A story written by zzzthrakon.
Illustration by Theo Blaze.

Chapter 3: Master Ram

I sat there naked resting from the ordeal of being sexually abused by the two men. And yet, I was sexually very aroused by the raping. My hole liked it!

Never mind that I was naked and cuffed. Never mind that I was blindfolded and gagged. Never mind that I was still caged and plugged. Never mind that I was fucked in a public place. Never mind that my belongings were gone. My bag together with my wallet and passport were taken from me.

I sat on the covered toilet bowl with the plug integrated in me. It was a part of my body. I did not felt it in my loosen hole. What brought to my attention was the aching in my dick and balls. It was not the same pain I experienced at the underside of my balls which was due to the friction caused by the plastic ring of cb6000s. The constant dull aching was in my balls and in my dick. Actually, it was not so much in my dick. The aching was more in my testicles. I guessed that was called blue balls.

Never mind my brain. It was not functioning. The prolonged dull aching in my balls was getting my full attention. I began to shift my body left and right uncomfortably but it did not help at all. I needed to cum. I needed to release my pent up juice from my balls. The urge to release my cum was so bad. I groaned over the aching in my balls.

While I heard my own groans I realized I did not hear my captors. Where were they? They left me in a public toilet? Wait… It was good that they were gone. But… How could I get out of there? How could I escape? They had the key to my handcuffs. I could not break away free from the metal handcuffs.

Then, I heard them again. I could smell them. It was them. They were back!

They removed my shoes, my socks and my shorts. One of them put my shorts over my head. My head was wearing my tiny shorts. They seemed to enjoy every bit of it. I heard them laughed and talked to each other in a merry manner. They made me stood up and made me stepped on some coarse fabric barefooted. They pushed me down to a squatting position and pressed my head down. And, I felt the coarse fabric wrapped around me and over my head and secured tightly while one of them sat on me to prevent me from moving too much. He was heavy. I smelled gunny sack. I was packed in a gunny sack! I tried to move but could only moved a couple of inches here and there. I guessed the opening of the gunny sack was tied tightly.

I was carried and put into a confine space and I heard a car door slammed shut loudly. And, the car moved off. There was no cushion. I was not on the car seats but something hard. I was inside the car boot! And, that was the car boot door I heard slammed shut loudly earlier. There was no escape. It was some distraction from my aching blue balls. What were they going to do to me? Where were they taking me?

After some bumpy ride inside the car boot, I heard the car boot door opened. I was carried and put on some hard floor. They gave me a few kicks but not hard ones. I made some noises through my gag. And, I heard a door closed and all was quiet.

I tried to escape. I could not remove the handcuffs. I could not get out of the gunny sack. I could not spit out my gag. It was tied too tightly. I could not escape. All that struggling made me panted heavily. I resigned to my predicament. I could only rest. I was tired out by the long bus journey in the first place and again by my captors using me. I dozed off. I woke a few times throughout the night and dozed back off to sleep again. I woke up again. I had a nightmare. I was raped by black hairy monsters!

It was dawn. I heard the birds chirping outside. I thought the whole thing was a nightmare but I found myself naked and restrained and gagged and blindfolded and stuffed inside a gunny sack. I tried to move but not much success. Then, I became aware that I had a strong urge to pee. I bear with it and it was hurting in my bladder.

I did not know how long I was lying on the floor with my body curled up inside the gunny sack. I was also feeling hungry. I had not eaten since Monday’s lunch.

Suddenly, the gunny sack opened up. And, I was able to lay naked on the floor with my legs straightened and stretched. The shorts on my head was removed. So were my gag and my blindfold. They were removed too. I looked up. It was master Ram! He looked the same as in online cam. I was so happy to see master Ram squatting over me and I forgot all the discomforts. I almost cried. I was relieved. I was saved.

Master Ram removed the butt plug which I did not remember it was in my hole. He unlocked the pad lock to the cb6000s and removed the chastity device all together from my dick. My dick was free after seven and a half days. I could see my dick again. My dick did not get full hard. It was semi hard. I was ashamed that I did not spot a full hardon for master.

Master Ram inspected my dick. My foreskin was a bit sored. There was a bit redness at the underside of my balls. It felt so nice to have a hand touching my dick and balls after one week in the chastity device.

I asked for permission to pee and master Ram let me pee. All my anxiety was gone. I felt safe with master Ram. I submitted to him eagerly and knelt down when he ordered me.

The only thing on me was the handcuffs. I knelt down with my wrists cuffed behind me and looked down on the floor. Master Ram shaved my head bald with an electric shaver. While master removed my handcuffs I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like an eighteen years old army boy again. Everything was removed from me and I am bare naked and bald and hairless.

After shower and towel dried, I was marked on my left chest a number. It was sixty three. Master Ram had marked me as his slave number 63.

I stood there naked with nothing on me other than the marking awaiting master’s order. Master looked satisfied. He decorated his new slave with a thick metal chain around my neck and pad locked it snugly. I could feel the present of the thick chain around my neck all the time. I was fully transformed into master Ram’s slave.

(Later, I came to know that master Ram sent his Indian friends to pick me and gave them permission to use me.)

Chapter 4: Enslaved

It was Tuesday morning. Late morning. I remembered I waited for some time before master Ram rescued me from the gunny sack.

I stood in the room bare naked, my head shaved bald, my body was hairless and I only had the metal slave chain around my neck fastened by a pad lock. And, I had the marking 63 on my left chest. My dick was not hard as I thought it would be springing out free from the cb6000s. It was soft. It could be due to the soreness of my foreskin after being caged for seven and a half days.

Master Ram started taking photos of me of my front, back, left side, right side, close-up of my dick and balls, my butts, my chest, my chain on my neck, my face and every part of me. He ordered me to open my eyes when he was taking photos of me naked. I was embarrassed. Normally, I did not wanted my photos taken naked showing my face. But I had submitted to master Ram completely including my body, my dick and my balls and let him shaved my head even. I surrendered all my belongings to him including my handphone, my wallet and my passport. I could not go anywhere. I was his prisoner and his 24/7 slave for a week. I have nothing with me except for the thick metal slave chain and the pad lock around my neck. I could not go out with the slave chain and lock on my neck naked.

After taking photos, master Ram shackled me with chain and shackles on my wrists and ankles and my neck. My wrists shackles were fastened to my neck shackle by pad locks. I could not reach down and touch my dick even I wanted  to do so badly. My ankles shackles were fastened to a short chain which was about one foot length by pad locks. I could only move in small steps.

I felt so enslaved.

Master Ram played with my soft dick a bit. I liked it so much as it had been so long that no one had touched my dick since it was locked in cb6000s for seven and a half days. He was satisfied with my smooth and hairless dick and balls. He took some more photos of me totally shackled.

He left a packet of drink with a drinking straw in it for me before he went out of the room.

I had the opportunity to look around the room while he was gone. When master Ram was in the room, I looked down at the floor and dare not look at him or the surroundings. I saw many restraints and bondage stuffs on two walls. And, a wall mounted TV set on one of the two walls. The other two walls had nothing on it. I was attracted to the sounds coming out from the TV left switched on by master Ram before he went out. It was showing me in the car park being bullied by the two men and forcefully captured by them. I watched with interest. The video showed me being pushed into the car cuffed and blindfolded. And, me pleading timidly to my captors to let me go. And, me stripped naked in the car and molested by one of the men. The one that was with me at the back seats. The other one was driving.

The camera zoomed in to my caged dick showing the chastity device that had locked my dick for 7 days at the time of the video was taken.

The next scene showed me out of the car butt naked of my back and butts with the sounds of insects in the background audio. My fair butts could be seen clearly in the night. It was rather sexy I thought. The video continued. It showed me being fucked in the toilet cubicle and me making so much moaning noises that as if I was asking to be fucked harder. I sounded so slutty and feminine in the video. I saw the men in the toilet cubicle were so excited in sexually abusing me. I felt so ashamed of myself. But my dick was beginning to get hard. It was not full hard due to my sore foreskin. I was excited and turned on by my own video!

After the fucking scene, it showed me sat on the toilet bowl in a stupor manner. The men came back with a gunny sack and rope and stuffed me in the sack and tied it off. All the while I looked dazed and retarded.

Then, I realized master Ram was with me all the time. He was the one who took the video of me being kidnapped and raped. It was good to know that I was not in any real danger.

The video was hot and I bet it would take in many hits if uploaded in the internet. I must remembered to request, or rather, beg master Ram to mask my face if he want to upload that video clip.

While thinking of master Ram, he came back with my favorite fast food breakfast and placed it on the floor. I knelt down and got down on the floor to eat my food as my wrists were still locked to my neck shackle.

Master Ram seemed to like what he was seeing and was videoing my eating manner which looked like a dog with my face and hands almost touching the floor. He was filming around me from front to back and played with my semi hard dick behind me. I was kneeling on the floor with my head down and butts up in the air. He grabbed my semi hard dick and my low hanging balls from behind me and played with them while I was eating. He also inspected my hairless ass. I bet he got everything on video. I felt good and it was the most delicious breakfast of the year.

After breakfast, master Ram gave me some plain water to wash down any food in my mouth. And, he tapped my mouth with a surgical tape. And, followed by fastening a leather muzzle over my taped mouth and buckled the leather straps around and over my shaven head. He added a soft leather blindfold over my eyes.

I was feeling a bit drowsy after eating and added that I had only a few hours of restless sleep the night before, I felt like dozing off. I laid on the floor lazily on my side and curled up like a new born baby in the comfortable cool air conditioned room. Master pulled me up and guided me to a mattress which I noticed earlier at the corner of the room. It was comfortable compared to the hard toilet floor which I slept on the previous night.

I slept a while on the mattress. I felt like peeing when I woke up. I inched my way to the toilet that I slept in the night before. I had the layout of the room in my head. I leaned against the wall and used the wall to guide me to the toilet and pee. No one stopped me. I guessed master was not in the room.

I inched back to the mattress and rested some more. I felt a bit horny being naked and shackled and muzzled and blindfolded. I was alone in the room. Master was not in the room. I could not hear him. I got bold and started to hump the mattress. That was the only way I could get some satisfaction with my wrists locked to my neck. It felt so good.

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