A story written by sirsleatherboi
(Illustration by Theo Blaze)

When I was in my teens I was quite curious about the world and eager to discover more about most everything in life. I was considered by the girls that I met in high school to be a good looking guy and I enjoyed that they found me attractive. I dated and was confident with the ladies but I was quite shy and yet fascinated about some of the other urges of youth. I generally denied that I might have bi-sexual or gay tendencies yet I loved it when a gay friend told me the summer before when at the beach, that I had a really sexy “bubble butt” ass. His words made me feel very sexy! Being a teenager was full of fascinating emotions but I was quite inexperienced and as naïve as a boy could generally be.

I must admit I must have had some hedonistic and even voyeuristic tendencies because one quiet August day I found myself headed to a gay beach on Cape Cod. I had been staying with friends on the outer Cape and drove my car to the very end of the Cape for a relaxing private day with the plan to go to Herring Cove Beach. This National Seashore beach is very “gay” and is frequented by both gay lesbian women and by very gay men. I “needed” a day trip to Provincetown to see the wild sights and I also decided that I would later find a quiet place in the sand dunes to sun myself in the nude! I never dreamed it would lead to what would happen!

Physically I have a tanned, slim, firm athletic body, even facial features and long blondish brown hair. I am about 5′ 7″ tall and about 140 firm pounds. Going in to my senior year of high school I had daringly decided to shave all of my body hair (from the neck down) simply because it felt so good to me to be “smooth”. I also very much liked how it looked. I had a job as a lifeguard in the summer and I often wore a quite small, tight fitting type of racing style orange lifeguard’s bathing suit. This daring minimalist suit left little to the imagination and I often found myself aroused while wearing it perhaps because it was so daring and caused many a stare!

I exercise and played many sports and I was becoming very enamored with my physical development that included a narrow waist, firm lightly muscled arms and an all American boy’s overall appearance. I was finding that I almost narcissistically loved to show off my body and found it very exciting to have women or even men look or gawk at me at the beach. I think I even looked younger than seventeen looking as trim, tanned and as clean shaven as I was and I felt great about how I felt that I looked in a bathing suit.

When I got to the beach I took my backpack and towel and I walked along the busy shore line in my tiny sexy orange bathing suit while being very aware and quietly appreciative that many men were looking at me. Many of those men were naked or in tiny Speedos as well! I think a guy looks sexier when dressed sometimes! I found my walk quite exciting and seeing naked or topless women and naked or minimally dressed men was a fascinating and even thrilling sight. I also heard a couple of whistles and I smiled but dared not look up!

I eventually continued my long but oddly thrilling walk on to an inland dunes area to find privacy in order to sun myself naked – being extremely shy and inhibited about the gay area. I found a quiet private area surrounded by bushes and low scrub pine in the dunes and spread my large towel. I joyfully slid off my little bathing suit and covered myself in very aromatic suntan oil – making my smooth body slick and even slippery. The feel of my shiny, light brown well tanned skin made me dizzy with self lust! As I laid there on my large towel enjoying the sun I found that I was getting quite aroused. My seven and a half inch cock was hard and pulsing. I felt so sexy and I was feeing so incredibly horny knowing that several men back at the beach had found my body and my appearance to be sexy.

With the feel of the warm sun on my body I was crazy in my lustfulness. I rubbed my slick oily rock hard stimulated cock and my body with my hands constantly adding suntan oil keeping myself in a sensual frenzy. Being nude in the sun was magical to me. I would masturbate and the feel of the warm slick oil lubricating my erection made me crazy. I would rub my hard erection until I would feel myself get “close” and stop. I kept myself on edge and spent almost an hour reveling in the lusty joy of this frenetic sexual state when suddenly I heard a voice!

I almost jumped off my towel and I covered myself with my hands instinctually. I immediately saw he too was naked holding his bathing suit in his hand and he had an incredibly huge cock that was very erect. To say that I was staring at it was understatement and the man apologized for surprising me. “I saw you back on the beach and wanted to say hello.” He said softly. “You look even better without that sexy bathing suit!” He said smiling broadly. The man was much older and much taller than I and had a hairy and quite muscled body. His hair was long and dirty blondish and he also had a handsome enough and friendly face.

“It looks like you are getting a bit of a burn. Can I help with a little suntan lotion? He asked. I must admit that I was still in quite a bit of a state of shock and very embarrassed – I stammered and only managed a confused (“Hah”?) and then rolled onto my back to cover my erection as he asked where the lotion was. “It’s in my backpack” I said weakly. In seconds he found it and sat above me literally straddling my lower back as he gently began to add more oil to my already slick tanned back.

His touch was amazing and his gentle but firm hands spread oil on my upper back gently massaging me and comforting me in my panicked state. After another squirt of oil on my lower back I began to realize how truly naïve I must have been! He began to massage and rub the oil on my lower back and just above my bum. I gasped as I felt him touch my naked ass cheeks as he gently moved his hands and fingers between my butt cheeks gently spreading them. He slid down atop me and I felt his hard cock slide against my buttocks and crack as he lowered himself further. It occurred to me that he must have found me attractive because his huge boner hadn’t gone down at all. I suddenly felt the most electric feeling of my young life. His tongue was swirling provocatively between my ass cheeks and I felt it go to my anal opening causing me incredibly pleasurable distress!

My reaction caused my quite hard cock to drive itself down against my towel deep into the sand beneath us in reaction. I was incredibly stimulated and moved by his touch. As his tongue began to lap gently against my oily opening, I was stunned and astounded by the magic of the sensations. I began to pant from the incredulousness of being so intimately touched back there. As my breathing turned into moans his tongue began to search me so firmly that when he spread my ass further with both of his powerful hands – I could feel his tongue actually probing and physically searching inside my sphincter.

I was terrified and yet amazingly stimulated at the same time. I was panting and moaning feeling helpless yet I did not beg him to stop. He then began to search and probe me deeper and more intensely. The effects of his searching tongue caused my cock to react by grinding deeper beneath me into the towel literally digging a hole beneath me in the soft sand as I was so hard and so moved. The more he burrowed his tongue into me the crazier I felt. I was getting frazzled and getting stirred beyond belief when he paused. “You like that don’t you?” He asked teasingly.

I wanted to say “Oh Yes!” but I never anticipated such an event or circumstance. I was shy, inexperienced and I really didn’t know or fully understand what was truly happening. All I knew and could fathom was the fact that I never felt more moved sexually or erotically. Finally I answered the stranger honesty with a weak “Yes” which was all I could manage to mumble as I panted and moaned in the pleasure of this new blissful and soothing sensation.

Suddenly I felt more than just his tongue. The much older stranger was now inserting his finger inside me. It felt so intense yet so very good. It hurt at first but as he slowly began to twist and turn his finger and gently push deeper I growled in disbelief and lustfulness. He continued to tease me and I think I began to raise my ass to meet his finger thrusts as he gently began to finger fuck my anus. I never imagined something could feel so good and so electrifying. My naiveté and gullibility was so great that I never even anticipated what the man would do to me next! It was probably obvious to anyone but me!

I dared not look back as I felt him shift and fumble for something in his bathing suit which lay in the sand next to us. I was scared and afraid to even move and frozen in some kind of submissive helplessness. My ears recognized the sound from my sexual experience with a previous girlfriend. He was rolling a condom onto his huge cock. I honestly wondered what he was intending to do! It didn’t take long for me to find out. I felt him at my opening and he lifted me by the waist with his huge and strong hands while placing me on my hands and knees.

He gripped my slippery waist so firmly while I suddenly felt him invade my most personal place! I gasped and growled in the incredulously powerful pain of having the oversized head of a huge thick, hard long cock shoved inside my no longer virgin ass. Now I began to comprehend what was going on! I was being fucked like gay men did with gay men, only I was just a young innocent seventeen year old boy.

I felt so helpless and began to whine and even cry openly as he thrust his huge cock deeper into my insides. I tried hard to deal with the pain by trying to breathe deeply. I felt skewered like a telephone pole was being driven inside my body. To say I was overwhelmed was complete understatement. The man was merciless and only increased his thrusting speed and depth as my whines and groans may have been mistaken for some kind of crazy enjoyment on my part. Soon his balls and pelvis met my ass as I began to try to cope with the most intense “deep” spanking of my life.

Sweat and perspiration ran down my forehead into my eyes as my body felt on fire all over. My cries and wails continued yet I never once begged him to stop. The big man only fucked harder and faster and soon his cockhead was pounding my prostate putting me in such pain that I though I would pass out. I saw stars and became dizzy. Suddenly I felt his hand on my still hard cock. He was rubbing it and milking it and it just didn’t make any sense that it was so stimulated and suddenly reacting to his strong fingers. Incredulously my body was responding to this stimulation and I felt crazed on the edge of some kind of madness.

Suddenly I felt less pain. My breathing was frenetic but my body was reacting to his hard rod and my reaming – in ways I never could have dreamed or fathomed. After a few more intense tugs on my cock it exploded causing me to shoot stream after stream of cum all over the towel beneath. My anus and sphincter spasmed wildly intensifying the joy of the most implausible yet unbelievably powerful orgasm of my life. The stranger yelped and screamed out. “Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah! Oh Fuck Yeah” I felt his cock shudder in my depths as the man’s body shook and continued to thrust forward into me until he was completely spent into his condom.

He collapsed atop me and I fell to my cum soaked towel. He gave me a quick kiss on the ear and then quickly withdrew his huge, long, still thick, hard cock from my smooth, round, well violated ass. “You sure deserved that boy! Your ass is as tight as it is hot!” You’re a great fuck!” In moments he grabbed his bathing suit and was gone! I lay there motionless and stunned. I was panting and in complete denial of what had happened.

All I knew was that it was time for me to flee! What had just happened? I knew quite clearly – but I just never dreamed I would be fucked by a man. I felt so guilty that I never objected, not even once. I also did not want to dare not walk past all those people on the beach for fear that the stranger would be there but the upcoming tide blocked my hopeful escape route!

I walked back down the beach in my little orange bathing suit feeling that everyone knew what had happened to the naughty young boy who had wiggled his ass on his way down the beach. I was afraid to look for the stranger and I shamefully kept my head down. I saw a man approach and he came up to me only to pick me up like a little child while he hugged me while giving me a huge wet kiss on the lips. His tongue searched my mouth as I helplessly held on to him, with my legs around his waist. I felt quite moved but also I felt so violated! His grin was wide as I looked at him in total disbelief. Embarrassed and red faced, I eventually pushed him away and walked onward toward the parking lot. “Thanks hottie” he yelled loudly as I fled. I didn’t feel real sexy now but in retrospect I probably should have!

It would be a while before I dared wear that bathing suit in public again! It took a few days before I realized that I had truly gotten what I deserved. I also realized that I did indeed also deserve a good man like the stranger! Perhaps my love for older, more experienced andmature men goes back to that day, which I now think of rather fondly in spite of my one time innocence, my lustful behavior and my then tremendously obvious naiveté!

Illustration by Theo Blaze – Read the interview with the artist!

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