Pussyboy Andrew shares his experiences about the different ways to become smooth.

MasterMarc: Hi Andrew. How is the pussyboy doing? You’ve occupied the bathroom for a long time. What have you done?

APBW-Smooth-160820-001Andrew: Oh I was just doing my weekly shaving MasterMarc. I know how much you like your boys hairless!

MasterMarc: Oh yes, you look smooth as always and as IT SHOULD BE! I love that! But does it need a lot of time to do it?

Andrew: It takes a little bit of time but I don’t mind as long as it makes you happy.

MasterMarc: Probably you should give some advices to our readers and share your experiences. What do you think about?

Andrew: Sure thing MasterMarc!

A Pussyboy’s Guide to Being Smooth


It doesn’t take much looking around to realize there is a significant difference between Doms and Subs when it comes to body hair. Looking at pussyboys as a group, one of the most common traits shared is little to no body hair. I, myself, enjoy the feeling of being hairless from the neck down and gives a feeling of innocence and nakedness. This post is made to help those looking to become smooth in order to either feel more like a pussyboy, or they are at the orders of someone else. If you are removing hair at the request of someone other than yourself, make sure you know what they want. As most of you will probably know, all people are different. As a pussyboy it is important to make sure that what you think they mean might not always be what they mean. Before you go removing all your hair, make sure your Dom meant all your hair. You wouldn’t want to completely shave all of your legs to later realize you were only supposed to shave your pubic hair, or maybe to leave a little fuzz on your ass. That would most likely lead to some pretty big punishment.

Make sure the method you choose for hair removal is right for you, and be aware of the after affects.

There are a couple ways to rid yourself of hair, and each method comes with some consequences. The first, and most popular method would be shaving. I will talk about shaving a little bit more later in the article, as it is a method that needs to be covered pretty in depth. Another method is waxing. I have only ever waxed once, and surprisingly it did not hurt as much as i expected. The only problem really was that it did not get all the hair in the more intimate areas of my body. If you do choose to wax, please use antibiotic moisturizing cream after waxing and for a couple days afterward to avoid infections. The best thing about waxing is that the hair wont grow back as fast as it does after shaving, so maybe a healthy mix of waxing and shaving is a good idea. There are other ways of removing hair such as laser and cream, although waxing and shaving are the most popular and i think the most affective.

Prepare to become committed to your hair removal

As a Pussy Boy, you are expected to do whatever makes your Dom happy. If you do begin to remove your hair, your Dom may really enjoy the new smoothness. This will mean that you will be expected to continue with your hair removal as long as it satisfies your Dom. This is why it is so important to find a hair removal method and routine that you are comfortable with continuing for an extended period of time. Remember, it is all about what he wants. If you do end up switching gears and deciding to try another method of hair removal, remember that there certain things you must do before switching. For example, when switching from shaving to waxing you must let your hair grow out a fair bit before waxing.


The Ups and Downs of Shaving

If you are new to hair removal, then shaving is most likely the direction you are going to turn to first. Shaving is a good way to get rid of hair even in the hardest to get places. Shaving can get a little repetitive, however, as the hair tends to grow back fairly quickly. I usually find myself shaving about twice a week due to hair growth. Another downside of shaving is the possibility of cuts, itching, and also razor bumps are pretty difficult to avoid. Taking proper measures during and after shaving such as moisturizing and using the proper razor (i recommend using a woman’s razor) can relieve some side affects.

When shaving, there are two options open for you. Shave with or against the hair growth. Shaving against the hair growth will make for a closer shave and leave the skin incredible smooth. Shaving with the hair growth will not get as close of a shave but it will reduce razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Make sure to get the right kind of shaving cream, which can be a little hard due to all the choices. Figure out what you think will be best for your skin. Is your skin dry? Is your hair thin or thick? these are just some of the questions you should take into consideration when buying your products.

What is the point of hair removal?

Really, you shouldn’t question the point if it is what your Dom wants you to do. Despite this, there are some reasons people enjoy the hairless body of a pussyboy. One of the biggest reasons is the contrast between the boy and his Dom. The boy would shave and become more of a smooth, clean looking body while the Dome remains rough and darker with hair. This shows the difference of the two in both dominance, and body type. A second reason would be the smoothness. Some Doms simply just like their boys to be smooth. After the first time i shaved my legs i remember i could not stop touching my legs because the smoothness was just so nice. I think the feeling of smooth skin can really get some Doms going. Another reason would be control. The entire point of being a Pussy Boy is to submit and be under the control of another. With the Dom controlling the hair allowed to be on your body it gives him a little piece of your life that he is now the ruler of. And as a pussyboy, nothing should make you happier than making your Dom smile!


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  1. Great article and pics! Where can I find more information about laser hair removal? I’m wondering about cost? Is it possible to have my balls lasered and how can I go about asking to have my balls and anus done?

    • At least in the US, there is no hair removal business that will go near genitals as the skin is too sensitive for treatment. Think 2nd degree burns. They wont risk a malpractice suit.

      Around the anus is okay, it just depends on what the technician is comfortable doing. I would research laser hair removal businesses close to or in ‘gay communities’ with heavy male traffic or who are recommended by the trans community.

      Another option that is more permanent would be electrolysis. It takes longer and a bit more painful but there is far less chance of regrowth. Laser hair removal takes several treatments of the same area and is not always permanent.

      Alas, for those of us with furry sacks, shaving is the only real option without risk of serious damage beyond razer nicks.

  2. You’re very welcome.

    Also, Pro Tip. Use cold water and a new razer when dealing with your scrotum. Andrew should have mentioned this. Bad Andrew. Bad.

    The cold water will tighten your scrotum allowing for a much more thorough and closer shave. Use a new razor because don’t be freaking nasty. Unless it is high quality and you only use it for your bits. Otherwise you could move bacteria and other nastiness from one part of your body to another, more delicate part(s).

  3. Waxing is also a very effective method of hair removal for all intimate areas, particularly for those who find they have stubble / itching after shaving. Just make sure that whoever is doing it is fully trained in male intimate waxing and only uses hot / non-strip wax for it!

    Of course the only downside to waxing is that you need to let the hair grow to about 5mm before it can be waxed again. But perfect for a weekend / week away to guarantee silky smooth skin!

    For permanent hair reduction with Laser / IPL on the body find out which machine they use, and research the machine as much as you do the salon / therapist performing the treatment. Laser machines can offer superior results, particularly on darker skins or where the hair and skin are both fair. But they can be more expensive treatments due to the more limited spot size and cost of the equipment used.

  4. Hi:
    An other method you didn’t write about is pincers and a big dose of patience. i use this on my balls. You also need a source of light oriented in such a way you can see the hairs and work on them (i am blond, mine don’t show that easily).
    The result is perfect smoothness.

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