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Help us to keep KINKFINITY alive and available for everyone!

To be honest, Covid has fucked us up …. For several years already sadOsam/KINKFINITY provides free kink content for everyone. It started as small private website and has since become one of the biggest gay fetish resources on the web. While wonderful and great, that also brought it’s drawbacks. The work and costs become more and more too. Now with Covid sadly our cross-financing possibilities got reduced. We need your help to keep KINKFINITY alive and available for everyone!

We provide a lot of kink content. It is important to us to show the variety of kink life and to show also the entertaining and fun aspects of kink life.

But even more important we consider the insights and background information you can find on sadOasm.

This guidance is even more paramount for rookies exploring the kink world, and it matters to keep such information available to them.

We do not want to beg for alms, but think we also offer a lot, and plan to create even better sadOsam for everyone, with more video content, quicker and better page design, article projects and more with your support. 

We build on your fairness and goodwill, and hope that you want to support us, as you’d also do for good newspapers or dating platforms.  Of course we are aware that not everyone can offer financial contribution. And that’s completely fine. We are glad already you are a fan. And should you want to help us otherwise, with article or technical support etc, to make KINKFINITY even more interesting, by all means, contact us, that would be awesome. (Contact Form)

Every donation will help and we appreciate it sincerely. But even more you can help us with a small monthly subscription. That would keep us going and enable us to create things longterm.