A story written by zzzthrakon.
Illustration by Theo Blaze.

Chapter 11: Dog Training

I had a good night sleep although I got to rest only after the two masters had left and it was late into the night.

I was not disturbed. I woke up on my own. I had gotten used to waking up in darkness as I was still blindfolded and hooded. My fists were still socked and locked inside the leather mitts. I did not get to see and use my hands or fingers since the day before. I had leather restraints on my wrists and ankles but they were not locked down or together. The chains were long enough for me to twist and turn on the mattress I slept on. I was not gagged or plugged after being used by the two masters last night.

My dick was not hard although I felt the metal cock ring around my soft dick and balls. I guessed my usual morning hardon had passed and so was the early morning. And, it was late morning as I could feel the warm air. And, I must had slept for very long hours and undisturbed because master Ram was not in the room to put me in any new bondage.

I counted the days in my head. It was Sunday. The following day would be Monday and the last day of my 24/7 slavery for a week under master Ram. I was captured on Monday night by master Ram’s friends and placed in master dungeon room. And, I had been master Ram’s 24/7 slave since then and also used by two other masters the night before.

I relaxed on the mattress trying to touch my slave chain and pad lock on my neck through the leather mitts while reminiscing the sweet smelling master who had played me and used me the night before. And, he was keen to play me again. I was regretting that I did not answered to him. While I was hoping I could get his contact through master Ram after my one week slavery, I heard the door and someone came in the room. The hood and blindfold were removed from my head. It was master Ram. I smiled happy at him. He pat my shaven head a bit like I was a little boy.

He then proceed to unchain me but left the leather mitts and restraints on. He also removed the stainless steel cock ring that was around my dick and balls.

I was freed to use the toilet but not shower. My cums had dried up on my body and there was no trace of it. I squatted down in the toilet to pee and I tried to poo but no poo came out of my ass.

I went back to the room and waited for master’s order.

I was waiting for master to remove my leather bondage restraints and let me wash up but master put a leather dog collar and a leather leash on me on top of my slave chain and pad lock on my neck. I looked down and I saw master putting knee guards over my knees. Then, he ordered me to kneel down and he tied my ankle restraint to my upper thigh with a thick leather strap while I supported my body with my fists which were encased in a pair of leather mitts since the day before. Master did the same on my other leg. Master was transforming me to a dog. I could not stand up any more but only moved on all fours with my fist and my knees.

Master then picked up two tails. Both with butt plug attached to it. One regular size butt plug and the other a large butt plug and showed it to me teasingly. He put the tail with regular size butt plug down and walked toward me with the tail having the large butt plug. He commanded, “up”. As I could not stand up I stood on all fours for him to plug me. It went in my hole with a few pushes and some lube. I moaned while adjusting to the large butt plug and looked at my tail submissively.

I was on all fours naked. My fists in mitts. My knees in guards. My ankles tied to my thighs. My soles point up. My dick and low hanging balls tangling. My hole plugged with a tail butt plug. My neck leashed. I looked at master sheepishly like an obedient dog.

Master then led me out of the room by the dog leash and into the garden patio and sat me down in front of a dog dish and went away. He came back with a can and poured the canned food into the dog dish. That was my breakfast! It was dog food! I saw the label on the can. But it smelled good especially when I was already hungry. It tasted like luncheon meat. I ate the dog food from the dog dish like a dog only using my mouth while master was busy videoing and taking photos of his naked dog.

After the food, master poured some water into the dish and I sucked it up with my mouth too. Master then held my head up and wiped my face clean like I was a pet and put a soft leather muzzle over my mouth. And, he put a soft leather dog mask over my head. It looked like a puppy. It completely covered my head and fitted my head very well like a second skin and transformed my head to a puppy head. I was completely transformed into a dog!

Normally, I would felt rather silly and weird and humiliating to bark like a dog. But I did the woof woof woof uninhibitedly after master had transformed me into a dog and commanded “Bark”.

I was leashed in the garden naked on all fours with a dog face and a dog tail and my dick and low hanging balls tangling while master was busy taking photos of me.

Then, I was made to perform dog commands like “Up”, “Down”, “Sit”, “Stay”, “Come”, “Walk”, “Pipi”, “Sleep”, “Bark”, “No Bark”, “Beg” after master trained me in dog training commands. I received a whack on my butts for every wrong action by a leather horsewhip. It was painful when the whack was hard and forceful. I was scared of the horsewhip and I learned the commands carefully especially when master used the horsewhip to whack my tangling low hanging balls.

I always got confused with the “Down” and “Sit” commands. I was whacked many times mercilessly on my balls. And, it was difficult to balance myself on the command “Pipi”. I was to pee like a dog with one folded and bound leg up and only support myself with my other leg on my knee and my both encased fists. Master kept whacking my balls until I got that position right.

After master was satisfied with my dog training, he led me around his back garden and met his black dog. I was afraid of master’s dog but master put us together for him to take photos and videos. His dog sniffed me all over and licked my foot a lot which was point up in the air. I guessed master’s dog already knew me since our last encounter. I was at ease because master’s dog only kept licking my foot.

Then, I was led around by the dog leash outside master’s house but within his compound which was surrounded by brick wall. Master took me to the front porch. Every once in a while master stopped and took photos of me. He was also videoing the whole dog training and walking sessions. He took photos of me by the koi pond and by the water feature and by his four black cars. He then led me toward the front gate. He attached my leash on the gate and went outside his house to take more photos and video of me behind the front gate. I sat there like an obedient and trained dog and I was no longer worried about his neighbor might see me naked as I was only my master’s dog.

Master then walked me along a drain and commanded “Pipi”. I had to pee like a dog with one leg up but master did not let me finished my pee. He made me performed the “Pipi” command several times as he walked me along the drain. I had to pee for a second and hold my urine in my bladder and walked a few steps and performed the “Pipi” command over and over again until I had no more to pee and master was happy with video taking and photos taking.

Master then led me back to his back garden patio under the shades and commanded “Sit”. It was a relief for me as it was warm and humid outside the house and it was tiring to walk on all fours with my knees.

After a short while, master came back with a dog cage. It was quite small. I saw master set the cage down and detached the cage from the bottom tray. He then laid a folded blanket in the tray and commanded me to sit in the tray. It was small and I had to curl up my body to fit in the tray completely.  Master then covered me with the cage and latched it back to the tray I was in on all four sides. I was locked in a dog cage! I was hoping I could sit and rest earlier from the tiring walk and pee but the cage was too small for comfort. I could not moved much in that dog cage.

Master left me there in the dog cage to enjoy my suffering. I did settled down quickly because the blanket under me was quite comfy and I was only a dog.

Chapter 12: E-Stim

I was dog trained and locked up in a dog cage. I settled down in the dog cage and rested as there was nothing I could do. I could not move much in the dog cage. So, I sat in the dog cage obediently and quietly watching the sky turned dark while master was away.

It was night time when I heard foot steps from behind the cage. Master came and unlatched the top cage from the bottom tray. The cage was removed. Master then helped me out of the tray as I could not move as quickly as I normally would due to the many hours locked in the dog cage.

Next, master removed the leather dog mask and the leather muzzle from my head and mouth. I felt good to be able to feel the air again and it was getting warm wearing the dog mask for many hours.

Master put some dog food in the dog dish for me to eat. I ate it happily as the portion of the dog food earlier in the day was not much and I was hungry.

While I was eating the dog food, master was behind me playing with my dangling dick and low hanging balls making my dick grew and became semi hard. He put a ring around my cock head and another ring around my cock and balls like a tight cock ring but it did not felt like a cold metal or stainless steel ring.

After the dog food, master poured some water for me to drink. After the drink of water, or rather, sucking the water, I looked down between my legs to see what master was doing to my cock and balls. I saw thin black cables attached to the two black rings that were on my cock and balls. Before I could see more I jumped from the mild electric shock in my cock. I realized it was a e-stim device.

It started as a mild continuous vibrating shock which I felt in my cock. It made my cock grew to full hard. It felt good. I liked electro torture.

The next sensation in my hard cock was a pulsating numbing effect. It pulsed four times and stopped and continued to pulse four times and stopped and it went on repeating rhythm.

Then, the next sensation was a continuous pulsating of numbing in my cock with no stop or pause.

Then, followed by a continuous tingling of a thousand needles in my cock.

Then, followed by a stronger vibrating pulse rhythm that had five strong pulses and a stop. It was the strong vibrating electric shock that brought me close to cumming. I saw my precum flowing down from my cock head through its reflection of the lighting in the garden. I enjoyed the e-stim very much. It brought me close to the edge of cumming due to the stronger pulses and kept me continuously aroused during the other weaker mode of the electric shocks. And, it was quite a joy to watch my cock twitched uncontrollably by the stronger pluses. It was like my cock had came alive and moved on it own. The stronger pulsation also made me moaned softly and I was moving my hip trying to get more of the whole thing.

Then, master ordered me to lie on my back and he increased the intensity of the electric shock in my cock. All the intensities of every mode went up and it brought me to the edge of cumming every time the rhythm arrived at the five stronger pulse mode which was even stronger after master had increased the overall intensity of the e-stim. I saw master holding the controller and he seemed to enjoy watching me wiggled my body on the cement floor.

I felt that by the time my cum was ready to come out during the five stronger pulse mode, the rhythm had changed to other modes which were not as stimulating as the five stronger pulse mode. It went on and on to made me want to cum but could not until master selected to repeat the five stronger pulse mode continuously. Then, he placed a piece of cloth over my flat tummy just under my dancing cock.

It was fascinating to see my hard cock twitched by itself continuously. I moaned continuously due to the increased intensity of the already stronger five pulsation. It made my cock want to shoot my pent up cums. A strong sensation of wanting to cum in my cock kept building up although at every five strong pulses there was a one second pause until I started to cum without my control. Master controlled my cum with the e-stim controller. My cum just flowed out of my cock in slow motion one wave after another. It did not shoot out with forceful projection like other times. It just flowed out wave after wave to flood the cloth that master had placed under my hard cock earlier. I lost count after the fifth wave. It might be six or seven waves of thick cums. My moans were loud.

After I stopped my body spasm, I dropped my head down on the cement floor to rest with my mouth opened trying to catch my breath. I was caught by surprise when master inserted the cum soaked cloth in my opened mouth as I could smelled my own cum momentarily before I was gagged by the cloth soaked with my own cum.

I did not resist though I did not like it. I was master’s slave. Master turned me on my tummy resting on the floor and secured the cum soaked cloth gag with another piece of cloth which was pulled between my teeth and tied off at the back of my neck. It made spitting out the cum soaked gag impossible. I had to bear with it even though I was no longer horny and disliked the cums in my mouth.

Master then blindfolded me with another piece of cloth. He pinned me down with his weight and removed all the restraints and leather mitts from my hands and wrists and cuffed me with a metal handcuffs.

After many hours of my fists encased in the leather mitts, my fingers were finally freed. But my wrists were cuffed behind my back instead. The tail butt plug was removed. My legs restraints and the dog collar and leash were also removed. I was able to stretch my legs after many hours of being tied up.

Master also removed the e-stim rings from my limp dick and helped me to walk back to the room and laid me down on the mattress.

I laid down on my side because my hands were being cuffed behind my back. I laid on the mattress naked, gagged, and blindfolded. The slave chain and pad lock were still on my neck to remind me I was master’s slave although I was no more master’s dog. I resigned to my bondage although I did not preferred to be bound after cumming. As I was still master’s slave and I had to bear with the bondage and taste of cums in the cloth gag stuffed in my mouth.

Before master left me alone in the room he locked my soft dick in the familiar plastic cb6000s. There was no way I could play with my dick or hump the mattress. I rested and slept till Monday morning but I did used the toilet once in the middle of the night by myself finding my way to the toilet blindfolded. I could rubbed the blindfold off my head but I did not because I was an obedient slave. I would be freed after that night. My 24/7 one week slavery was coming to an end on Monday as I had to take the coach back home early afternoon.

I woke up on Monday morning by my dick trying to grow in the chastity device. It was my usual morning hardon but my dick was not possible to get hard in the cb6000s. I found my way blindfolded to the toilet again and pee trying to ease the aching in my dick which was trying to get hard. It did not helped much as I was horny again. I tried to reach for my dick with my cuffed hands but with not much success. I tried to hump the mattress but to no satisfying sensation through the plastic cage.

Chapter 12: End of 24/7 Slave

I tried to reach for my dick with my cuffed hands but with not much success. I tried to hump the mattress but to no satisfying sensation through the plastic cage.

Suddenly, a set of keys was throw onto my naked body. I was shocked. Was master in the room all that time? I did not hear anyone!? I felt the keys on the mattress. I held the keys in my hands and I tried to reach for the chastity lock but I could not reach it as my hands were cuffed behind my back. I struggled a while and I gave up. Wait… Was the keys meant for my handcuffs? I tried to feel for the key hole of the handcuffs. And, one of the keys fitted in the key hole of the handcuffs. I struggled many times turning the key left and right and I managed to unlock my handcuffs.

Then, I went for the lock to my chastity device but I found that it was a plastic lock. I sat there naked and I touched my chastity device a little bit and after that I slowly removed my blindfold. And, I saw for certain it was a plastic lock. I saw master Ram busy videoing me. I guessed he was in the room and took video of me the whole time. I sat there on the mattress naked and still gagged and I looked at master sheepishly.  I felt embarrassed to be caught by master of what I was doing thinking that I was alone in the room. But my dick was not shy and it was still trying to get hard. It had pushed the black plastic cage about an inch away from my body showing a bit of my skin colored dick with contrast of the black colored cage. The gag in my mouth was not helping. It had taste of my cum and it was making me more horny knowing I was humiliated by having a cloth soaked with my cum stuffed into my mouth. My humiliation made me more horny.

Master set his camera down and walked towards me and took the cloth that was used to blindfold me from my hand. He then used the cloth to tie around my caged dick and balls tightly making my dick about to burst the cage open into two but could not. The chastity device won over my helpless dick.

Master then removed my slave chain and pad lock from my neck and he removed the number sixty three from my chest using alcohol swabs. My one week 24/7 slavery under master Ram was ending as planned.

Master then took my hand and pulling me to the toilet. He removed my cloth gag and the cloth that was tied around my dick and balls. Everything was removed except the cb6000s.

Master washed my hands with Dettol antibacterial hand soap to get rid of the sweaty smell left over because of wearing the socked leather mitts for many hours. Then, he left me to wash and clean myself.

I tried to poo but again nothing came out of my ass. So, I douched my hole thoroughly. I showered myself and brushed my teeth and gargled my mouth and finished smelling with a freshly minty fragrance over me.

I still had no chance to touch my dick after two weeks because my dick was locked in cb6000s.

While I was drying myself and admiring myself and my newly formed 6 packs in the mirror, master came from the foyer door to the toilet and told me to go into the living hall. It was my first time setting foot on master’s foyer and living hall. At the corner of the foyer was a weighting scale and I took the chance to step on it to find out that I had lost one kilogram. I weighted 57 kg.

Master told me to wait at the sofa while he was busy with something. When I stepped into the living hall, I was surprised to see someone sitting at the sofa watching me on TV. He was master’s friend and he was watching video of me which master had took over the week. I came to know his name was Oscar and both master Ram and Oscar are Eurasian living in KL. They were about the same built which were a few inches taller than me and surely 10 kg or more heavier than me. Oscar was more friendly and more handsome than master Ram. He offered to buy me brunch at the shopping mall. He enjoyed watching the video of me in bondage but he told me he was not a doer. He liked to watch only. But he did fondled me gently all over my body when we sat on the sofa waiting for master Ram. He commented that I was hot in the video. I sat there naked and shyly and quietly and passively let Oscar touched me. I was enjoying his attention.

Master Ram came back with my sling bag and all my belongings in it and my tiny FBT shorts and a singlet for me to wear. While I was putting on the skin tight singlet that master gave me, master tied a small red string around my left ankle.

On my way out to master’s car, I looked at master and he seemed to know what I wanted to ask and he said I get to keep the cb6000s that was locking my dick. I gave master a big hug before getting into his car. Master drove us to the same shopping mall where I was captured a week ago. My coach pick up point was also there. We had brunch at one Italian restaurant and Oscar paid for it as promised.

Then, they sent me off and I waved good bye to them from my coach. That was the end of my one week being a 24/7 slave under master Ram. I had a good time. I liked the bondage and the humiliating suffering and the abuse and being master Ram’s slave and master’s dog. The only thing I did not get was to see master’s dick or suck master’s dick or fuck by master’s hard cock.

Hmm… I did stayed naked like a slave whenever possible when I was alone in my apartment or when I was washing my toilet or when I was mopping my apartment floor with a rag on all fours with my dick and low hanging balls tangling between my legs. And, I slept naked and blindfolded most of the nights. Was master’s red string casing a spell on me? I did kept the red string on my left ankle until I met my first bf.

Oh, I cut the plastic lock off and freed my dick from the chastity device once I reached my home that day. It had been two weeks that I had not touched my own dick with my hand. And, I stroked my five and half inches hard cock and jerked myself off happily and went to bed naked before 10 pm in my home sweet home queen size bed which I missed so much.

Occasionally, I did jerked off to master Ram’s recon profile over my own photos that master had posted in his gallery.

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