Hi Prince, it’s always nice to see cute boys in full rubber gear. How many suits do you own, and how did you start to live your rubber fetish?

Hi there! Thanks so much! I have about 4 rubber suits in my closet at the moment but overall I’d say I’ve had about eight suits in my time doing fetish.

Well I guess the start began at around aged 14/15 when I first discovered the internet (particuarily YouTube) and I would watch videos of men putting on Hazmat gear, protective gear and just general shiny suits.

Through this realisation I began to think I wasn’t exactly attracted to “normal” things. By the time I was about 20, I found out there was a fetish community particularily others who shared this same infatuation with shiny rubber materials.

Prince Rubber


United Kingdom

I think it does make me feel proud that I’m able to be so liberated from social norms that I can do things that would embarrass me so much and come out getting a pleasure from it.

Rubber gives an euphoric high

What is for you the attraction of rubber and shiny materials?

You know I’ve asked myself that question throughout my life. What is it about rubber that I’m just so infatuated with.

I feel like it’s a mixture of things from the smell to the visual stimuli it provides to the feeling of having a tight material stretch over your entire body to the headspace it puts you in. The feeling of being just an object is very much the effect of rubber.

I enjoy the full head to toe experience you can get with rubber and covering someones skin so they’re just an anonymous “thing” is a very erotic idea for me.

Sounds like wearing rubber changes the person and the way he is feeling. Would you agree and how does it change you?

I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve seen it myself with subs or Dominants I’ve played with. Where we meet up and at first they seem really shy or perhaps outgoing.

Once they put the material on I see a noticeable change in their behaviour. They fall into their role which I attribute to their reaction to a transformation.

I’ve also witnessed it with people who try rubber for the first time with me. I can see a new person arise out once they’re covered from head to toe. Which is why I feel a rubber mask really helps them to reach this headspace.

For me myself, I would say it gives me a euphoric high and an agenda. Once I put on rubber – I am ready to either serve or use a submissive. I gain my main motivation, to enjoy what I’m doing to the fullest. With rubber it turns me on and sparks the ignition to start a scene.

For me it’s also a great confidence booster. Which attributes to how I can wear fetish gear in public and get noting but an adrenalin rush from it.

Confidence booster

Now I’ve really to ask you, which is the real you? Is the rubber the mask you hide behind or are the normal cloths masking you?

Haha interesting question. I think their both are valid in being the real me. I see parts of both leak over to each other. While in a rubber headspace I still feel like myself – similar to my everyday life.

But I wouldn’t even say I hide behind it. I think the mask for me isn’t to hide my identity it’s there to enhance it. Most people I play with know what I look like. But when I add a mask it creates this whole new side of me to explore.

I speak to them in the same language I would normally only my tone or words might be slightly different. I prefer to Dom and sub using reality and not create this entire make-believe character. I want a sub to think that the person Domming them is still the same person and not just “playing make believe” 100%.

You say that rubber boosts your confidence. But doesn’t rubber needs also confidence to wear it as you appear kind of naked, showing most parts of your body very clearly even if you don’t like them?

Hmm I think I can only speak from my own personal experience with this. I know so many people have different parts of their body that they aren’t happy with. Some people even dislike everything about their bodies.

I used to feel quite unhappy with my body – given that I’ve always been quite underweight and had some skin issues in the past.

By the time I purchased my first suit at 20 and covered my entire body with rubber. I would look in the mirror and just love what reflected back at me.

I think rubber helped me gain a lot more confidence in my body. I started by liking myself in rubber and this slowly developed into me liking myself outside of gear too.

Of course I know this may not work for everyone. But my rule of thumb is anything covered in rubber looks fantastic and sexy! I feel that it might help others to gain this same confidence.

Kink in public

Hehe. You’ve told us that you even love to wear kink gear in public. Seems you like exposure. Is that also one of your kinks?

Oh of course. Definetely one I was surprised to discover I loved. Humilation is a big thing for me so to wear kink gear in public I definetely get a hidden kick from it.

I still feel nervous as anyone would going out into the open wearing such eye catching gear. But I try and twist it and instead of saying to myself “everyone’s looking at me because I’m a freak” … I say “everyone’s looking at me because they can’t take their eyes off me”

I wouldn’t say that I get a big kick from playing in public or anything like that. But I defintely like encompassing the risk of getting caught into a scene sometimes. Whether by being made to wear gear under my normal clothes in public or using toys in public.

Can you tell us about the kick you get? How do you feel? Why is it embarrassing or humiliating?

I think it really depends on the type of scene that I’m doing. I feel like pride and humilation both find themselves along the same axis sometimes. We’re proud to be fetishists and express who we are.

We’re liberated from society to wear things others would find grotesque, painful or embarrassing. We wear them because we crave those feelings. I get enjoyment out of using a random bystander who might notice some rubber peaking out or a collar on my neck as a means to become more aroused by a scene.

I think as a result I sort of mix humilation and pride together. On one hand I’m humilated to have people judging me or reacting to something that might not be the social norm.

But on the other hand I love that what I do is against the social norm. I’m so proud to do this. I think if I didn’t have such a big sense of pride I wouldn’t be able to do things like this in public.

Seems that self confidence and humiliation are very connected. Do you think that this self confidence is needed so that humiliation is still fun and not a harm?

I don’t think so. I think people who might have a lack of self confidence sometimes want someone else to take the reigns. This can crossover into wanting someone to humilate them in a safe space.

I think the only harm can arise if there’s a distrust between the two (or more) people involved. For people with a lack of self confidence they sometimes need a lot of re-assurance that what’s happening is ok.

The shame they feel is valid and should be used to empower them and give them an erotic kick – not hold them back.

My experience with people with low-confidence is usually to explain what is going to happen so that they aren’t too shocked. With people who have a bit more confidence I can usually surprise them with humilation scenes or language that would make them feel embarrassed.

Diapers & femboy outfits

You like to wear diapers and also femboy rubber cloths. Is the fact that you love humiliation one of the reasons you like to wear it?

Yeah I would say one of the main reasons for sure. With both of those they really make me so weak and fragile. It scripts the idea in my head that I could be overpowered by anyone.

I’m quite a small guy so the idea of having someone engage that’s a lot more powerful than me is a big turn on.

Being shamed and ridiculed by a Dom is just so erotic when diapers or femboy gear is involved. Similar to rubber, it puts me in the headspace and I feel that imbalance of power immediately.

Wearing diapers under my clothes in public is such a humilating aspect of it that I love. Having something that makes noise and holds this taboo is a really powerful thing when you try it.

The moment you try to hide something you start to act in a striking way. So the situation becomes even more humiliating. But the problem of humiliations is that things become normal and you don’t try to hide it anymore. This way less people realize what happens and this makes it less humiliating. Do you have an advice how humiliations can remain embarrassing?

Sure. I mean take pup play for example. I prefer to experience pup play with a sense of humiliation and embarrassment. Here a person has their freedoms stripped away and they’re treated like a domesticated animal.

However, pup play has become a lot more normalised in the past few years. With pup hoods being sold in Walmart this month.

My advice to keep it embarrassing is to bring your own twists to it. What’s normal is all around us. So draw your inspiration from things that aren’t normal. So instead of dressing someone up in a hood and playing fetch, make them pee in the garden while naked.

I think as a sub does more humilation scenes they start to find that thing isn’t as humilating anymore. So you need to keep being inventive and throwing new scene ideas into the mix. There’s always going to be a way to humilate someone. That emotion is going to always be there much like happiness, sadness or anger.

Best humiliation experiences

Can you give us some insights into your best experiences involving humiliation – as top or as sub?

If we’re talking best I think I can only speak about being a sub. Obviously humiltion is felt a lot more by the sub than the dominant.

I think my best experiences were on a few different occasions. Being forced to serve friends at a party while wearing an embarrassing outfit was one that I really enjoyed.

There was such a mixture of feelings as my head would tell me this was wrong and awkward but my fetish side would say that I had to be a good slave for the night.

That conflict really helped to fuel the scene. As I could see the Dom ordering me around during it was enjoying this hesitancy and shame he could see within me. I think when you get that balance right a Dom and sub can both push each other to help the scene reach new intense levels.

Another was being at an event and being in complete “dog mode”. I wasn’t allowed to speak, stand on two legs, leave a Sir’s side or drink from anything but a bowl.

The entire time felt like a fever dream and everyone interacting with me and really treating me like a dog was just such an erotic experience I’ll never forget.

Hehe. Sounds like good experiences. Am I right that to endure humiliating activities at the end makes you feel proud of it?

I mean that’s a small part of it yeah. I think it does make me feel proud that I’m able to be so liberated from social norms that I can do things that would embarrass me so much and come out getting a pleasure from it.

It’s a nice feeling especially in my daily life when I feel embarrased on occasion – as we all do.