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Dyn0 – A Professional Hole

A professional hole is visiting me today. No, that is not what I’m saying about my guest, but it is the label he has given himself. Dyn0 is producer of the porn labels Studfist and Cutlerden, one of the real well-trained fistees. I think it is really time to talk with him about anal amusement.

OK Dyn0, ass play seems to be in general something you really like. If you think back, when did you start to push things in your ass and how did that come?

When I was 6 I discovered my butt. I used to like to imagine that a butt plant would grow out of it and make lots of little butts – like fruit… I started putting my little action figures in to save them from the monsters that were chasing them. I mean, I was 6 years old… I got fucked when I was 13 – all summer – by my tennis coach. That’s when it became clear to me that men liked putting things in there. It became my obsession.

Wow, you really jumped the gun. Seems that your tennis summer hasn’t had a bad effect on your sexual development. Tell us a little more about it and your first steps into the world of kink.

I got into heavy anal when i was 19. I used to have sex with a cholo from east LA – he was heavily tattooed and drove a lowered Cadillac. He called me his sweet pussy, baby. He would tie me up and use poppers and big toys on me. I loved being tied up, so a few years later I spent time with a Dom who would take me to BDSM parties and demo me in front of a group. Lots of bondage and oral service for the rest of the guys at the party. Human urinal kind of thing. That kind of progressed to lots of experimentation with butt plugs, clothes pinning, mummification, breath control, flogging and paddling. I was feeling pretty sexually liberated at that point, which took me to start getting into fisting.

Why do you like to get fisted, and what makes fisting such an intense feeling?

I like to get stretched deep and wide – until I cannot take anymore. I love the idea and feeling of being filled. The more a guy can get in me, the better. I’ve been trying to get bigger since i started and realized that guys love to fuck trained out butthole. I thought I would be too loose, but guys, even with average size cocks, love it! Fucking is a big part of my sexuality, so getting comfortable with owning a fist hole allowed me to go bigger and then bigger still. Having a hand in me, filling me wall to wall up to the ribs if you treat me right Is the most intense feeling. In the end it feels like ass worship and I love my ass to be worshipped. Kiss it, eat it, spank it, fuck it and fist it – YES PLEASE!

Why do most guys into fisting prefer to get fisted than to fist? And what are in your eyes the sensation a fister gets?

Is this true? I know a lot of men that love to fist that don’t get fisted. There are a billion bottoms out there and, not to be rude, I hear so many stories about how there are so many bad ones. I think if you are gonna call yourself a fist bottom, you should be able to take one and make it fun for the top. Otherwise, you are just being a selfish slut. As a bottom, getting fisted is like taking a horse dick. It’s a huge jump from penis, so the feelings are the same times 100. If you like to get fucked, and you’re up for the challenge, you’re gonna love a fist! I think topping is about having control and giving pleasure. Plus, it satisfies the need that all men have, to put things in holes! I like to top, but I am super selective, so I do not really put it out there. And we all know I love to bottom!

Ah really, you love to bottom? How could I forget that after having seen so much fist porn with you. 🙂 Btw. How does it come that you do porn?

I got in front of the camera because for our website I am “Free” talent. It became something that I continued to do because of the positive feedback. I love producing most of all, but I will take one for the team!

Fisting is, for me as top, and I think even more for bottoms, connected with trust. You’ve got to know that the top knows what he is doing, and that he doesn’t really fight against the bottom’s body. Is it difficult to find this trust on a set?

Everyone that we work with are real life friends. We have all played together off camera at some point. In many cases, the on camera stuff is a real play session that we recorded. When we do have someone come to shoot with us that hasn’t been with one of us before, then it’s more of a “lets try this out and see where it goes” kind of thing. And if there are challenges, we direct around them. So trust is built in for the most part since we know each other in advance.

In real life, trust is definitely an issue. I don’t just give it up to anyone that comes along.. I have to kind of get to know them first. Unless Im drunk – then I’m a big slut!

Bartender, another drink please! 😉 What was your best ever fisting experience ?

Hard to say, as I don’t really look at experiences with a rating. Passion is what I really love. A talented fister who loves fisting me is always a great experience. I love having sex with my boyfriend, Cutler X – he just wants to work my ass until I collapse. Dick and fists. It is amazing. Amerifist broke my ass in – I mean, that was HOT AF. It took him 3 days of work to get me to take his fist. Soon after, we were camming on a hookup site. He got under my skin so much that I wanted to start STUDFIST with him. We have a magic between us… And of course early on Joey Jordan came into my life – he is a wonderful sexy beast of a man and really loves to push my limits – every time he’s in town I am ALL over him! I would have to say my big stand-out moments were at events. Once was at a fisting party in Berlin – Fausthaus at Lab.oratory. I met all these people that knew who I was. It was my first experience at notoriety. I think I got fisted by 20 guys that night and made some lifelong friends. I literally could not walk or sit the next day! Secondly was at IML in Chicago in 2017. Cutler X and I hosted a fisting party in our room. There were like 30 guys in there digging into asses. I met a guy that I started to date on the side – @PigFFucked who did an AMAZING scene for us called ARMCOCK – such a wonderful person. I also met BIG E who has done a few scenes for us. @Punched93 who is channelling early Dyn0 FOR SURE with his ass in the air poppers’ gas mask punch pig hole – and a bunch of other HOT men that I still keep in touch with.

What kind of guys are you looking for and do you have still some fisting fantasies you want to live out?

I like big guys for the most part. If you are really sexy and hungry for ass, I won’t say no to you.. Fantasy wise, I want to get an even bigger hole. Having my ass stretched even farther than before, It’s extra hot for me. I dream of the day I can get on both of Cutler X’s or Amerifist’s extra large double fist – OINK!

That sounds like a big goal which still needs a lot of training. 🙂 Btw. if we talk about training, then we have also to mention that you love to play with huge toys. What is for you the special attraction of it?

THE STRETCH! It helps me learn my hole better and trains me to be able to take more. I started making toy videos to make an ex-boyfriend jealous, and people loved them!

I play in front of mirrors and love to watch my ass getting impaled on big stuff. Lately I’ve been playing with a homemade toy moulded in a 2 litre soda bottle – that’s been so intense! I can feel it on all surfaces inside, and it feels like I’m gonna burst.

Oh, a 2 litre bottle toy …. Really? OMG, that’s fucking huge. Last but not least, you’ve to tell us about your upcoming porn projects?

I dont have any new projects on the horizon. has been a big effort over the past year and its paid off – our team is working really well together and the site is doing better than we thought it would – so thats exciting. For we have been online for 12 years now and its a great gig. Of course my work at Mr. S Leather is wonderful – ive made an impression on how the store markets its amazing goods online and its really great to have that kind of impact on such an established brand. I LOVE IT.


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