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KINK ART- creative kinksters @ work

Nicolas Brunet is a great illustrator from France. We are so happy that we can use his kink art work for sadOsam since the beginning of our project. Thank you, Nicolas. We really love your work.

Chirenon is for many kinksters the Canadian lord of photo manipulation stories about chastity and more. We are happy that after the kink inquisition on tumblr he has found his new home on sadOsam.

Bartek is a Polish pup who illustrates kinky comic strips about pups, gimps and other kinksters. It is great to have him also as illustrator of the frequently changing comic strip on the main site.

Max R. Potter is an American author of kinky stories. Not only a great author but also a great guy. Here you can find all his stories, from flash fiction to long novels. Enjoy it.

The Shackler is a  great Master and photographer with nice playrooms in the USA. He has a fantastic style in his photography and also in his little videos. You’ll like his boys and equipment.

The Puppeteer is one of the best bondage Master in Europe. Not only his photography is art work but also the way he works with his ropes. Get an insight into a constrained world of kink.

Nicky is a young illustrator living his kink dreams and desires in great illustrations he draws.