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A Quick Bottom Guide to Cleaning

General Knowledge Help

Presented & produced by: Se7en


We all know the difficulties that come with a gay sexual lifestyle. Bottoms often don’t have it easy in that area and thats especially true for beginners, so we accumulated some tips and tricks from experienced sluts and subs that they picked up and learned over the years to help you live a good and happy sexlife.

(Note: Please be advised that these are merely tips and guidelines. Every person is different and has different limits, so adjust them to you and your physioligy. We do not take any responsibility. )

Have fun reading.

The sadOsam team


There are a few things you should know when it comes to cleaning out your hole for sex, or as many gays also call it “douching”.


Cleaning your ass is probably the most essential skill for a bottom. Generally there are two sorts of cleansing you mostly do, the quick cleanse for a bit of fast fun and the deep purge for the big hours long sessions. You can find more detailed explanations below. but for now, lets take a quick look at the devices used for cleaning.

Pump Devices

Very practical, especially for travelling and quick fun. You can use them on any toilet and you don’t fill too fast or deep. Only problem: Their water capacity is quite small, so often need to refill and squeeze more than once to get enough water inside you.

Shower Cap

There are lots of kinds of these, from small to long, metallic to silicone, even dildo-shaped like ones. Their advantage is that you don’t have to refill them and can adjust the insertion speed, and with the longer ones you can reach deeper. The problems with shower caps are that if you aren’t careful you easily overfill yourself, get water stuck and can end up sitting on the toilet for hours and hours.

Also if you are travelling abroad without the correct adapters, they may will not fit on the shower hose there. Kinda like with plugs and sockets.

Nutritional tips

Often its not as easy as water in, water out, all lights go. Often you need tricks. These ones may help you to in times when it won’t go the way you want to.Reuse

Don’t eat too much. If you had a feast the day before, think twice about a hours long session. Also its best to avoid eating much 2-3 hours before cleaning.

Caffeine boosts your digestion process. Drinking coffee or coca cola before starting to clean can help getting all out. It would be wise to avoid them during a session though.

General tips

Take it easy. Don’t fill on full power with the cap, so you don’t hurt your intestines.

Too hot or too cold water could cause your ass to tense up and you can burn your colon. Generally lukewarm does the trick.

When waiting, lie down on your left side. Your left side (at least on over 70% of humanity) is where your colon goes down and connects to your rectum, so you prevent the water from going deeper by doing that.

Take some breaks when you are doing the deep cleaning to avoid stressing your bowels.

Don’t overdo it! If you are filling your ass and let it out over and over again, you wash away the natural slime from your intestines that protect them and risk getting fissures that take days to heal. So if you are filling your ass for the 5th time in a row, you best take a break and think if it wouldn’t be better to stop for today.

Flush tips

Stimulate your inner walls. That can be done with various things, be it dildos, fingers, plugs etc.

Don’t overstimulate/fuck yourself too hard. That often can have the opposite effect you wish for. A plug lets your ass feel full but relaxes your intestines and lets the water flow.

Get your system going. Move a bit. May even make a few careful push ups or something. Drink a coffee (as stated before)

Don’t try too hard. If you are concentrating and try too much, you are cramping up and hindering yourself more than anything. Take a break. Distract yourself. Watch TV for a bit while lying on the couch on your left side and move a bit from time to time to keep your system going.


Gay sex is lots of things. But great spontaneity most likely doesn’t count to them. That does not mean you cant have sex on the same day you want to, but its probably best if you plan a bit when you know you’re getting horny. Count enough time to get clean before you go, and best put in some extra time in case it doesn’t work the way you want to.


Always think about what you clean for and how much is required, or if it is really required at all. For a 5 min quickie some times even simply going to the toilet suffices, if you have a good digestion.

Thanks for reading!

We hope our quick guide was helpful to you. If you have any tricks for beginners or other experienced bottoms to add to our list, please write us under

Hey, I'm Se7en, one of the authors and guys behind sadOsam. I'm an all around kinky puppy that enjoys to explore new things and talk to interesting people. Don't be shy to hit me up if you like, I promise I won't bite. Fair warning though, I'm a slow replier, quite busy on here usually :)

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