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For me, scent play is as much about comfort as it is about sex

Pup Archie is a sexy dog who has been posting on Twitter for a while, especially about scent play. He’s a lover for armpits and everything body odor-ful. We’re gonna talk to him about how he came to be such a scent hound, how he perceives and why he likes them.

Hello readers, I’m here today with a sniffy pup from the US. Archie, if you would, please tell us a little about yourself. What do you all like and are you into?

Well I like stinky pits and undies in case you couldn’t tell! I also love bones (big or small, I don’t care as long as it’s juicy and tasty), weightlifting, playing rugby, getting on my Handler’s nerves, cooking, racial justice, and video games.

As far as what I’m into, the funny thing is that even a year ago, my answer to this question would’ve been a lot shorter. It would’ve begun and ended at “leather”. I realized I was a pup late 2019, around mid November, and started actually acting on it in January of 2020.

I didn’t expect that my journey into the world of pups and furs would change me in so many ways regarding kink and fetish but also just as a pup/person. It’s been a while since I’ve been asked “What do you flag?” and I’m honestly starting to wonder if it’s easier to say what I don’t flag. But I would say the things I’m into that are most present in my life include leather, pup play obviously, scent play, boots, underwear, piss play, and fisting.

Did you have your leather kink for a long time before then? And how did you come to realize your “puppy side”?

I guess whether or not I’ve been into leather for long depends on who you ask. I really got into it in 2017, and it started with me buying my first harness (which actually isn’t real leather, I couldn’t afford actual leather at the time). I remember putting it on and feeling like I’d realized a more complete version of myself. As cliche as it sounds, it felt right. And that feeling only increases as I add leather pieces to my wardrobe. So I’ve been into leather for 4 or so years now but I’ve also met people who have been leatherfolk for longer than I’ve been alive, which is why I say it depends on who you ask about whether I’ve been doing this for a while.

In regards to me discovering Archie, it was kind of a slow burn and then all at once. I first became aware of pup play in 2016 through porn and I remember being fascinated but also confused (and, I’m not proud to admit it but initially a bit repulsed because of the common misconceptions all us pups hear). I would occasionally watch pup play porn in an attempt to understand it better (at least that’s what I told myself).

It wasn’t until late 2019 that I was able to admit to myself that this was something I was interested in personally and wanted to try but my biggest hurdle was figuring out how to talk to my then boyfriend, now husband and Handler about it.

I was very afraid of that part of me being rejected and honestly it was harder to tell him I’m a pup than it was to tell my parents I’m queer.

And while he was initially hesitant, he’s been my biggest support and an amazing Handler and is a large part of how I’ve developed in my sense of self as a pup in the past year and some change. So it was kind of like I kept dipping my toe in the water and then I finally jumped into the deep end.

Admitting a kink, especially if it’s practices, can be a like a second coming out yeah. But I’m glad to hear your husbands got your back and leash there 😉 what were some of these misconceptions you had, and what would you say to them now?

Well the biggest misconception I had, as you can probably guess, was that being a pup means you get off on bestiality. And that isn’t true but even now, even with the visibility and popularity of pup play exploding in even the last 3 years let alone last 10, I feel like I’m very often seeing screenshots of conversations on apps like Grindr of people asking pups “So that means you like fucking dogs?” So with that being all I’d heard about pup play, that’s what I assumed it was about for a long time until I decided to actually find out for myself. News flash: it has nothing to do with fucking dogs.

I’d say another big misconception that I had was that you can’t be a pup if you don’t have a hood. That’s also simply not true. While hoods and gear are awesome because they provide a lot of pups a way to express their inner puppy really creatively and can certainly enhance the experience, gears isn’t what makes the pup. The energy and attitude and desire is what makes the pup. But, and this is part of the problem with learning about things exclusively through porn, the only pup play porn I’d seen to that point involved a lot of gear so I just assumed “Oh well I don’t have one of those hoods so I guess I’m not a pup.” Not true.

XD Yes,as someone who has gone through the same porn education, I agree. That’s actually part of why we run this magazine. To give an insight into how kinks actually are.

And you certainly don’t need a hood. Just a will and need to have fun 🙂 so you said that it kinda opened the floodgates for you. What happened then? You call yourself a scent hound, so I assume you discovered other stuff after 😉

Yes! And that’s part of why I was so excited to interview with you, because I know I wish I had seen a magazine like this when I was a baby kinkster. It would’ve helped me a lot. So to answer your question, I went to my first pup mosh at MAL 2019 (Mid Atlantic Leather) and oh my dog, I was a nervous wreck. It was my 3rd MAL but my first as a pup. And my Handler, it was his first kink event in general, ever. So we were both literally shaking walking into this pup mosh. But he helped me get into pupspace and it was spectacular, I still remember that joy I felt afterward.

Papa Bear (what I call my Handler) said he could see it radiating off of me, and that’s what got me to go full tilt into pup play. And then, March 2020 the pandemic hit the United States and I was no longer able to go to pup events even though I’d just started, so Papa Bear and would help me pup out at home. At the same time, I joined Instagram and Twitter as Archie to meet other pups and establish at least a digital community. And that’s how I started to realize I like things like sweaty armpits and a hot full bush and dirty underwear.

Not even joking, I spend at least 5 minutes every single morning sniffing Papa Bear’s pits and butthole.

So yeah, I’ve become exponentially kinkier in the past year because it’s been helping me cope with this pandemic and I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve gotten really into scent play obviously, but also piss play, chastity, nipple play, and we’ve done some experimenting with light bondage and light sensory deprivation play. I also love being stepped on with heavy boots when I decide I wanna bratty and Papa needs to punish me for it. And finally, stretching my hole to take fists. In the past year I’ve gone from struggling to put in a 6in around plug to now getting a Gapekeeper 93 from Topped Toys inside me regularly). I’ve also discovered about myself that I have a soft spot for hot werewolves and orcs. That soft spot is my prostate.

Who doesn’t love a sexy big werewolf 😋 What is it about scents that catches you? And what scents do catch you? 😉

Oh that’s a great question. I think what catches me most about scents is that they’re so personal and at the same time, English (the only language I speak) is so so poorly equipped for describing scents. It’s why perfume advertisements are always so cryptic, because how do you portray a smell using words? It’s really hard.

But they’re so personal and I love getting to know someone through their scents. With my Handler, I’ve gotten to the point where I can go through our dirty laundry and pick up 2 different pairs of underwear he’s worn in the past week and tell when he wore them, for how long, and whether or not he wore them to exercise.

I feel most connected to someone when I can smell them. And this was the case for me before I became the scenthound you see before you.

I used to have to travel for work when me and Papa Bear first met and when I had to travel for work, I’d take one of his shirts with me to wrap around the pillow in the hotel bed so I could smell him as I fell asleep. For me, scent play is as much about comfort as it is about sex.

In terms of what scents catch me the most, a dirty, used, musky, sweaty cum stained jockstrap is always gonna get my attention. And as you can imagine, I can’t get enough of some ripe pits and bush. I’m also a big fan of the smell of butts and taint. And then the smell of a leather glove over my face or the smell of a leather boot just take me there.

So from how you describe it, there are differences in reaction for you depending on where/what you smell? Is that so even for the sex connected things?

Oh yeah, I definitely don’t react to the same scents the same way, there’s a lot that goes into it. For example, my Handler’s butt when he first wakes up doesn’t smell the same as say when it’s 1PM and we’ve been working since 8AM. But because of who he is to me, I love all of his scents. Sometimes they turn me on and sometimes they don’t but I’m always begging for sniffs. I have relationships with people now whose scent didn’t vibe with me at first because I grew to enjoy it as our relationship deepened personally and sexually.

The hard part of that though is that if I meet someone specifically in a sexual context, and their scent immediately turns me off, it’s kind of an uphill battle maintaining that sexual attraction. That’s where the continued interaction and relationship forming comes in and how I learn over time to appreciate those scents that repelled me at first. And I know this is gonna sound funny coming from me, but there’s nothing I hate more then when I finally get to sniff the pits of someone I find super hot, and their pits just smell gross but not even in a sexy way. It’s nobody’s fault that I ended up not liking their scent, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Haha yeah I get what you mean. I wonder though. Do you also perceive certain kinds of smells associated to certain body/trait/person types? For example I once got told by a friend who’s into sniffing that I had a “twinkish” smell.

Hahaha wow a twinkish smell. That’s funny because I’ve never thought about it that way but your friend may be onto something.

My ex boyfriend, the man I was with before I got into leather and all that good stuff, he was a twink and I do remember him having something about his scent that I swear I’ve encountered before specifically in other twinks I’ve gotten to sniff. By comparison, Papa Bear is, forgive the pun, a bear. Big, tall, hairy, muscular. And his scent smells so incredibly different from my ex. And I’m sure that’s as much about who they are as people as it is about their body types.

But Papa Bear’s body is built similarly to mine so there may be something to that because even with my own body, my scent has changed. I’m 5’10” and back in 2017, right as I was getting into leather and fetishwear, I was barely 170 pounds. I’m now about 205 pounds and that’s been through a lot of working to build muscle and putting on some fat from Papa Bear keeping me well fed. And I don’t smell at all like I used to.

My own musk is now MUCH stronger than it used to be and my pits used to smell light and sour but now when I’m musky, they’re very dank and earthy.

Papa Bear tends to smell not as strong as me but definitely sour and earthy. A pup friend of mine told me once “You smell like a jock” and he may have meant I smelled like a used jockstrap, which you’d get no complaints from me if that’s what he meant, but I’m pretty sure he meant that to him, I smell like something one would associate an athletic body type with.

From my experiences I’d say it’s definitely a thing. What I noticed, after paying attention to smells since that comment, is also that people from sunny places smell different to one’s from colder regions and such things. Smells seem to be an entire world on its own I discovered. XD But anyway. You’ve discovered quite a few things, and still are experimenting and trying out. What’s some stuff that you keep on your “definitely wanna yet-to-do” list?

I imagine the differences in scents vary by body type because of things like testosterone and stress and the regionality of peoples’ scents probably varies based on things like diet, so I imagine you’re onto something. It just all fascinates me. I just wanna sniff everyone.

In terms of things I have yet to try but really want to, the top of my list for post pandemic is celebrating my birthday by being cumdumped by as many people as Papa Bear decides can breed me. This isn’t something I would’ve ever considered pre-2020 for various fear related reasons but I’ve lowered a lot inhibitions as I’ve mentioned earlier. We were planning on making that happen last year but obviously that didn’t pan out. My birthday is late enough in the year that it’s starting to look like there’s a chance that may happen this year but we’ll see. In that same vein, I’ve also never been to a bathhouse and that’s something I’d like to experience.

The other top of my list is to successfully take a fist. I’ve gotten so close over the past year and having this new Gapekeeper plug will definitely help, but Papa Bear and I have only played with each other since the pandemic started and his paws are just so big that he’s just always a challenge. I’m closer to taking his paw now than I’ve ever been but that leads me to believe that if I had a FF top with regular sized hands at my disposal, I’d regularly be getting fisted (so if there are any FF tops out there with average sized paws looking to help this young muscle pup learn the ropes, hit me up!

And speaking of ropes, I’m also really interested in learning rope tying, both as a rigger and as a submissive. Papa and I started to learn and then the pandemic hit and we just had other more pressing matters to attend to so that took a backseat.

I’d also be interested in experiencing being flogged. Frankly I don’t know if it’s for me but the only way I’ll know for sure is to try.

Lastly, this is just a pipe dream but part of me really hopes that post pandemic, we go from greeting each other with handshakes and hugs to greeting each other by sniffing each other’s armpits!

That would definitely be more fun ;P I think that is a good sentence to end on. Thank you for your time Archie, and I hope we’ll talk again some time in the future when you got some of those dreams hopefully realized 😉

Archie the Scenthound

United States

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