Visser | 172 cm | 48 kg | Germany

my idea is not to pass as female, I love the ambiguity.

MasterMarc: Hi Visser, nice to have you here with us. As always, you’re wearing an extraordinary outfit. For how long are you into the femboy fetish now and how have you explored your love for girly cloths?

Visser: I’ve always been a bit of a strange dresser aha, I started to explore feminine clothing more recently, in the last few years. I am not generally drawn to dresses, but I love androgynous, feminine leaning clothing–collars— tights—boots. I also love makeup—my idea is not to pass as female, I love the ambiguity.

MasterMarc: I think that is the big difference between crossdresser and femboys. Femboys are playing more with the androgynity than crossdresser. Can you tell us, what the attraction of being an androgynous boy with a feminine touch?

Visser: Hmm, for me it is a bit of ‘try to be what you want to see in the world. I like beauty that is inspiring and interesting. My gender is what it is, but I have never felt like I must stay in the boundary of it. I am lucky to be able to step out of the boundary (I know many are not.)

MasterMarc: Do you have started to wear the girly cloths in secret? What was the first feminin clothing you have tried? How old have you been and what kind of feelings have you had? Do you tell us a little about your first experiences?

Visser: I started in secret, yes. Actually, I first started by writing with someone online 😀 They imagined me to be this type of person. I had not really thought of it, when I was a kid, I wore clothes that were in the middle. In my teenage years, I was sometimes mistaken for a girl. At first it was confusing, but I used looking like a girl to get attention. There was also a period where I resented how I looked, I wanted to look like a ‘man.’ Now, I am comfortable with myself, as much as can be. The first things I wore were stockings and skirts, in my late teens. I don’t wear skirts anymore, but I still love stockings and thigh highs.

MasterMarc: What was the reaction of your enviroment?

Visser: My parents have always been rather laissez-fair. Also, I am a shy person, so I do not try to date much (it would have probably been hard if I tried to date. But sure, there are people who don’t like it or don’t understand it. I try not to pay attention to them.

The people who are important to me accept and respect who I am. I do not have trouble on the street, since most people (I think?) assume I am a girl. It can be a problem in the gym or pool 😀 people will try to kick you out of a locker room until you take off your shirt. Then they’re like, oh, and leave you be.

MasterMarc: You’re originally from Eastern Europe, a society which isn’t famous for being really open. How is it to be different there?

Visser: When I lived in Eastern EU, I was very young so I don’t think it made much of a difference. Here in Germany, at least where I live, people are 1. open and 2. reserved aha, it’s a perfect combination. Nobody bothers me. But when I do go back to my parent’s city, I usually experience harassment on the street. Of course, it’s annoying. Sometimes, I wonder how I might be a different person if I had come into adulthood there (I actually grew up in the United States.)

MasterMarc: Do you have any advice for people with the same desires but they don’t dare to live it?

Visser: I think the most important thing people must do is realize what they want. For some people, experimenting with gender is only play, a fetish. And it is ‘enough’ to do it in private. For others (say, myself) my gender expression is part of my identity (not to mention, unaffected by what I am wearing. I enjoy certain expressions, but I do not ‘feel’ like a woman, because I am wearing makeup, for example.) Still, I do not mind if people interpret me in a feminine way because I choose to do things society interprets as ‘femme’, it is a positive trait. For people who are afraid, I would first advise they think about if this expression for them is only a private desire, or if it is public as well. If it is public, I would ask they find others like them (through the internet, for example) and find strength and positive examples in others who are living fully as themselves. That they start, first in private, with trusted people and see where their interest takes them. Sometimes, we need only one or two people who we trust, who understand who we are and how we see our own selves, and that gives enough confidence to start expressing ourselves more to the outside world…

MasterMarc: Let us talk a little about your sexual drive. What are you into? What kind of sex do you like?

Visser: I am a full power bottom. tbh, I can be vers, I do like when someone is into the idea of me topping and with the right person, it can be done, but my favorite sex is where I know I am turning my partner on and just wringing them dry.

I like a top who knows exactly what they want to do to me and wants to do it hard and for a long time. When I control from the bottom, and urge them to hold off longer and longer so they are satisfying me more, I am the happiest. I am into rough sex, (some) bondage, orgasm denial (mine or the partner), and I like a partner who cums a LOT.

MasterMarc: Can you explain me, why often femboys like you are pussyboys and mostly also submissive?

Visser: Hehe, I cannot speak for anyone else (and I CAN be very dominant, haha, one of my partners insist I am topping from the bottom) But yes, in some ways, I am very submissive. For example, I would find it very hard to approach someone, even if I found them attractive. What is funny though, is that we think the top is the one with power—but it is they who must approach the boi, and win their attention. I like the power of knowing that I am turning someone on, that they can’t stop looking, and (I think) many other feminine boys/men might feel the same….

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