A story written by zzzthrakon.
Illustration by Theo Blaze.

Chapter 5: Seven Days Cum

I was humping the mattress with all my efforts. It was good that the mattress was the cheap and very thin foam type and it was laid on the tile flooring. The humping made my cock hard again for the first time since it was released from the cb6000s.

My cock was energized after the sleep. I was naked and locked in shackles by master Ram. I was also gagged with a leather muzzle and I was also blindfolded. The bondage made me feel horny again.

I kept humping the mattress madly with my naked body wanting to shoot my juice that had been in my balls for more than 7 days. It took great effort and I was not close to cumming yet.

Then, I heard the door opened. I was shocked and froze in action. Did master see me humping the mattress?

Master gave my naked butts a pat.

Next, master spread my legs apart and applied some cold wet lube on my ass hole and played my ass with his fingers a bit but without fingering my hole. And, I felt what I thought was a butt plug pushed into my hole. It seemed small and went into my hole easily and my anus muscle closed in on the smaller section of the butt plug.

Then, master continued to push it in my hole. I felt some discomfort as the next section of the plug was larger. I let out a groan and the second larger section went into my hole and once again my anus muscle closed onto the second smaller section of the butt plug.

As I was trying to adjust myself I felt master continued to push the butt plug into my hole. There was a third larger section! It was huge and it was not going in after many subsequent pushes by master. I breathed heavily trying to relax and master shoved it into my hole with a forceful push. The third section was too huge for my anus muscle. I cried out through the muzzle a few times and groaned as I tried to take it in as quickly as possible. It took me a while to get used to it but it was making its present felt. I was in pain and aroused at the same time. My anus muscle was over stretched. It was giving me pain. It took a while for the pain to subside. And, the huge section of the butt plug was pressing on my erogenous spot inside my hole. I was so painfully high in ecstasy. It was the largest butt plug inserted in my hole.

While I was groaning over the pains caused by that huge triple butt plug, it started to pulsate. The plug was producing a regular throbbing sensation on my erogenous spot inside my hole. It was stimulating my prostate gland. It brought me to a higher ecstasy than before. I was in a trance-like state. It was a pleasurable torture to my hole. My body wiggled on its own. I subconsciously started to hump the mattress again. And, my groans had turned into moans. I was moaning through the leather muzzle. I started to grind my hard cock against the mattress.

My body was turned to lie on my back by master and, thus, deprived me from the pleasurable humping of the mattress and grinding my cock against the mattress. He started to rub my cock head which had already covered with my precum. It formed a natural lube over my cock head and made the rubbing on it very stimulating. It aroused me a lot and my cock was in full hard and throbbing.

As I was wiggling too much, master sat on my thighs and continued to torture my cock head. He rubbed so much and so long that my cock head was beginning to feel more and more sensitive to his fingers that I actually felt wave and wave of sensation from my cock to my feet. It was a strange feeling but very pleasurable.

Both the vibrating plug and master’s fingers were killing me. I struggled so much that master had to put his weight on my thighs so that he could continue to torture my cock. I was brought to the edge of cumming by the rubbing of my cock head for a long time but I could not shoot mu cum until master started to stroke my hard cock and I could not take it any more and shot my cums over and over again. I actually went aahhhh, aahhhhhh, aahhhhhhh, aahhhhhhhh… loudly.

I felt my juices landed on my face, my shoulder, and my chest. It finally cured my blue balls and all my 7 days pent up juices were released from my balls.

Master continued to playfully rubbed my sensitive cock head and made me struggled a lot until he stopped. I was exhausted. I laid on the mattress motionless waiting for master to unlock my shackles. Usually, I had no mood for bondage game once I had cummed and wanted to be released from my bond as fast as possible.

I waited while I rested on the mattress.

Master came back and started to fasten a thick leather strap over my arms and bundled them to my upper body. My wrists were fastened to the shackle around my neck earlier and my arms were also strapped down. I could not move my arms at all. I shake my head and I said, “no, no, release me.” But it came out as urmmm, urrmm, uuuurrrmmmmm, mmmm through my taped and muzzled mouth.

Next, master added some more straps around my legs. One on my thighs and two on my lower legs which totally immobilized me like a mummy. He also added a metal toe cuffs to lock my two big toes together.

I struggled in my heavy bondage but it was no use. I was helplessly bound. By then, the huge butt plug was starting to hurt my hole as I had already cummed. The high sensation was gone with my cum. It was painful after I cummed. I pleaded for master to take it out but it came out as urmm, urmm, urrmmm…

Next, master put a thick leather hood over my head. He turned me to lie on my tummy and master continued to fasten the hood on my head. The leather hood completely wrapped my head in it when it was fully laced and tied off. It also had a buckle around my neck and I also heard a pad lock click shut. I breathed a bit heavier under the heavy bondage.

Then, master turned me to lie on my back again. He played with my soft dick a bit and did something. He locked my dick in a metal cage. I felt the metal ring and weight of the metal cage around my soft limp dick and I also heard the sound of a pad lock shut closed.

My arms and legs were completely bound in shackles and leather straps and could not move an inch. I was blindfolded. My mouth was taped and muzzled. My head was hooded. And, my dick was caged. And, my hole was plugged. I was still wearing the slave chain around my neck. I guessed that chain would not came off as long as I was master Ram’s slave. I was naked and I guessed again I would be kept naked with no clothes as long as I was master Ram’s slave.

I laid there bound and helpless and could not do anything but to rest and to breathe easy and calmly through the thick leather hood and to wait for the pain in my hole to subside in time.

Chapter 6: Heavy Bondage

I was not horny any more. I felt miserable in bondage against my preference. I was usually not in the mood for bondage game after I cummed. But I was master Ram’s slave. I suffered helplessly under master’s control of my needs.

I did not know how long I was in that heavy bondage. But I heard the birds chirping outside again not very long after I was put in heavy bondage. It was evening time. (I learned that birds chirping usually at dawn, the first light, and evening, at the last light.)

After a while, the birds were chirping no more. It was night time. Where was master? How long was I to be bound?

I did not care that my dick was caged. It was soft and not causing any discomfort. It did not feel like it was enclosed at all. The only discomfort was my aching arms being bound in a folded position for a long time. The rest of the bondage seemed fine. The butt plug was still in my hole occupying all the space inside me but it was not moving. The hood covering my head made me feel I was nobody and faceless and of no identity. I was a slave owned by master Ram. Master could do any things he wanted to me and I could not complain because I had surrendered my rights to him and I belonged to master Ram. But yet I felt miserable and suffering in the state that I was in. I missed the comfort of my home. I was also feeling a bit homesick.

I could only bear with the heavy bondage and wait. Once in a while, I struggled madly and forcefully trying to escape from my bondage. It always ended up me panting heavily for air. I needed to stay calm so that I could take the bondage as long as master’s wish.

It was very quiet. Wherever master’s place was, it was very quiet and away from the busy traffic. I could not hear any sounds of automobile. Only occasions barking I guessed from the neighbor’s dog in the night.

My hunger had came and long gone. I must have dozed off several times because I kept woking up only to realized that I was still bound and no escape. Occasionally, I felt a hand touched my head over the leather hood. Was master Ram touching me in the middle of the night? Or, was I dreaming? Or, was my mind playing tricks on me? My arms did not ached anymore. I felt the bondage and me was one entity. My body was not mine anymore. I felt I was a nothing in the quiet dark space.

Then, I began to feel my dick. My dick began to wake up and tried to grow but was restrained by the metal cage. I could feel my dick again taking up all the space it could get in the small metal cage and straining against the metal cage from the inside of the cage. I was getting horny again.

I could not believe myself when I heard the birds chipping again. It was dawn!

It seemed that my cock getting hard in the morning always came with the urge to pee. The urge to pee was breaking my calm and making me lost my cool. I struggled madly again like crazy person to break away from the bondage and almost panicky which made me panted heavily.

Suddenly, the butt plug inside me came alive. I went mad struggling against my bondage while my dick was straining against the metal cage and at the same time the butt plug was turning me inside out with its strong pulsation on my prostate gland inside my hole.

I was still shackled and strapped. I could not move much. I could only swing my shoulders and head left and right and bend my knees and straighten it out again in repetition until I was exhausted and just laid there on the mattress moaning softly and let the butt plug continued abusing my hole and the cage torturing my dick.


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