A story written by sirsleatherboi
(Illustration by Theo Blaze)

I decided that my short vacation should include at least one sexy trip to one of Montreal’s famous gay men’s saunas. I enjoyed a couple of hot flings with men when I was in my teens a few years earlier and my decent looks and my swimmers style smooth, slim, lightly muscled body generally attracts most men. I am short at about 5’6″ tall and about 150 trim pounds and many guys and gals have told me that I’m “cute”. My blondish brown hair gives me a young lifeguard look so feeling quite trim and having an early summer tan made me feel a little more confident in this seedy almost scary dark place!

The sauna was called “GI Joe” and by reputation supposedly catered to Masculine Dominant men. This made my two gay experiences a few years ago “as a boy with an older man” seem to be a reasonable if not at least a logical fit for what I hoped to find. It was early in the evening and I stripped in my room to but a sexy black jock strap. I left my towel behind and daringly began to explore the three levels and the common areas of the sauna in hope of getting comfortable and in the hope of finding a handsome hot guy.

I was amazed at the blatantly open sexual tones and furnishings of the common areas. In the dim light there was a leather and chain link sling in one dark corner with mirrors on the wall. An all male porn movie played on a screen on the wall in another corner with levels against the wall to sit and watch. In the movie a guy was being deeply fucked and a couple of men were standing near by in towels watching the screen intently. Downstairs there was an even darker dungeon like area that had more slings a Bondage Cross and several glory holes in an area so dark that I could barely see. Suddenly I felt a powerful arm go around my chest as I was pulled close to a very large and strong man.

I was frozen in fear and a quivering in a bizarre sense of excitement as he whispered in my ear that I needed to get down on my knees! He held me hard and fast while pinching my nipples from behind and I swear the pain caused my seven inch cock to swell instantaneously! I could feel his hard powerful naked body and his very large cock directly against my bottom – which in my jock strap was fully vulnerable. “Are you ready to suck Daddy’s big cock little boy?” He asked menacingly. I was shocked and in disbelief. I didn’t know what to do but I fearfully decided I should do what the big strong guy wanted!

A weak “Yes Daddy” was all I could muster in a tentative, obedient and confused reply. He guided me with is strong hands on my shoulders to my knees and shamelessly shoved his oversized cock head right into my mouth. It was ridiculously huge, circumcised and thick and I was soon trying my best to suck the head of it while somehow managing to breathe while it got bigger and bigger while it soon filled my entire throat. I was quite helpless and gasping for air as his thick powerful hands were on both sides of my head as he guided my head and his powerful greedy thrusts into my somewhat willing but half choked mouth. His fat, thick hardening cock was soon pounding the back of my throat as I held on desperately to his knees to steady myself with my hands to keep from being knocked over backwards from his thrusts.

I was being used thoroughly and with so much intensity that I mysteriously found my predicament stimulating and almost perversely exciting. I soon realized that others were watching me service him in the middle of this dungeon area as I was now helplessly straining to please him while taking his huge thick boner until his balls were soon pounding and spanking my chin. I didn’t think taking a man so deeply was humanly possible as I continued to gag and choke on him yet he would not relent. I just couldn’t believe what was happening and felt so overwhelmed and helpless when suddenly he lifted me to my feet.

He grabbed my waist band and he pulled off my jock strap as I clumsily stepped out of it as my own hard cock sprung out like a tightly wound spring as I shockingly and embarrassingly noticed that I too was quite hard from the helplessness and shameless eroticism of my situation. I apparently felt quite a sense of personal stimulation from doing my “work” on him. I felt so humiliated and also even naughty when I saw his face well above me. He was a foot taller and had a massive thick muscular body and a ruggedly handsome face. His hair was longish and brown and he then suddenly demanded the keys to my room.

My key was on an elastic band on my wrist and I never had a chance to understand what was happening. I handed it to him with the thought that I was giving him access to my room but I soon learned hat I was quite wrong. He handed my jock strap and my keys to a man who suddenly disappeared! “You are mine boy! He announced to me sternly. “You won’t leave this place with any clothes until you please Daddy! You had better do as you are told or else! Follow me!” He growled in an almost angry tone!

I was in no position to object! I was naked and keyless ad completely at his mercy in this kinky gay men’s sauna. I had little choice but to follow this powerful and intimidating man wherever he was going. He led me to the top floor by my wrist where he and a couple of friends of his stood outside a large room. “Got me a slave boy” he bragged loudly to them. “If he’s a good boy he’ll get fucked, spanked, paddled and used if he wants to get out of here later with his clothes, money and keys! Otherwise he’ll have to run naked out into the street!”

I was horrified and my heart sank as he took me into the room and sat me on the large double bed. I was quivering in fear and shame and never felt more helpless in my life. He reached into a duffle bag and took out a thick, black, leather collar! It was soon being fastened around my neck and with a lock! How could I object? He then took a black leather leash and attached it to the ring in front. I was truly his “slave boy” now and the handcuffs he was soon attaching to my wrists behind me made my helpless state complete – or so I thought! He wasn’t near done with me as soon he had me stand and rubbed a little lubricant on my anal opening! He soon inserted the handle of what looked to be a whip as I gasped in horror and yet in a mix of pain and odd pleasure!

The man known as Daddy again reached into the bag and pulled out a couple more things that I couldn’t quite make out clearly. Soon I found nipple clamps being quite painfully attached to my nipples as a black colored chain hung attached between them. Daddy then took a piece of black colored cord and wrapped it around my balls tying it so tightly that my erection began to hurt! Now Daddy grabbed the leash and the cord and led me out of the room. “Lose your tail and you’ll get the cane slave boy. Fail to obey me and you’ll get spanked and whipped. I suggest you have no choice but to be a very obedient boy!” I saw the cane in his hand and I knew it was not an idle threat!

I was whimpering and shaking yet in desperation I knew I must obey him. I believed I had no choice but to obey as I took deep breaths while struggling mightily to clench the whip handle firmly inside my anus and bowels as I was led literally now by the balls through the hallways. The pain of the nipple clamps and walking with my hands cuffed behind me made me feel like a bizarrely helpless human creature with a tail! He walked me in front of a mirror and I looked ridiculous. I was collared, had a raging erection, clamps and chain on my nipples and my hands cuffed behind my back. The 3 foot long leather tail coming out of my ass made me look like some kind of animal like creature!

Soon Daddy’s hard yanks of the cord on my balls forced my concentration and obedience to rise to another level. I was being paraded around as “his” and I was the spectacle of the sauna and it was getting quite busy. I was led into the main movie room where there was a bench like amphitheater. I was put on my knees on the first level as Daddy commanded me to suck him.

I’ve never experienced true helplessness like this. Daddy used my mouth and face and head as I gagged, choked, and almost threw up as his monstrous cock filled my throat and more. He played with my nipple clamps pulling on them as I winced and whined while stuffed in full with his hard thrusting manhood. He pulled on the cord on my balls at times to remind me he was in full control. Then I felt someone playing with my “tail” shoving and twisting the whip handle deeper into my insides. Daddy told me to suck harder as this other man began to paddle my naked backside with some kind of sharp strap or paddle. To say I was in duress was understatement and this scene of helpless servitude was beyond my comprehension.

Little did I know that my “duress” was only beginning! I struggled to clench my anus to keep the whip handle inside me. Each “thwack” stung horribly while daddy continued to work his missile deeper into my helpless gagging convulsing throat. Suddenly Daddy ordered his friend to stop and take his place at my face. His friend at least used a condom as the orange rubber flavor was not exactly welcome but his cock was substantially smaller at least. I was being readied to take Daddy like he had threatened and as he removed the whip from my anus it was soon hastily replaced with his massive bulbously huge cockhead. His entry seared my sphincter and hurt so badly that my cries could be heard in spite of the new cock buried in my mouth and throat.

The men who were watching the porn move were now gathered round watching my degradation. This show was real and I was the centerpiece of this quite pornographic kink show. Daddy was so huge and so powerful in his thrusting that I was so completely overwhelmed. I didn’t think I could possibly take him yet eventually all of his huge man cock was pounded and worked deeply inside my smooth ass as Daddy was eventually reaming me thoroughly all the way to his huge balls. He pounded my insides with angry fury as his friend used my face while keeping me from falling with my hands stretched out behind me in the steel handcuffs. My duress continued as his friend soon came in the condom in my mouth and proudly spilled the gooey contents all over my face blinding my eyes with his still spewing hot seamen.

Suddenly Daddy seemed to be inspired by this event. He reamed me harder and harder only now I couldn’t steady myself on my knees without help. I fell forward on the steps of the amphitheater face first where Daddy proceeded to pound my insides like I never imagined humanly possible. Not only was I a slave – I was a helpless “boy”, captive and sex machine whose only purpose was the being the helpless pleasure object of these many strange and very horny gay men!

Soon other men came close some putting their cocks into my mouth while Daddy screwed my ass to the moon. Another man came in my face then another. Some were masturbating and spewing their cum all over my body. Daddy just continued to drive his cannon so deep into my insides that I lost any hope of escape or of an end to this madness. Daddy soon began spanking my bottom with his hands while fucking me and the noise was so loud that at least a dozen horny men were either watching or participating in this scene. Then I felt it. It came on like a freight train going a hundred miles an hour. Daddy was cumming but so was I!

Daddy’s grunts and groans filled the entire three levels of the sauna. Daddy even had his slave orgasming in helpless wave after dizzying wave until I fell helplessly flat on my face and stomach. The intensity of my orgasm was like an earthquake and bomb going off all at once. I saw stars and was confused, happy, scared and amazed. Daddy lay atop me for a moment and suddenly pulled out of me. I felt relieved but yet suddenly so empty. His cock had made me feel more than incredible and I was astonished and unnerved at the same time.

Daddy grabbed hold of my leash and he helped me stand. I was wobbly and dizzy yet he had mysteriously made me feel like I never felt before. I wanted to know this man and I felt a bizarre affection for him. He soon led me up the stairs to my room and handed me my jock strap. He removed the lock from my collar and unfastened it from my neck. He unlocked and removed my handcuffs. He paused and warned me that there would be a burning sensation as he removed the clamps from my very sore nipples. I winced in pain as he removed them as he spanked my bottom to distract me. He then commanded me to thank him as he bent me over his lap on the floor of the hallway and made me count – each spank with a number and a thank you. “Two – Thank You Daddy!” Three – Thanks You Daddy!” I yelped after each powerful stinging spank By Ten my ass was on fire. “You were a good slave boy after all!” He said. Soon he was gone into the dark! Not even a handshake or a thank you. I never even knew Daddy’s name!

The room was unlocked and as I went in I couldn’t believe all of what had just happened. As my head cleared I looked at my watch and realized that I had “served” a man and many other men for over two full hours while naked, helpless and in bondage – I was made into a slave and a male slut and now I was getting dressed in my own clothing to leave and be a “normal guy” and to go home. Somehow I knew that new doors had opened and the mystery of what had happened had a power and magic that went well beyond what I was prepared to fathom for now.

At the desk the man winked and smiled at me as I handed him my towel. I told him I didn’t have my key. “I have it young boy! You could have come and gotten it at any time if you wanted or needed it!” He said cheerfully yet in an ironically mocking manner. In truth if I’d known about the availability of the room key – I’m now sure that I would have probably taken advantage of my ability to escape! Bondage and servitude had a mysterious power that I will most certainly never forget. My experience was incredulous yet turned out to be far more scripted than I could have known. My ass was red hot for two days and I never dared go back! I must admit though – “Daddy” sure knew how to train and treat a good and obedient boy!


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