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Timothy X. Rowe

Timothy X. Rowe writes under a pseudonym which he feels gives him uninhibited freedom to explore kink and BDSM. He personally has enjoyed sexual situations as either a Dominant or submissive, but most of what he writes is fantasy. He earned a bachelor’s in English Literature and is well-read in the classics as well as the wide world of pornographic literature. He has studied the writings of the Marquis de Sade extensively. In his stories, Tim places his submissive characters in near impossible situations where they discover that pain heightens sexual pleasure, resistance is futile and obedience and discipline is freedom. Tim may be contacted through his Tumblr page, where he collects and stores pornographic images of every sort.

Articles by this author

Birth Day

His Master was tying the boy’s hands to the posts at the top of the bed, as he lay naked and stretched out on the king size bed.  There was only a sheet on the bed -...