Today, one of the new exclusive twinks of Boynapped is visiting me. I don’t know why Sebastian Kane has sent him to my place when he knows how much I like submissive gingers. So probably I’ll not be able to finish this interview because I’ll have other things to do …. 🙂

Hi Avery, nice to have you here with me. You’re one of the new youngsters working for Boynapped. I know there are a lot of guys enjoying watching young boys getting used hard, but at the same time they ask themselves if the boys really like it. I know you are young, but you’re for a longer time into kinks. Can you tell us about your first steps into kink?

My first steps into kink started off with just some light spanking, really. Some playful, some more to get me to listen to orders. :p I still have a naughty streak to me, and I guess that playful side naturally made me branch out into stuff of that nature, like pup play. Another early experience of kink was light bondage, being restrained with rope, cuffs or even just a strong hand, I usually found myself being dommed by a guy even in my early days of sex :p

How old have you been as you have been dommed for the first time and can you explain us what the attraction of it was? Why have you followed the rules the other has set?

I guess first proper hardcore dom session was with 17. I met with a guy that was heavily into paddles, cane and keeping me restrained for his pleasure. Teased me a lot, wanking me for a long time but not letting me finish multiple times.

So I guess I was ready for it from the light play, like spanking and similar. The feeling I really enjoyed was the sudden chill it sends down just as you feel contact. :p And I guess the bad puppy side of me sees it now as attention, even if I did something bad. Guess that is why this puppy never learns from some mistakes. 😉

So you really love pain and punishment? What is the attraction of it, boy?

Pain really, I guess. I just see as a good motivator to myself. Like, each time I always try to take more and build up my tolerance, or try some new method/device. It makes me happy knowing that my dom doesn’f have to hold back as much if they want to be a little rougher themselves too.

Knowing my place during some really hot play sessions but also the soft aftercare a lot too. Definitely nice to feel some soothing rubs after a hard smack! 

Would you say that pain and punishment is also something you want and need, that it doesn’t only satisfy the needs of the top but also yours?

Oh definitely! It is a nice way to spice up sex sometimes. Variety is always a great thing :p Hence the wide spectrum of exploration I like to have into different kinks and such.

Have you been forced to step into hard sex or was it your desire and will? If yes, have you ever felt ashamed about your desires and needs?

I was introduced to sex quite early, some was a little rougher when I wasn’t quite ready. But eventually I found my rhythm and realised the exact sort of stuff I wanted and focused on that, opting out what I wasn’t quite ready for. Some of my desires do make me feel shame, but that is part of the fun I find! It elicits such strong feeling from me and I just feel so free of worry and stress.

Come on boy, tell me, which of your desires make you feel ashamed?

Watersports is tied to humiliation for me really. The reduction of myself to an object for marking. Ties into my furry and pup side too with it having its marking and dominating aspects. The warm feeling is amazing too. So wrong but feels so right :p

Just degrading to a level where you are just there for your partners pleasure. You become an after thought. It makes any reward feel even more special because you have become the main focus at that point.

Seems that humiliation is again a positive feeling for you. Do you like this degradation just sexually or do you love to feel your partner’s dominance in life too?

To an extent, I like a bit of dominance just in life too. I sometimes need to be reminded to stay on track in life and not veer off suddenly. Way too easily distracted sometimes.

You’ve told us that you have been dominated for the first time as you have been 17. There are people thinking that this is not normal, that you have been forced and that they have abused you. What would you reply to such people?

My response to them would be that, while I personally get naturally protective of others, in my own case I grew from it all. I was shown a side of sex that takes the pain and turns it into pleasure.

The biggest thing about SM is that with a respectful partner, your limits are taken into account. You are with someone that can share your desires and such, provide after care, etc.

I think if anyone said to me it wasn’t normal, I’d be tempted to ask them if they just stick to the old in and out.

“Normal” is so subjective and reductive when engaging with people that go “yeah but that’s different. Everyone does that”. Tons more probably do S&M without us knowing it!

Teaching Sexy Little Twink Avery Part 2

And what would you advice to young boys who are feeling that they have such needs and desires?

Never put yourself in any situations where you are uncomfortable. If you are, don’t keep quiet about it. It is definitely easier said than done, I know all to well from past experiences. But you do not owe it to anyone.

You’ve done several scenes with Boynapped now. What is in your eyes the big difference between the SM you do in your private life and the SM in front of the camera?

Some of the things I like to do in private in S&M are things I personally wouldn’t do on camera, and then there are some things that I am comfortable doing on camera and in general, but wouldn’t necessarily do in the bedroom one-on-one (or group :p)

I’m a performer, so of course there will be things that aren’t really “me”, per se, that I will still film.

Never ever anything I fundamentally disagree with or has a negative effect on/for me, but I’m always willing to explore and experiment as I said, and also provide others with their desires if I have no issues with the act. 🙂

With porn, the focus is obviously the act of sex during initial stages, but rarely the resolution/outcome after it is over.

I cannot overstate enough how important I personally see the whole aftercare aspect of S&M. For myself, the act is not complete until that little sub gets a nice hug and gentle caressing of any tender spots, etc 🙂

Teaching Sexy Little Twink Avery Part 1
Two Twink Newbies Barebacked!
Teaching Sexy Little Twink Avery Part 3

You’re right, the aftercare is important. A slave has to feel and to know that you use him hard, humiliate him or that you make him suffer because you like him. A negative motivation should never be the base of sm action. But you ve made me curious now: What are the personal needs and desires in SM which need to be satisfied?

The biggest turn on for me in BDSM is probably the restriction of movement, or senses. Whether it actually does “enhance” other senses when one is taken away or if it is just a placebo effect, I just find it a thrill to be deprived of them.

One of my scenes where I’m tied up and completely masked is an example. Sight was completely taken, hearing was impaired and I was immobilised.

Can you give us some insight into your hottest experiences?

Been at some parties with friends before where I’ve been in blacked out gas masks with popper attachments, vac beds, frames to tie people up to and just used by multiple guys, not knowing whose turn it is, what toy they want to use on me and such at cons before.

The idea of not knowing exactly which partygoer was currently dominating me, trying to guess from things like style of fucking, position and length/girth was a real turn on for me. And having each guy add their load to my already slippery hole definitely made me feel amazing :p

The closeness of bodies to one another while also being separated due to the isolation in the mask was extremely pleasurable.

To watch the scenes with avery just click the on the Boynapped pics in the article.

Avery Monroe

United Kingdom