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I Want Wine In My Baby Bottle Not Juice.

Our Reader’s Fetish Life

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Kass | 1980 | 175 cm | 70 kg | Birmingham UK

I strongly encourage rather than shout orders.

Kass’s Twitter

How long have you already been living out your kinky side and how did you came to that?

I have lived a kinky life for a while now, but it’s not full on and constant, I do like to have kinky weeks, but I like to mix it up with some more ‘vanilla’ interests. It depends on who is around and my mood. I have actively met some new kinky guys recently and that I have enjoyed, but I am lucky to have met some great friends on the scene. In my teens I tried out a bit of self bondage, which led to occasional meets. But when I look back, some of the meets were not great, a little makeshift and with people I met for the experience rather than people I wanted to be with. That said, I learnt a lot from these people on what I like and don’t. I know I don’t like pain and just find it a painful distraction rather than a turn on. Ball weights, spanking, nipple clamps, electric shocks, you name it, just painful! I leave spanking to my kinky bf.

Whats especially important for you there?

I know what I like so I am not really exploring or ‘finding myself’. I just want to experience more of the same with people I like and sometimes with new people. It’s important to me that I concentrate on people I enjoy spending time with, that appreciate what I offer and understand my interests. The social aspect too.

Do you have special sexual and fetish preferences?

I am largely dominant but like to sub for the right person on occasion. If you met me in the street I maybe don’t come across as dominant, but I am more quietly confident. I strongly encourage rather than shout orders. I love to take pictures and this will nearly always includes diapers and restraint. Diapers are my main kink. When I am more subby, I love to get padded and really enjoy the wet thickness between my legs. The thicker the better. I am a partial adult baby in that I love the outfits, the onesies, a dummy and baby bottle, but I want wine in my bottle not juice. And I am not keen on baby talk and playing with toys. I love dungarees too, but often too embarrassed to wear them in public, still it does not stop me ‘encouraging’ visiting subby guys to wear them. When I think about it, I do like dressing people in outfits.

What kind of guys do you like?

I like personalities over anything. Yes of course if that personality comes with a fit toned body then ideal, but physique is not everything. For people visiting me, I like keen guys and them trying stuff for the first time and pushing limits. I also like a social person, so at times when the restraint and torture is done, we can have a drink and chat, etc and still be having a fun time.

What was your hottest experience until now?

Not one experience but I have done lots of fun things. I have been diapered 24/7 for full week which I enjoyed, I have been in some cool straightjackets and heavy restraints and I am partial to gas masks, hoods and chains. I did a few pride parade walks as a rubber puppy, which I enjoyed. I felt like a celebrity for a short time. In a more dominant role, I once made a guy strip naked in a Birmingham gay bar toilet and made him slide all his clothes out under the door in a bag. He trusted me. I then slid a different bag back under containing a selection of lingerie i.e. fishnet stockings, corset, heels, etc. He had the choice to come out naked or in the clothes I selected. He was nervous but in the end loved the experience. The bouncer on the door did however give us a few funny looks as we left, but it was fun.

Are there things/dreams you want to experience once?

I guess everyone has some dark fantasies, but the thought of them is likely to be much better than the reality of it. One day maybe. I have recently got a new rubber suit so I am planning on attending a few UK rubber events this year. Other than that, I am planning to meet some more new people, whist catching up with existing mates and getting padded. And take some cool pictures of course 🙂

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