Reduced to a number, humiliated, paraded, and subservient. The way to become a slave takes effort and is hard, but also fulfilling. The protection and training of his Owner MasterEU formed and strengthened my interview partner today.

Hi #25. You are wearing a number as a name. What does it mean for you and what should it say?

slave #25 on Twitter

Hello Master Marc. I am a slave of MasterEU and have gotten 25 as my slave name when he took me in as his new slave. He finds it appropriate to give numbers to his slaves.

To wear a number as name illustrates the point of me being in ownership by my Master, and underlines the hierarchy between us.

How did it feel to suddenly be a number, and show this externally as well?

It felt humiliating but, but nowadays I got used to it. I also wear a metal collar in his presence with a padlock on which “#25” is engraved upon. Many people in the scene also only know me under this name.

Do you wear this collar only at home? And what does it mean to you?

At the moment I only wear it at home and when we are out and about together. I am looking forward to the time after “corona”, when I will be able to wear it in the scene openly as well. The collar reminds me that I am his slave and should also show that to other people.

You say you are a slave. How do you define being a slave for yourself?

Well, everybody surely has a slightly different impression of what a slave is and how that is defined. I personally make a difference between a slave and a sub, which submits himself to somebody for a single session and a slave, who belongs to somebody.

I let myself go as slave of MasterEu completely and am dependant on him using the power that I gave him over myself benevolently. I don’t have any secrets from him and he has enough information and “material” of me to seriously harm me. That on one part ensures that he could force me to do things I don’t want to and on the other hand gives me a feeling of being at his mercy and his control.

Such a relation takes a lot of trust and that is also the reason why I count myself lucky to have an owner which I can trust 100%.

That trust is, besides consent, the most important condition for good SM. Can you tell us more about that need of heteronomy and subjection.

I always had this tendency of wanting to be dominated.That was even like this before puberty in school and only deepened once I admitted to myself to not be heterosexual. I like to be there for others pleasure and enjoyment, and being forced “to do things”. Why, I honestly don’t even know myself. But it gives me a kick that goes even out above sexual things, and a feeling of satisfaction.

My goal is to be delicately formed to be able to satisfy all the needs of my Master and other men. That includes me learning to go over and grow my borders at the current moment, and getting rid of my shame. This goal I can only achieve with the “carrot and stick”, and persuasion. That is exactly what I want. Of course it all is consensual, (safe, sane, consensual) and within the borders of the law and allowed.

There are complete taboos, for example the guarantee of my health, that can not be touched. Everything else lies within the hands of my Master.

Is this a completely sexual need, or do you search for the guidance and hold/force and the living out of your subservience further too?

I have the longing to be guided in my live, to learn new behaviours and change my appearance, to submit also in my day to day life. To find hold and with it support does come with that. I don’t mean this in the way of a romantic relationship, but it can go into the direction of friendship and connection. The sexual does make the base of it, upon which everything else can be built. Where my journey will take me, and how far, I cannot say yet though.

You tend, from your needs and urges, to go in the direction of full-time slave. Where does the appeal of the voluntary waiving of your own freedoms, your right, and your autonomy lie?

Yes, from my needs I tend to go towards that. I admire dominant men, especially when they emit that. Many know that from talks in the changing rooms, when it came to the topics of women and what one’d like to do with them once. Of course it was mostly dumb talk and bluffing, But somehow, such things pulled me in. I often would have liked to tell them they should try to realize these maximum-fantasies with me. Everybody has sexual secrets, and it attracts me to find out these and make them real.

Well, that’s my maximised fantasy, but within the boundaries of bdsm I come very close to that, when the top really does what he likes. It can be a kick into a high for both, something that he only imagined while wanking, because you could never do that with a “normal” human being, only with a slave like me. It fascinates me, this walking on the edge of that, and it also is the reason I want to try and learn new things. Furthermore it also is also alluring to not be thinking and just doing, just existing with your senses.

When the Dom simply takes what he wants, then your desires and wants become completely unimportant though. How do you see that, and how are your limits there? I am asking because those can vary depending on the form as well.

Indeed it can happen that the Dom completely dismisses my desires, when he really lets himself go. For a reasonable amount of time that’s ok for me, when it’s shown to me that I can satisfy him well then. Through the shown satisfaction and verbal feedback I take my own satisfaction.

However, over long periods of time I couldn’t do that. That is why I chose my Owner and Master with care. We repeatedly sounded the limits, where our intersections lie and whether there are things he needs and I can’t give him and vice versa. Since there isn’t really, I have almost no taboos towards him. I trust him to know what he does. That is the thrill I need. To people I am presented towards by him it is determined what the limits are beforehand of course. These are much more constrained. And above all is my health. I will never negotiate or bargain with that. I believe many fantasies do not always need to have to do something with brutality.

No, brutality is not something of SM, but simply stupidity. Have you already had some taboos built down you used to have? Can you tell us some examples of overcoming such barriers?

During my testing time it was important to me that my new Master does not take any pictures or videos of me, with which he could extort me eventually. I made my face unrecognizable, when I sent him something, or had a mask on when I was filmed. Nowadays he gets everything unedited and uncensored, and I also like it that way. Another thing is the cum swallowing. I don’t really like it, but I know how much he does. that’s why I do it now. The next step would be to learn how to like it. Both things I do out of trust.

That with the photos you already mentioned. Why is the extortion aspect so important to you?

Because I’m a little coward and in the public pool the small springboard is the final boss for me. Without force I often would not move and try to do things. In hindsight I am glad to do such things though. It is good to see that I can do more things than I dare to. Good to see I am helped to. And it seems like I am horny for that too.

Force is a trigger for many. But Force is by not really really consensual as well. It seems you are a supporter of consensual non-consent. That again is really the heteronomy. Does that not make you afraid?

I tend to in some situations, and it makes me afraid in my head. My gut however does tend to support it, and I want to be at someone’s mercy after all. But sure, I am afraid. I wouldn’t be a sane human if not, but I trust in my Master to use this tendency with care.

What were the hardest efforts you had to under force yet?

My Master can see my position over an app at any time.That way he can control if I do my duties he gives me. Of course I document everything, and the rules are that if I don’t have photographic evidence, then I haven’t done it. We did also make an agreement that he can progressively post info and photos of me. First things that doesn’t really matter, but later on face pics and then things that I’d rather not share with my face.

In summer 2019 he ordered me to go swimming in the public pool, and that clothed, I had to put on white sportswear and my doggy collar. A plug I also had in my ass. I was totally nervous and didn’t want to, but I was forced to pull through that.

In the toilet of the pool I first filmed how I pushed and pulled on the plug and then made photos of different positions.

My Master was on his phone the whole time and supervised the whole thing while giving me orders. I didn’t have a chastity cage back then still and had a hard on. Not ideal to go out in that situation, but I got ordered and had to go out to the pool edge.

There I took of my things and went back and forth alongside it. I was scared that somebody who knows me might see me, although I went into a different town specifically for this task. Once I went into the water though I felt a little better.

I swam a few lengths, before the life guard winked me to the side. He meant it was not allowed for hygienic reasons to swim in the pool clothed and asked why I did that in the first place.

I believe I went bright red in the face at that point.

I quickly babbled something about sun allergy and quickly went out of the water. Once he saw me with the collar he just smiled and later on I saw how he whispered with his colleague.

I just wanted to go. In the public pool I was not anymore… and I believe that will stay that way for a long while. I posted some pics of that on my twitter.

You like public humiliation in that case? What was it that gives you the kick there?

Yes I like it. It’s a hate-love thing. I like it when people amuse themselves on my expense. In a group its often a little more casual. I also like to be paraded and presented. That can be open or also events or private parties. I believe the role as party bitch or service fits me well. Be it sexual, amusement or simply working force.

Is that an application for one of my private parties? There good usable livestock is always welcome? Where do you see the charm of humiliation? What does it give you and what do you see yourself as?

No complaints from my side there, but since I am possession of MasterEU, you’d have to arrange something with him. Sometimes he does lend me out or sends me to someone.

As for the humiliation, it does appeal to me to be the object of attention, and enjoy it when the one or the other tests how far they can go with me. Sometimes they start to experiment and become playfully curious. I do tend to notice that and I also like to feel as a play toy. I also am happy when the other person feels the power he has over me in that moment.

Well, is that attention really important for you or can it also be some sort of reward? A serving slave can also do his work almost invisible in the background for the wellbeing of the tops. There are times in which you can and should ignore subs as well, or do you see that differently?

You are completely right in that regard of course. And I do see attention as a sort of regard. It is a very valuable currency. I simply depicted what I liked about it from my perspective. However, it luckily doesn’t simply go to my likes, and the interests of the Top/Dom come first at all times. I am usable in many ways and always quickly adapt ot the requirements.

What does it give you when are treated as some sort of lower human being, a thing that is simply there to serve and satisfy, to humiliate and remind you yourself are unimportant?

It gives me satisfaction and fulfilment. I am born like that and don’t search for the why anymore. You see, when a top takes what he wants from me, then it gives me happyness and you do something good for me then.

When you look back at your slave career until today, what were the hottest moments for yourself yet?

I had a session with my Master where he messaged me beforehand I shouldn’t have anything planned the day after. In my mind I thought of a possible hard spanking and that was also what it was. My Master tied me to St. Andrews cross and tried out new toys on me. I should learn to connect pain with pleasure and not only try to endure it. He slowly started to work on my back and started to go harder and harder over time. When I thought he was on his set limit for myself he went a stage harder and I had to count the hits. When he finished and I looked down I saw that my dick was as hard and twitching as I’ve never seen it before. My Master said he was pleased and told me from what my dick looked like I seemed to be to. After a break it was my ass’s turn until it was glowing bright red. Since then I started to develop a taste for pain.

Then the door bell rang and I got a sight-proof mask pulled over my head. My Master seemed to have invited somebody. He sometimes does that. I heard them talk in the other room before they came into the playroom together. He told the guest he could fuck me as long as he liked. Safe of course. I believe I’ve never been fucked that long and intense. In hindsight I am impressed by the stamina of that guest. At some point I couldn’t anymore though and simply let it happen to me. That evening he came twice in me and I also still did satisfy my Master orally. Once the session was over and both were gone, I as always cleaned the playroom and apartment, cleaned the floor and discarded the used condoms. I felt thoroughly used and happy.

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