him. There would be consequences for my failure. I would be taught how to more disciplined and how to keep my physical control. Most of all – each time I am with Daddy, he says I am getting better and better as his boy. Call me what you want but I am truly a genuine Daddy’s boy!

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