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A Pussyboy’s World

We introduce Andrew who will start his new sadOsam blog “A Pussyboy’s World”.

MasterMarc: Hi Andrew. Great to have you here with us. It is a pleasure to introduce you to our sadOsam readers, as they will have the possibility to follow your new blog here on sadOsam. You call yourself a PUSSYBOY. Can you tell us, what a real pussyboy is?

Andrew: Hello Master Marc! Im really 17excited to be a part of this new blog.

For me, a pussyboy is a term that describes a boy who has let go of his desires in order to satisfy others and please those who wish to be dominant towards the pussyboy. This is especially true for me, as when it comes to dominate men I never have any desire to be satisfied, as my pleasure source is knowing that I am making the man happy. I think the number one rule a pussyboy should have is:

Always focus on the man you are servicing’s pleasure, and know that your satisfaction does not matter!



MasterMarc: As master I understand your number one rule. 🙂 But I am sure, that being used this way gives also you satisfaction. Am I wrong?

Andrew: 100%. To me there is nothing more pleasing than knowing that I have successfully brought happiness to a man through sexual intimacy, or anything else really. This is where i believe the line between sub and dom lies. The Dom gains pleasure through what the sub does, and the sub gains pleasure through how the dom responds through the subs actions. Now of course not everyone is the same, but to me this is how i get the most satisfaction out of intimate relationships with others.


MasterMarc: How important is for you to get the feeling of being used and forced to serve for the pleasure of the Top, that the Dom takes what he wants even if you’re not in the mood for it? 

Andrew: When one accepts the role as pussyboy, they let go of their boundaries, and begin to recognize that their Doms pleasure is the biggest priority. Of course tops may vary on the person. Some may only want to be services when the sub is willing but others will expect the sub to always be prepared to service the Dom in whatever way the Dom wants. I feel that it is very important to always be ready for any servicing the Dom may want at any given time, but just as the sub is expected to be prepared to please, I think the Dom also has to respect the subs reasons to withhold once in a while. But of course the Dom may punish the sub in any means if this would be the case.

MasterMarc: What is in your eyes the difference between a pussyboy and a slave?

Andrew: To me a slave is the lowest of the low in terms of ordering by class. People who choose to be slaves are pretty much stripped of the qualities that make someone a human being, and their master may or may not value them what so ever. A pussyboy on the other hand has a much deeper connection and relationship with his Dom. The two would be considered equal as humans, and just understand that the pussy boy enjoys being told what to do. Unlike a slave, a pussy boy and his Dom would have a relationship outside of just the sexual and servicing nature.

MasterMarc: It was important to see how you see it, as there is no standard in sm everyone has his own definition. You have told us, that a pussyboy has to be always ready for the pleasure of his Dom. I am sure you will present in your blog, how to be ready for him. Next time we will read, how important it is to be smooth. What else can we read in your blog in the future?


Andrew: Well I plan on pretty much covering as much ground as I can that will help others who aspire to become or improve themselves as pussyboys. Some posts I am currently thinking about are; how to prepare for your Dom, and Ways to improve sexual performance through practice. And if any readers would have a topic they would want to be covered, I would be happy to consider any suggestions people have. I’m super excited to get started on this blog and I hope the readers are as well!

MasterMarc: Will you also tell us about your own kinky experiences and sessions from time to time?

Andrew: Of course! I think sharing my own experiences will not only be enjoyable for the readers, but also help the educational aspect by adding a little bit of a real life aspect to the posts. So whenever i have an experience i am willing to share with everyone, I for sure will let everyone know!

MasterMarc: Great, I know you’re a real kinky, young boy exploring the fetish lifestyle and we are looking forward to your articles. I am sure we will enjoy it, pussyboy. If not, than you’ll get spanked and whipped. Ok?

Andrew: Ok. Sounds like a good deal!


You want to know more about Andrew? Read in his “My Fetish Life” interview.

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