A story written by zzzthrakon.
Illustration by Theo Blaze.

Chapter 1: Locked in cb6000s

It was set after many chats with master Ram. I was to report to master Ram smooth and hairless from neck down and locked in cb6000s and my hole plugged. And, I agreed to be master Ram’s 24/7 slave for 7 days.

I was so captivated by master Ram after chancing upon his profile in recon for the first time. The photos of his slaves always made me hard and wanted to be in his slave’s position. All his bondage positions were so hot especially his slaves were either lean or slim built.

I could not sleep well on the night before master Ram’s parcel arrived. I played with my hairless cock the whole night. That night I reported to master Ram online on cam for him to inspect my hairless body. Master Ram was satisfied. I had a hair removing session on Saturday by Nick to have my pubic hairs and armpits waxed. And, the rest of the little hairs I had on my balls, ass area and treasure trail removed. Otherwise, I am naturally smooth. After the waxing, I was smooth from neck down for the second time and Nick gave me a wonderful jerk off using baby oil applied on my smooth cock.

On Sunday I could not help but to jerk off again playing with my smooth cock and balls after master Ram’s inspection.

On Monday night I was to follow master Ram instructions to lock my dick in cb6000s that he had sent to me in a parcel. I was to stroke my hard cock and cum in front of the cam on his orders. That was the last time I could cum until I meet master Ram in 7 days time. His order was that I locked my dick and not cum for 7 whole days before I meet him. After I cummed, I cleaned my soft dick and encased my dick in the cb6000s and locked it with the pad lock that came along in the parcel. No keys were in the parcel. Only the cb6000s and a pad lock and a regular size butt plug.

I had been locked in cb6000 before for 3 days by another master but I had not been locked for 7 days. And, cb6000 has a longer cage than cb6000s. The cb6000s cage that housed my dick was shorter but still able to fit when my dick was soft. It was a close-fit. It was a dick hugging fit. The cage opening fitted my pee hole like a second skin – a thick plastic opaque black colored skin. The whole cb6000s was black in color and opaque. I could not see my dick any more. It scared me a little as I could not touch and see my dick for 7 days.

That was it. I could not unlock it. I did not had the keys. Even master Ram could not unlock it as he was so far away in KL. Yes, master Ram lived in KL.

The first night was not easy to sleep but I did slept well after allowing to cum before I was locked on the same night. I woke up early around 6 am on the following morning due to my usual morning hardon but that morning my dick could not get hard. It was trapped inside the chastity device. The discomfort of my aching dick woke me up early.

The second night on Tuesday was harder to fall asleep after I had done my routine reporting on cam online to master Ram. I was starting to get horny. And, the gym and swim did not help. I normally felt more horny after exercises. I was ordered by master Ram to gym one hour and swim one hour every evening from Monday onward until I meet him in KL. He liked his slave toned. I was slim built and weighed 58 kg and had 8 percent body fat. I did not have 6 packs but still looked good enough for master Ram to be his 24/7 slave.

The third night on Wednesday was even more harder to fall asleep as I was more horny and the underside of my balls started to give me pain. The ring of the cb6000s was creating friction on my balls and caused my underside of my balls to hurt a bit.

The fourth night on Thursday was more painful as my underside of my balls hurt even more.

All the mornings I woke up early from my aching dick trying to get hard.

I seemed to be doing fine on the subsequent nights as I gotten used to the discomfort and pain. But I still woke up early in the morning than usual. That weekend I could not meet anyone for fun on master Ram’s order. I was starved for 7 days without fun with anyone or myself. All the time the thought of being master Ram’s slave built up in me. I lost the touch and visual of my dick. It belonged to master Ram.

Finally, the day had came for me to take the coach to KL to meet master Ram. It was Monday. By noon, I had washed and cleaned myself thoroughly and douched my ass hole cleaned before I inserted the butt plug master Ram sent to me in the parcel. It was a regular size butt plug. Nothing that I could not take into my hole. I only needed to use a small tiny bit of lube and not too much so that the plug would not slip out easily. Too much lube would cause the butt plug to slip out of my hole easily if I was not careful.

I changed into a pair of FBT shorts without underwear and a T-shirt. Master Ram’s order was no underwear for me. Both the shorts and T-shirt were small size as ordered by master Ram. I ended up buying the girls small size T-shirt as the boys small size was still too big for master’s liking. And, the inner lining of the shorts was to be removed as ordered by master. My heart was pounding very fast as I was in that outfit. The outline of my cb6000s was visible very clearly. And, without the firmness of an underwear, the pad lock made knocking sounds constantly as it hit the plastic cage when I walk. I used my sling bag to cover my front before I stepped out my room. In my sling bag were my apartment keys, wallet, passport, my coach tickets and a red colored bandana. I needed to put the bandana on at the meeting point when I reached KL.

I put on my ankle socks and gym shoes and I set off to lunch and boarded the coach. I passed the customs without any problems. I endured the long bus journey. I always kept my sling bag in front of me to cover my caged dick. It popped out of my tiny shorts when I was in sitting position. The shorts was short and had very little material and not enough to contain my caged dick when I sit down. There I was, caged and plugged on my way to meet master Ram. In my mind, I was already master Ram’s slave.

By the time I reached KL, it was already dark at night. I was to wait at the top floor of the car parks of a shopping mall. I tied my red colored bandana over my forehead as ordered by master as a marking of master’s slave. I was a little hungry but decided not to go for dinner as I was to meet master Ram at 8 pm sharp. But I waited for an hour and still no master or anyone. Was master for real? Was master meeting me or not? I messaged master Ram using my handphone but no reply from him. The car park had only a few cars at top level. It was pretty quiet. So was my handphone.

Then, another half an hours went by. Still no signs of master Ram. Should I message master again? I was afraid to disturb him. I guessed I would message him again at 10 pm if he still had not turned up to pick me.

Chapter 2: Kidnapped and Raped

After two hours of waiting and it was already 10 pm, there was still no signs of master Ram. As I was about to message master, a car parked near me. Two guys came out of the car. Was it master Ram? But, no. It was two average looking Indian men. They talked in Tamil. A language spoken by Tamil people of South India. Indian people were not uncommon in KL. They walked by me and laughed and talked to each other and pointing at me. Yes, I was the young guy dressed in tight fitting T-shirt and a pair of tiny shorts and wearing a red bandana on my forehead as a headband as ordered by master Ram. I looked away to prevent any eye contact so as not to attract any more attention to me. But they turned and walked toward me. I back up a couple of steps. But one guy came close and in front of me and slapped my face lightly and saying words in Tamil that I did not understood. I tried to fend off his bullying hand but he touched my nipples and ran his hand on my chest and tummy instead. I quickly back away from the disturbance but ended up bumping into the other guy behind me. I was trapped between the two guys. The guy in front of me caught hold of me by my arms and the guy behind me caught hold of me by my skinny wrists. And, my wrists were locked together by some cold metals. I was cuffed by a pair of handcuffs. I panicked. I pleaded to them to let me go. They laughed and continued to speak to each other in Tamil.

They conveniently used my red bandana on my forehead to blindfold me. I was frightened. They were too strong for me even without my hands cuffed behind my back. And, I was handcuffed and blindfolded. I could not defend myself against them any more. I was helpless. I was pushed into their car and off they went with me inside. I was kidnapped!

In the car, he took my sling bag away from me by unlatching the sling and I heard my full name read out. He had taken my passport from my bag!

I continued to beg them to let me go in my shivering voice. I was so afraid. I guessed they knew they had me as I was passive and could not help their aggressive manhandling me. I was bound and blindfolded.

Then, his hand grabbed my caged dick that had popped out of my tiny shorts and gave it a few tugs. His tugs were quite hard. I groaned in pain. I thought my dick and balls were going to be pulled off. As he talked to the guy in front of the car he pulled my shorts down to my ankles level and seemed to inspect my chastity device and the pad lock with great interest. And, he also found the base of my butt plug. He then tore my T-shirt apart and removed it from my body leaving me naked and checked every inch of my body with his hands. I felt molested. I also felt embarrassed to be found with my dick locked in a chastity device and my ass hole plugged by two complete strangers.

I was frozen in fear. I was naked, bound and blindfolded. I was only wearing my shorts at my ankles and my gym shoes. And, these guys found my dick caged in a chastity device and my hole plugged. I was like a frightened rabbit. I dared not move. I dared not speak. I dared not make a sound. I was also very embarrassed and ashamed to be found by strangers in that state. Never in my life that I had imagined to be where I was. All that time, he molested my body until the car stopped.

After the car engine shut down, I was pulled out of the car. It was quiet and I heard only the sound of insects. In a few short steps, we entered a toilet as I could feel the toilet bowl with my legs.

One arm locked around my neck and bent me down. I felt the butt plug removed with a quick pull. I groaned. Next, I felt a fat cock shoving into my hole. It was fat as I felt my hole stretched and filled all the way in. He raped me! I felt some pains. I groaned and tried to escape but the arm around my neck was too strong. They laughed and spoke merrily. Ironically, my groans soon turned into moans as each thrust of his fat cock hit my erogenous spot inside my hole. I could not help it but moans. And, he banged my butts harder and faster on hearing how aroused I was. Every bang made me want to shoot my cum. My cum seemed to reach the base of my dick but did not went any further. It felt like wanting to pee but stopped somewhere inside every time he thrust his fat cock in my hole. I was highly aroused and I lost myself in my own moans. And, he let out a few loud moans and cummed. He pulled out his fat cock and tried to put it in my mouth but I refused to take it in.

Then, they exchanged position. It was the other guy turn to rape me. My hole was loosen by the first guy and I felt the second cock ploughing my hole freely and smoothly deep inside me. I felt violated by the sexual penetration by the two men. My mood was down. I felt used. I did not beg them any more. I did not do anything and I could not do anything. I surrendered myself to my captivity.

After the second guy was done with me, he shoved the butt plug back in my hole forcefully. There was no pain. My hole had got used to the ploughing and shoving. The second guy put his cock into my mouth and I actually did the sucking for him. I did what they wanted me to do submissively without further protests. I was totally in the control of my captors.

Then, they stuffed a piece of my torn T-shirt in my mouth and secured it tightly with another piece of my torn T-shirt. I was effectively gagged.

I was naked in my gym shoes and with my shorts at my ankles level. My wrists was cuffed behind my back. My dick was still caged in cb6000s and my loosen hole was plugged with the butt plug again. I was blindfolded and gagged sitting on the toilet bowl quietly. My mind went blank. I did not know what to do or what to think.

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