A story written by zzzthrakon.
Illustration by Theo Blaze.

Chapter 9: Imprisoned

It was Thursday and in the middle of the day, I guessed. In the toilet, even though I was naked, it was warm and humid without air conditioning. I stood there bound by ropes to the toilet flushing water tank waiting for master to release me and remove the invading catheter from my dick and let me wash myself. I had not shower yet for that day. But master left me standing there with my wrists bound together above my head to the water tank.

Once in a while, I felt a pain in me down there that made me groaned. It was like the inside of me wanted to rebel against the foreign invasion of the catheter but failed to push it out.

After a few hours, master came back and untied me. It was good as my arms and shoulders were starting to ache. I was so happy to see master again. But he locked my wrists together with metal shackles behind the water pipe and made me sat down and also locked my ankles together with metal shackles with no chains in between. I was bound to the water pipe.

Master then stuffed a piece of cloth completely in my mouth and tied another piece of cloth over it and pulled between my teeth like a cleave gag. Then, he tied one more piece of cloth over the cleave gag and covering it. It was a triple mouth gag. While master was gagging me, my eyes looked at master timidly and helplessly wanting to say something but I was too slow. I was already heavily gagged. It was uncomfortable with such a heavy gag but the gag seemed to sit nicely in my mouth after a couple of hours. The cloth in my mouth was dry at first but slowly soaked with saliva from my mouth and was wet in a couple of hours. From time to time, I sipped on my own saliva but it still wet the cloth gags completely and I felt the dampness on my face where the cloth gag was. It was a little uncomfortable on my face but my mouth was not dry any more. The gag nested in my mouth well and completely made my speech unknowable. Everything came out as uurrmmmm, uurmmmm, uuurrmmmm…

I tried to made myself comfortable with my wrists bound in shackles behind me and the water pipe in between my back and my arms. It was best to sit down on the floor leaning on the pipe and the adjacent wall and tried not to drop my feet in the squatting toilet. It was good that the toilet was clean and dry because master ordered me to clean it the day before.

While I was looking at the new catheter addition to my dick, master came back again and held my head up in both of his hands and said he was going out to run some errands. I stared at master blankly and not knowing what to say. My brain seemed retarded. Before I could react, master blindfolded me with a piece of black cloth and put a soft Lycra hood over my head. And, followed by a metal shackle around my neck and fastened a short chain connecting my neck shackle to my wrists shackles as I heard the rattling sounds of metal chain and locks clicking.

Then, he made me stood up and inserted a large butt plug in my hole that made both of my knees went weak due to the pain from my ass hole because he seemed to be rushing and pushed the butt plug into my hole quickly and forcefully. He helped me to sit down again on the floor which made me sat on the plug and made it sat inside my hole firmly. With that, master left me to enjoy my suffering.

It was totally black. I could not see anything as I was blindfolded and hooded. I heard the car went off. It was dark and quiet. I was alone in the house!

The birds outside the front porch came and gone. My hunger came and gone too. It was night I guessed because it was more quiet than before. Not a bark from master’s dog.

Then, I thought I heard a car but after listening for a while there was no signs of master or anyone coming in. Was master back? I tried to call out to master but it was no use because of the heavy cloth gags. I gave up. It was quiet again after my urrmm, urrmmmm, urrrmmmmm…

I struggled a bit but I knew I could not break free from metal shackles and metal chain and metal locks. And, I gave up after a while. Then, it was quiet again after me rattling my metal bondage. There was no sounds other than my own. I sat there and once in a while I tried to shift my body to lie on my side and then sat back up again.

I dozed off. I was tired from my crying out and struggling and I did not get to sleep much the night before. I fell asleep.

Next thing I knew was I woke up to the cold air in the toilet. It was a bit cold just before dawn.

Dawn came. It was Friday morning.

Again, the birds came and gone. It was warm again. It was a long day. I felt something touched my head over the hood momentarily but it was gone in seconds. I did not hear anything or anyone and I did not felt anyone in the toilet. No signs of master or anyone. Was master back? Was it my imagination? Was my mind playing tricks on me again?

It was almost a day since I was shackled and imprisoned. I was a prisoner locked in the toilet. I was getting restless and a bit crazy being bound.

The time for my feeding was gone. I did not feel hungry any more.

Once again, the birds came and gone. Then, night came and it was super quiet again. My hope for master coming back was gone too. Where was master? I was not horny even I was plugged for so long. My dick felt soft. I felt wet on my thighs. I smelled of pee even though I did not felt peeing through my dick. I guessed my pee just flowed out of me without me knowing it because I was catheterized. I had no control of my pee.

I was despaired and sat there doing nothing. I had gave up trying to escape and call for help.

Next, I was woken up shivering a bit due to the cold air surrounding my naked body. Did I fell asleep? Was it Saturday already? Where was master? I went crazy struggling against my metal shackles and chain bondage. I made a lot of noises through my gags. I stopped only when I accidentally knocked my head on the wall.

I tried to spit the cloth gag out of my mouth but it was impossible with two cloth gags and a hood over it. I was panting heavily and unexpectedly a pair of warm and strong hands held on my shoulders and made me still. I broke down and cried. My hood and blindfold were removed and I was so happy to see master. He wiped my tears with the black cloth that was used to blindfold me. I smiled at master with my eyes. He unlocked my neck shackle and the chain. He pat my shaven head and went outside.

Master came back with a wooden chair and helped me to sit on it. It was a low back chair with no bottom. I felt my butts touching airs. Only my thighs and my small of my back were resting on the chair. My arms were stretched a bit as the pipe was in between the back of the chair and my bound wrists. I was dazed after the emotional breakdown and watched master fastened my left ankle to the left leg and my right ankle to the right leg of the chair. I was so happy with everything master was doing to me after being left alone and imprisoned for a day. I was happy to every touch of master’s hand while he was putting me in the chair and bounding my ankles to it even though I was completely bound to the chair.

Master removed all my gags. My mouth was freed but I did not know what to say. I half opened my mouth and looked at master in a stupor manner.

Then, master showered me with the shower hose and warm water. It felt good until master slowly removed the catheter from my dick. There was some mixtures of discomfort and good feeling as it seemed my cum were coming out but nothing came out. My dick was freed. Next, was my ass hole. It was also freed after the butt plug was removed. But I felt emptied. My mouth was emptied. My dick was emptied. My ass hole was emptied. Even my head felt emptied without the blindfold and the hood.

Master washed and douched me thoroughly. He used the toilet hose to douche me several times. I lost count to the number of times the water powerfully jetted up into my hole. I actually felt good and enjoying it with soft moans.

After I was thoroughly cleaned, master left me there bound to the chair to dry. He came back to give me drink from a straw and hand-fed me a bit at a time patiently waiting for me to chew my food before I swallowed. And, he continued to feed me with the next bit. I enjoyed every bit of it. It was the best breakfast of my life!

I was still bound but I was happy and satisfied.

Master then unlocked me from all the shackles and from the chair and led me back into the room and to the mattress. Only my slave chain and pad lock were around my neck. I laid on the mattress naked on my back with my arms and legs spread wide open enjoying every bit of the mattress as much as I could. It felt like I was in heaven even though I was on a cheap and thin mattress.

While I was lying on the mattress, master put thick socks over my fists and then leather mitts over them making me not able to open my fist inside the leather mitts and could not use my hands and fingers. He then added a set of leather cuffs over the mitts but he did not bound my wrists together. It felt good and I actually held out my arm to let master bound my fist happily. I also sat up for master to blindfold me and put a full hood over my head. It was a soft leather hood. It was comfortable. And, master did not gag me. The mouth opening of the hood was left opened. I breathed easily except that my jaws were aching a bit from the heavy cloth gags earlier.

Then, master left me to rest. I slept.

Chapter 10: Used by Two Masters

I had a good nap after being exhausted both physically and mentally by the long imprisonment in the toilet. I woke up to someone handling my soft dick and balls. A cold metal ring was put over my dick and balls. My arms and legs were up in the air swinging. I heard the rattling of the chains. I was only resting on my upper back and my head on the mattress as my butts were also lifted up along with my legs up in the air. I tried to move but could only swing the chains above me.

I felt body heat around me. I heard master Ram speaking to someone in Malay. At the same time, I felt a few hands on my body. I did not know how many people were in the room at that moment. They were speaking in Malay. And, I did not understood the language. Malay language is very common in KL.

I was naked and I was still wearing my slave chain and pad lock on my neck ever since I was placed in master Ram’s house by two captors.

I was still blindfolded and hooded since that morning. My fists were still covered with socks and encased in leather mitts. My wrists were still cuffed in leather restraints. My ankles were also cuffed in leather restraints. My arms and legs were spread out in four direction and not cuffed together. I heard the chains and I guessed the leather cuffing were fastened to the chains hung from the ceiling of the room.

A hand was playing and teasing my dick which was bound in a metal ring. And, my dick began to grow and became hard which made the ring fit tightly around my hard cock and balls. And, it made my cock even harder. The hand playfully stroked my hard cock but not seriously enough to make me cum.

Someone stood over me and made me suck his cock. It was a hairless cock. That person smell good and sweet. I sucked him after he placed his cock in my mouth. But I could not suck him well so he fucked my mouth instead.

Another guy was pushing a butt plug in my hole. I wonder who? I only knew that I was not sucking master Ram as that person really smell good and sweet. I also did not know who was playing my cock.

The butt plug was inserted in my hole with not much of an effort. But that guy pulled it out and pushed it in again. That made me moaned to his every push in and pull out of the butt plug. And, he continued to fuck my hole and abused it with the butt plug.

Then, the sweet smelling guy that I was sucking pulled out his cock and I found a cock fucking my hole after the butt plug was pulled out. He fucked me with a good and steady rhythm which gave me time to enjoy his cock every time he thrust inside me. I moaned with happiness even though I did not know who was fucking me.

There was no one playing with my cock any more. But my mouth was fucked by another cock which was also hairless but no sweet smelling scent. I was fucked both ends. My hole was fucked and my mouth was fucked. I was used like a toy but I liked it. My cock was hard. And, I was very sexually aroused.

After a long while of fucking, they stopped. I heard them spoke to each other in Malay again. Then, I felt fingers went inside my hole trying to open my hole bigger and stretching it. I was fingered for some time. Although the fingers were trying to turn me inside out I enjoyed it. I moaned a lot and loudly as I was not gagged.

Then, I felt something large poking my hole and it went in my stretched hole making me groaned a bit due to its large size. It made me groaned and groaned as it went deeper and deeper into my hole. It was a giant dildo! My groans were not in my control. It was like I was crying out at the top of my voice but I was not in pain. It was not painful. The giant dildo had touched the inside of me that had not been fully touched by any objects before. It had stretched my hole to a new level breaking my old limit. I groaned equally loud as it was pulled out of my hole completely. Then, it was pushed into my hole again. And, pulled out again. I went limp. The only thing that was working was my mouth making a lot of noises loudly until I was gagged with a butt plug. My head was held down tight by a pair of muscular thighs and a butt plug was put in my mouth and duct taped over it. He ran the duct tape around my head over the hood a few rounds making the butt plug in my mouth stayed in place firmly. It was not comfortable. All I could do was to bite on the butt plug while they fucked me with the giant dildo. I felt my hole was not mine any more. It was a thing for my two new Malay masters to play and abuse as they wished.

I wished for them to stop when the giant dildo was going deep inside me but I wished for them to continue when the dildo was pulled out of my hole completely which made me missed it’s occupancy in my hole. It was like an addiction. I was addicted to the new raw feeling of the giant dildo deep inside me even though it felt like my hole was going to split into two. I wanted to feel it again but I was worried that it might broke my hole. I wanted it to stop but I also wanted it to continue. All these thoughts were only thoughts. It was not up to me. Whatever my thoughts were running through my mind, they continued to fuck my hole with the giant dildo. I freed myself from all the thoughts and my mind went blank. I only continued to moan through the gag as the giant dildo fucked me. And, my cock remained hard and throbbing.

After they fucked me with the giant dildo, someone grabbed my legs and got ready to fuck me. He banged his cock in me roughly. Even though it was a huge cock it went into my hole with ease. It was super hard and long. He continued to plough me with his super hard and huge cock. He fucked me for a long time without cumming. (Later, I found that the Malay master was wearing astrap-on dildo to fuck me.)

After the fucking, my butt plug gag was removed and a hairless cock was shoved into my mouth. It fucked my mouth until it cummed. I ate all his cums.

Then, I was fucked again but it was by a regular size cock. And after a while, the cock was put into my mouth and it cummed right away. I ate the cums too. That was from the sweet smelling Malay master and his cums were sweet too. The most tasty cums I ever had. He kissed me with his tongue in my mouth. I was happy and we tongue kissed each other.

While we were kissing, a butt plug was inserted into my hole. I moaned softly while kissing. And, the sweet smelling Malay master held my head and kissed me even more passionately.

Then, I felt something was poking at my plugged hole and it actually squeezed in and went into my hole too. I felt my hole stretched with two objects in my hole. It was a regular size dildo. I had both the dildo and the butt plug inserted in my hole for the first time.

The kissing stopped and I felt a hand grabbed my hard cock and jerked me off. With both the butt plug and the dildo in my hole, it did not took long for me to shoot my cums. But before I spasm up to shoot my cums someone sat on my face. My head was weighted down by his body weight. And, his butts was on my nose and his ass hole was on my mouth. I could not breathe. His weight countered my body spasms during my cumming. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever felt. I heard my cums landed on the mattress beside my head and I also felt it landed on my chest and my body. It was my second time cumming since I was captured. The first time was on Tuesday and master Ram jerked me off.

I struggled frantically as I could not breathe. I sucked in all the air I could in one breath the moment he removed his weight away from me. I begged them to remove both the dildo and butt plug from my hole after I cummed because my hole started to feel uncomfortable. The high sensation was gone once I had cummed and I felt uncomfortable to have object in my hole.

Both toys were removed from my hole.

The sweet smelling Malay master approached me near my ear and spoke to me in English. I could smelled him. (He reminded me of Master Zach. Zach also smelled good and he also shaved his pubic hairs.) The Malay master wanted to meet me again the following Saturday. He told me that five fingers already went in my hole earlier and he wanted to fist me next. While I was thinking what to say, master Ram told him that I would not be in KL the following week. Yes, I would be back home.

Then, I heard them went off.

Master Ram lowered the chains to let my arms and legs rest on the floor and left me there for the night. My hole was wet with lube. So was my soft dick. My body was covered with my own cums. So was my mouth but the cums belonged to the two Malay masters.

I laid on the mattress naked and blindfolded and hooded and I rested with my fists still encased in leather mitts and my hole feeling emptied and loose. It was late in the night. And, I was tired and I fell asleep after being abused and used by the two Malay masters.

Normally, I would demand to be released from my bondage and allowed to wash and clean myself before going to bed. But I was slave and I had no rights or options.

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