A story written by sirsleatherboi
(Illustration by Theo Blaze)

In the morning when I wake in bed I always take great joy in trying to recall the events of the night before which so often seem quite dream like. As I stir I feel, smell, and am comforted by the thick leather collar that is locked firmly around my neck and am stimulated and elated by both the feel and the symbolism of the leather harness which so firmly secures my balls and cock. These badges reassure me of my earned and genuine status as Master’s boy and the fact that I have yielded myself as his property.

Even though my eyes are still closed my consciousness is amazingly clear as I know who I am and what are my functions and roles as his. I now always seem to be very, very happy and when I realize that Master has left the leather wrist and ankle restraints on me from last night’s training, I feel even more comfort and assurance. My arm is lovingly across my Master’s flat stomach and the proximity of his nude body has my cock and balls already straining against the leather restraints which I am expected to wear around them and for him at all times. I love his smell, how he breathes and his warmth and aura. I so love the honor of being allowed to be able to be nude and next to him.

When I am permitted to be in Master’s bed it is my job to warm him and to please him in any way he so desires. I don’t always wait for his command in the mornings before I take action in regard to bringing Master any of the pleasures a well trained boy should give. It is an atypical characteristic of mine and of most submissives to take such initiative – but it is something that Master loves about me and I am so proud when he is pleased by me in any way. I feel so passionate whenever I wear his collar and wonder if I can make Master hard without waking him. Since he is sleeping on his back I slowly and carefully go beneath the covers to find his beautiful oversized man cock in the hope that my gentle attentions will truly please him.

With great care I slide my body in such a way that I am between his legs as I gently yet anxiously find the head of his huge oversized cock with my lips. I serenely savor his manhood feeling like there is no better taste or experience on earth. I keep myself as calm as I can as I tenderly suck and soothe his cock orally in the hope that his dreams are of me, his caring and ever so giving boy. I can still feel the heat of last nights long spanking and paddling on my still warm ass against the sheets, only making my cock strain further in its harnessed hardness beneath me. Now that I feel my Master growing harder, longer and thicker in my loving mouth I have to fight my urges to be overzealous until the time is just right. I always am respectful of the man I so glorify, so adore, and so willingly worship. In doing so my hands are behind my back as though “tied” which is the position for pleasing that I have been taught.

I begin to feel and hear Master stir. I become even more subtle and gentle in my oral caress. Soon Master stirs further and his hands are now moving and find the back of my head and neck. Master is awakening and his boy is now being forced down onto his huge now pulsing member and I am gagging and struggling to breathe yet I’m in joy! The reason I so love having my mouth and throat so used is because it pleases him so much! I already know that the day is off to the right kind of start. My Master is hard. My Master is being pleased by his boy. My Master is moaning and thrusting upward into his loving, giving boy’s mouth and throat!

As a “boy” this is just a piece of a morning’s bliss. Later there may be spankings, floggings, restraint, disciplining or training. I may be expected to clean, cook, or to even rake or mow Master’s lawn. When outside I will do so in tight black “boy” shorts and high black leather boy boots and always while wearing my collar. It is clear even to those who may drive by, what my role and my place is!

On this wondrous morning I have apparently earned one of my ultimate “boy” treats. Master is far more yielding to his boy in the morning. He often allows his boy to have a little fun and even a little bit of control. When Master reaches under my arms and pulls me atop him, I know I am about to be in for the ride of what I feel s the “ultimate pleasure”. Without condom, lubricant or any unnatural help, I am made to sit on the biggest, thickest, and widest cock I have ever seen. The challenge is immense, the pain will be incredulous, but the gain will eventually become just what a “good boy” works to experience and just what I live for with him!

Fortunately Masters cock is wet from my sucking and from his pre-cum, so when I go to sit on his unbelievably oversized mushroom like cock head I find it actually possible to feel it begin to move inside my anxious and even very willing anus. His entry is like trying to sit on a fire hydrant but I want nothing more than to feel my Master’s cock inside my willing and always ready body. When a boy is as committed as I am to his Master, the joy of having my Master’s cock inside me is the ultimate celebration of my purpose and my identity. Though his initial entry feels impossible, I am comforted with the knowledge that I have managed to succeed at this act before.

I gasp and groan as I push downward onto his missile when suddenly Master’s powerful up thrust makes me cry out in incredulous pain as his cockhead sears my sphincter and finds its way brutally inside me. I wince but am strangely overjoyed. The most difficult part is past but I still need to work myself all the way down his incredibly long, thick, stunningly rigid manhood. Slowly I work my anus onto my wondrous lover when another abrupt up thrust stuns me into the difficulty of my reality. The pain is so immense but I wonder yet have accepted why I find this act so joyous and so moving in both physical and spiritual ways.

There is no time to think though as I strive to perform and please my Master at all times. I grind my ass downward onto him and meet his subtle thrusts beneath me. I growl deeply as each of my down thrusts is met intensely with more and more powerful up thrusts. My Master now grips my waist and guides me up and down his massive shaft as my hard, harnessed, cock and balls now begin to meet my Master’s pelvis filling me with sensations that take me to another level. Now I am driving down onto his massively hard and thick prick with reckless abandon and I am moved beyond belief.

It so hurts deep in my bowels yet there is pleasure and wonder there too. I am moaning and whining and my Master’s grunts are now filling the bedroom. I begin to give all efforts to ride him faster and harder. My libido and need is rising higher and higher and my willingness to please him drives my every move. I squeeze my anus with all my might with each down thrust. I feel his cockhead go well beyond my prostate and I am unable to speak. I am lost in my role riding the man I so worship and so care for. The speed of my impalement on his cock increases further as my cock and balls bounce on his pelvis making slapping noises similar to the sounds of those of my spankings.

Even my ass, which is still red from last nights training, is glowing from both the heat and pure stimulation of my circumstance. My ass so feels the stinging landings on Master’s upper thighs and knowing I am “his” just makes me want him more. I am lost in ecstasy, rapture and sheer jubilation. I lean forward to kiss the man I so love. He just has to know how moved he has made me and how Master’s incredulous manhood is making his boy feel.

Master grabs the large metal ring on my collar pulling me to his face. When our lips meet Master inhales my tongue and swirls his own inside the depths of my mouth. I have never felt more filled, more loved or more intensely desired and wanted. In seconds I am moved powerfully while flipped smoothly onto my back. Now my legs are wrapped helplessly around my Master’s back and neck, as I am pressed vulnerably beneath him. No words can describe my joy and rapture. Nothing can explain how his now wildly thrusting missile takes me beyond earthly feeling and as my emotions soar skyward. I am so “his” and his rapid fire piston like fuck strokes now have me so helplessly and mercilessly out of control that I am crying and whimpering in the elation and madness of my ultimate of delights.

The room is filled with sounds of spank after raw spank as his balls and pelvis are exploding against my fully spread, completely vulnerable ass. I am in supreme surrender. I am in the place of my innermost and outermost bliss. When Master comes I will come instinctually and when he does I am not just filled with elation. I now am so moved to feel the incredible heat of his searing hot cum filling my depths in spurt after powerful spurt. Master’s gasps and groans rock my senses as the pleasures that have so overloaded me peak as I am thrilled in the knowledge that Master is pleased and satiated. I see stars and am so dizzied that I cannot believe my own pleasure. My anus spasms and trembles gripping Master’s cock like a vice. My body has lost all control and Master is moved by this greatly. He comes more and more, filling me with cum and in ways like I have never been filled before.

Unable to move I remain locked beneath my Master in the ultimate state of yielding submission. Many minutes go by yet feeling his huge relaxed frame atop me feels so natural and so wondrous. Suddenly I am kissed on the lips and Master begins to move his huge and still firm cock deep inside me. My excitement rises and I am overjoyed. His thrusts are becoming firmer and firmer and I consciously and lustfully meet each of his thrusts.

Feeling the soreness of my previously well spanked ass now being sexually spanked seems strangely humiliating yet is truly exhilarating to me. Suddenly Master stops his powerful pump strokes leaving his cock deep in my depths as I growl in wonder. He looks me in the eye and smiles. “Today my sexy hot boy – will be a little different. I’m going to make you a very special breakfast. Then we’ll get back into this bed”!

Master was true to his word as always. I was belted into a metal handled fuck belt and got the fucking of my young life while on my hands and knees at the end of Master’s bed! In the afternoon Master had a little fun with me as I was tied blind folded to a tree in the back yard in only my boots, collar and cock and ball harness in the warm sunlight. Master drank a few beers while admiring me as he called me “a quite a sexy “ornament” who deserved to be here for his enjoyment.” He also tied a cord to my balls and cock and pulled firmly every now and then to remind me how carefully that I needed to respond to any thoughts or questions he had of his boy.

When we were back inside I practiced my hands behind me and on my knees position – orally pleasing Master with complete and humble enthusiasm. Master took me to his bedroom again and the joy in my heart and the grin on my face said it all. Today signaled that I had arrived as an accomplished “boy” and I knew that a Master and “his boy” could be very happy indeed! I would again be filled with everything a boy deserves – and my heart and soul were overflowing with bliss and delight! Wisdom says giving is better than receiving but a “good boy” fully understands how that truly works both ways!

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