A story written by zzzthrakon.
Illustration by Theo Blaze.

Chapter 7: Ejector Set

It was Wednesday late morning.

Master Ram released me from the shackles and the leather straps and the toe cuffs after torturing me with the huge vibrating triple butt plug for hours. The surgical mouth tape, leather muzzle, leather blindfold and leather hood were also removed too. I was so happy that I was freed after so many hours of heavy bondage.

I got to eat the fast food bought by master only after the toilet was cleaned to master’s satisfaction. Master ordered me to clean the toilet. I was also allowed to wash and clean myself while cleaning the toilet. Master also ordered me to remove the plug and douche my hole thoroughly. The huge butt plug seemed to stick itself in my hole and refuse to come out. I had to push it out of me and at the same time pull it out with my hand. It still gave me some pains for a while after it was out.

I washed the plug and I cleaned the toilet naked wearing only my slave chain and pad lock around my neck and the metal chastity device. I had a chance to touch my balls for the first time since I was being captured on Monday night. But I could not touch my dick to any satisfaction. I got to admire my smooth hairless slim body looking at the mirror though. I looked like an eighteen years old new army recruit with my head shaven by master.

I also checked out the layout of the toilet. It had three doors. One opened to the front porch where master’s cars were parked. I counted four black cars. Another opened to master’s foyer and living hall. And, the last one opened to the dungeon room where I was in. The toilet was old design type. It had a squatting toilet and a hose nearby, a washing basin with mirror, a shower and a big floor space. That was where I slept on Monday night. I used the hose to douche myself.

It took me a couple of hours to get the toilet and myself cleaned and dried and ready for master’s inspection. Master was satisfied.

It was a warm and humid day as usual. I guessed it was noon as the sun was right above us. Master pulled me by my caged dick out of the dungeon room through the door and out to his back garden. He pulled my dick hard as I was reluctance to step out of the room fearing I might be seen naked. The dungeon room door opened to master’s back garden. I was amazed to see master’s back garden patio. It was big and about the size of two tennis courts put together. It was surrounded by about six feet high brick wall. Master assured me that no one could make out what they see from a distance as his neighbors were far away. The garden patio had cement flooring just outside the dungeon room and the remaining half of the garden was grassland and some trees.

Master directed me over to a metal erector set that was used for bondage. I was positioned over it on all fours with my lower legs and forearms on the concrete floor. Master locked my neck first to the erector set with a pad lock. And, he proceed to lock both of my ankles. It was an uncomfortable position for long bondage. Then, he locked my right wrist and kept my left hand free for me to eat my food. I was hungry and I ate eagerly while master released my dick from the metal chastity device and played with my dick and my low hanging balls from behind me.

After I had eaten, master also locked my left wrist to the metal erector set. I was totally locked up and I could not move much. I could only wiggle my butts which was up in the air every time master pulled my balls too hard.

It was my first outdoors bondage. It was a good thing that the erector set was under the patio shades and not under the sun. I needed to shift my weight around as it was uncomfortable on the hard flooring. Master cut up some used carton boxes and put them under my knees and elbows to make me more comfortable.

In that position, I felt vulnerable as my ass hole pointed up and my dick and my balls were easily accessed and played by master. As I was not gagged or blindfolded after eating my food, it made me aware of my nakedness out in the open space of the garden. I felt embarrassed and humiliated to be bound in the metal erector set in the garden although it was surrounded by walls. The walls stood between master’s garden and the road. I could hear cars passed by once in a long while. I was afraid that neighbors at the third story of their bungalow might see a naked boy in bondage. I had no option but to bear with my humiliation.

What happened next totally shocked me. Master led a dog near me. It started to smell me here and there and barked. I was petrified and stayed very still. It was master’s dog that was barking at night. It was a black dog about my size. Its face was above my head. I did not dare to look and kept my eyes looking at the ground. It continued to sniff me and it went to my behind and sniffed my ass. I could feel its wet nose poking my ass. I was so afraid that it might bite off my low hanging balls tangling between my legs while it was behind me. I begged master to take the dog away. Master jokingly said he might let the dog penetrate me as he moved away. I was trembling in fear and pegged master not to do so. Was master going to let his dog fuck me? I felt so degraded. But my cock was fully hard. I felt its full weight tangling between my groins. Shit! Was I turned on by master’s suggestion of me being fucked by a dog!?

Master came back without the dog. And, he gagged me with a metal ring gag. It kept my mouth opened at all time. It was also an uncomfortable thing. It made me breathed a bit heavily and made me salivated constantly.

As usual, master took a lot of photos of me pathetically bound in that position showing me in a vulnerable position and my sad and miserable face. All masters are sadistic. They like to put me in humiliating bondage or situation, and made me suffered, and inflicted pains on me.

To add to my suffering, master clamped my nipples with nipple clamps. It was very painful for me as I am not those slaves that have his nipples connected to their cock sexually. It was wholly pain and torture for me and not sexual.

Master took his time to play me. He handled my balls as if they were an object or his plastic toys roughly. He fastened two metal ball stretcher rings on my balls weighting my low hanging balls further down giving me a light dull aching in my balls. It was uncomfortable and painful but my cock was fully hard. Although I did not enjoyed what was done to me but I seemed to want it done to me when I was helplessly bound or when I lost control of the situation or when I lost my right to protest or when it was forcefully done to me whether I like it or not. I like to be sexually abused and tortured and sexually humiliated.

Master continued to abuse my balls by fastening more weights to the rings attached to my stretched balls. I felt my balls weighted down and stretched between my groins. I could not do anything but to take all that master had for me.

Master like to see me helplessly in agony and he would happily take video and photos of me in pain. I could only shake my head and breathed heavily caused by the discomforts and pains.

Next, master got a wooden stool and sat behind me and he started to fuck me with a dildo. He shoved the dildo forcefully in and out of my hole and it gave me some pains for a while until my hole got used to it. He mercilessly raped my hole with the dildo in a very fast pace abusing my hole. It made me groaned and cried the whole time. But I could feel my hard cock bouncing to the master’s dildo fucking rhythm.

Next, master showed me a shiny two-bladed metal speculum up close to my face and went behind me and inserted it in my hole and opened my hole with it. I was completely at master’s mercy. My hole was manipulated as master’s wish. I had already forgotten that I was outside in the garden as I made so much noises while master was torturing my hole.

After a while, master removed the nipples clamps from my nipples. I was almost in tears.

For the rest of the afternoon, master pee on me and also into my mouth a few times. He ordered me to tilt my head so that he could get more of his urine into my opened mouth. He also pee on my head and my body and into my opened hole. Master also ordered me to pee.

By evening, master hosed me down with the garden hose and washed the patio at the same time. He removed the ball stretcher rings and weights from my balls and the speculum from my hole and the ring gag from my mouth and continued to hose me down to make sure I was thoroughly washed and cleaned. He water tortured me by directing the jet of water at my tangling balls and cock and made them danced between my groins. He also directed the jet of water at my ass hole and my mouth to wash them clean. Master seemed to treat me as an object and left me to air dried out in the garden.

After I was dried, master unlocked me from the erector set and took me back to the dungeon room.

Master put me in a straitjacket for the night. First, he put long socks on my arms covering almost three quarter of my arms including my hands. Then, he put the straitjacket on my naked body and did all the buckles behind my back and folded my arms and pulled to my back and tied off. The straitjacket was a good fit for slim and lean Asian guys. Master added two straps over my upper arms and buckled at the back of the straitjacket. There was also a strap and buckle around my neck. Next, he pulled the remaining two straps over my groins. One on each side. The two straps were connected to a stainless steel ring which master pulled my dick and balls through and made the ring sat around my dick and balls like a cock ring. A third strap was also connected to the same stainless steel ring and master pulled it from between my legs and over my ass crack and buckled it tightly to the back of the straitjacket. The excitement of being bound in a straitjacket and the stainless steel ring made my cock fully hard and throbbing.

Master slapped my hard cock and balls a little and that made me moaned. I was also blindfolded by a piece of black cloth and my mouth taped and muzzled. My hole was spared from further abuse. He then laid me down on the mattress and tied my ankles together with rope. It was nice to rest on the mattress again after an uncomfortable bondage in the afternoon. I thought I could escape from a straitjacket like those magicians on TV. I tried but I was unable to escape from it. I guessed those magicians or escape artists might not be able to escape from this one too. It was my first time being bound in a straitjacket. Later, I found that the straitjacket was costumed made by master.

(That was also the one and only time I was bound to a metal erector set. No other masters owned one.)

Chapter 8: Catheterized 

It was Wednesday night.

After many attempts of trying to escape from the straitjacket, I gave up and laid quietly on the mattress and rested. I guessed due to my hands were in the long socks inside the straitjacket’s sleeves and could not reach any straps or buckles of the straitjacket. And, the straitjacket was a good fit for slim and lean guys. There was not much space between the straitjacket and my body to maneuver. And, the two additional straps bound my upper arms tightly. Thus, no chance to wiggle my arms out of the sleeves. The straitjacket was sort of secured in place over my body very well due to the strap and buckle around my neck and the stainless steel ring around my cock and balls. I was either choking my head or choking my cock which made my cock very hard.

I could turn left or right on the mattress and gave me some satisfaction of feeling my five and a half inches hard cock bouncing on my inner thighs.

After a while, I was feeling hungry as usual at that time because master only feed me once a day. He kept his slave underfeed and hungry for food. Luckily, my hard cock gave me some distractions from my hunger.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed my hard cock and stroked it. I was pleasantly surprised. Master teased me a bit but did not jerk me off. He left and came back to bind my thighs together with a leather strap. And, added another strap to bind my lower legs together just below my knees. My ankles were already tied up earlier. And, he sat on my thighs and grabbed hold of my cock with one hand. I felt some cold wet lube on my cock head. I was beginning to enjoy it. I thought master was going to jerk me off again. But I felt something poking my pee hole. Then, the stinking pains inside my cock began. And, very slowly, more stinking pains inside my cock as I felt that thing went inside my cock. It was so strong that I screamed and screamed through my taped and muzzled mouth for the first time and very loudly. I struggled very hard but I could not move much as master had his weight on my thighs. I tried to sit up but could not do so as I did not have good core strength to support me.

Then, that thing stopped inside my cock. I felt like my cum coming out slowly but it was not. Master was doing sounding on me and he was pulling that thing out but not all the way out of my cock which was not so hard by then. It became semi hard. Then, the strong stinking pains began to torture me again. That thing went inside and further inside as if it was not going stop going inside my dick. I shake my head left and right violently and cried out through the gag at the same time. I pleaded to master to stop. But master only pulled out and pushed in again and again slowly torturing my dick as I screamed and screamed over again and again. Master continued to push it in while I was crying out through my gag for him to stop. All my efforts came out as uurrmmm, uurrmmmm, urmmmm, uuurmmmm… through the gag.

I almost fainted when master stopped pushing and I laid on the mattress breathing heavily trying to regain myself while the pain subside. My dick had went limp. I felt it deep inside me. What was it? I realized it was not only inside my dick but way deep inside of me. It was so scary. Then, I realized it was not sounding. I was catheterized! Master had inserted a urinary catheter all the way into my bladder.

I laid on the mattress motionless until the pain was no more. But I felt uncomfortable. I felt the catheter’s present inside me. I wanted to remove it but I was helplessly bound. I groaned a bit and then suffered in silence.

The room was quiet. Master had left. It was so quiet. There was no barking from master’s dog. I guessed it was late into the night. I tried to rest but could not go to sleep. Every once in a while, I felt a pain inside me. Then, it subsided. I called out to master through my gag. There was no sounds other than my own urmmmumm, urrmmm, uuurrmm….

It was a long night and I finally dozed off to sleep after I heard the morning birds chirping outside.

I woke up to the feeling of a hand touching my dick. My gag and blindfold were removed. I was so happy to see master. He pat and rubbed my shaven head. After the hardship I went through, I gazed at master hoping he would kiss me but he did not. I tried to look at my dick but I could not see it while lying down. Master helped me to sit and I took a good look at my soft limp dick with the catheter sticking out of my pee hole. It was connected to a longer tube and to a bag full of my urine.

Master helped me to stand up and removed my straitjacket and all the straps and rope. Master also removed my urine bag and the tube leaving the catheter sticking out of my pee hole. The ending portion of the catheter was clamped by a small plastic clamp to prevent my pee from leaking out.

It was Thursday morning. I stood there in the room waiting for master’s order. I was naked with the catheter tangling from my pee hole and still wearing my slave chain and pad lock around my neck.

My chores of that day was to mop the floor of dungeon room and clean the outside of the cabinets in the room with a piece of rag. While I was working I so wanted to touch my dick but master had ordered me not to touch my dick and my balls and my ass hole or play with myself. I had to obey master although I had not touch my dick since I was captured by master’s friends on Monday night.

After the chores, I was allowed to eat. And, I had to ask master permission to pee after my food and drink. Master took my hand like I was a little boy to the toilet and opened the plastic clamp and my pee flowed out of the catheter. I felt humiliating that the function of peeing was taken away from me. But I was happy that master had control over my peeing.

Master then tied my wrists together in front of me and used another rope and secured it with my arms over my head to the toilet flushing tank. It was a squatting toilet and the water tank was mounted up above my head. My arms were tied up to the water tank above my head. Master removed the clamp from the catheter and the remaining bit of my pee leaked out of the catheter. I looked down and I saw I was dripping pee without my control. Master had taken control of my dick completely.

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