A story written by sirsleatherboi
(Illustration by Theo Blaze)

I have long been in denial of my true sexual identity. I always have had an attraction to certain men, but proved that “denial” by fearfully escaping “the moment” when I would inevitably shy away from a sexual encounter with a man. I am lucky being a “cute” 5’6″, 145 pound blondish, in shape, toned, tanned athletic “all American type” guy. I was now in a situation where I just had to see if I was the sexual being that I thought I was. I suppose it was both courage and desire that had led to my “surrender”. Perhaps it was in reality just pure lust. What was about to happen was quite absolute and complete, but it was also to be so very, very extreme!

I was in a man’s home and our meeting had been arranged over the internet. My “secret desires” were now coming into reality. I amazingly had allowed him to lock my wrists into thick leather cuffs. I then willingly had my wrists locked (by “Him”) to a wooden spreading device that was bolted and chained to the ceiling – making me a “true” standing captive. This was the moment where I crossed the “line”. I finally had fully “given in” to the years of doubt yet the needs I so believed that I had. As absurd as it sounds – I was completely naked, almost fully suspended, struggling barely able to stand on my tiptoes. I had yielded to desire. I was fully exposed to him and could be no more vulnerable. It was now up to him to “teach me” about pleasure and pain. He was to teach me to learn how to please!

He walked around me as I was being “felt up” and “inspected”. This “big, strong, take charge guy” leeringly squeezed my ass and sized me up. I was now “his boy.” He was pleased as he complimented the sexy body of his captive. He felt my ass roughly and then began to spank my fully exposed, smooth shapely ass repeatedly with his huge hands. Initially there was pleasant warmth to his forceful spanks. I liked the attention and the spanks seemed to me to be appropriate for my naughtiness.

After a while that soon changed. His spanks became powerful and almost angry. I felt so helpless yet I was quite excited by this scene. There were mirrors in “his dungeon.” I could see my sexy nude body and my arms stretched toward the ceiling. Soon he switched to a heavy wooden paddle and he rapidly got my full attention! He then proceeded to sting and whack me mercilessly, as I my screams went unheard other than by him. He seemed pleased by my reaction. “HE” was making it indelibly clear to me that he was indeed “the boss”. My very red ass was soon burning in warmth and soreness as I braced myself helplessly wondering what the man who called me his “Master” wanted to do to me next.

Master began to question me. I had to answer each of his many “embarrassing” naughty x-rated questions “properly” and in the manner that he demanded. “Will you surrender your body and soul to be? “Yes Master, Yes!” Yes Master, I will!” – I said at first weakly. “Louder!” he demanded! Each of his questions then became far more explicit and I was quickly learning to answer each appropriately. “Yes – I will be your very good boy Sir”! “Will you shave your sexy body completely for me?” Yes Sir! I said repeatedly and submissively to each of those very naughty questions. “Master” had plans for me that were quite “shocking and shameless”. The words he used embarrassed me so very much but my now very bright red bottom was his in complete. I was now “his boy” and “his property” in a state of complete vulnerability to him whether I wanted to or not.

As I stood there straining, stark naked, arms stretched helplessly by the device above I shivered as he spread and positioned my ankles and legs. It was going to finally happen. There was no escape now. I felt his huge hands and a finger spread a cold wet lubricant onto and into my virgin opening. The coldness and raw intimacy of this sensation made me gasp. He then took my waist into his hands and pressed his huge hard cock against my backside as he spread my ass cheeks for his entry. I felt him “there” and shivered, as he paused before suddenly I felt the pain and I screamed – as I he unhesitatingly forced his thick, hard manhood into my ass. I cried out and soon I was in tears while he simply shoved it mercilessly inside me, over and over again.

I tried hard to breath without panicking. It felt like I’d been skewered by a telephone pole! Not only did this seem unnatural – it seemed impossible, to have so huge an organ inside me. My sphincter spasmed and tightened uncontrollably, but I was helpless and had little choice. I could not escape my condition. I was truly his when I had allowed my wrists to be locked. I could not change my fate. Now I was in both wonder and a state of pure disbelief as he filled me with his missile like organ that was piercing my insides like a long, thick, steel sword.

“Master” was now really going to work on “his boy” – penetrating me and my anus so deeply with his huge, oversized cock, that his huge masculine balls were soon spanking my vulnerable, red, still burning, well abused, ass. I was aghast at the power of these new, overwhelming sensations when he suddenly twisted my nipples. I could only moan and wail as I trembled and quivered trying so desperately to take his ridiculously oversized cock with less pain – while having my nipples ravaged and now it seemed that my whole soul was now owned by him. I was amazed at how unbelievable his skill was, as it was actually beginning to feel good yet at the same time I felt so injured and harmed each time his cock head’s hardness rammed against my prostate so incredibly deep in my anal canal.

“Taking a man inside me” was beyond description. The pain, the pleasure, the excitement and the fear, combined to make my whole body shudder and quake. Being so filled, and yet so overcome with him so physically deep inside my body just made me crazy. Somehow though, this was immensely stimulating. The mix of feelings, emotions and the overwhelming nature of having a man’s huge cock up my ass confused and dizzied my essence. It seemed impossible to accept such an overwhelming organ inside me yet emotionally and spiritually it was somehow something that I needed and must have wanted to have.

“Master” was a very powerful and a very sexual man. His intense, hard thrusting, menacing assault was so moving and so incredulous that I could only moan and gasp for breath. In a state of desperation I could only try to somehow relax my tightly tethered, straining, wrists above me. I held on for dear life as I was repeatedly violated so forcefully and so incredulously that I truly doubted my ability and my judgment in so surrendering my entire self to this man.

Soon Master “turned it up another notch” and I was hardly ready for it! With a vigor that was like anger, he began to drive his hard, oversized missile into places so deep inside me that I couldn’t discern the pleasure from the pain. My feet were eventually driven right up into the air just magnifying the state of my helplessness. I was now hanging by my wrists and also completely skewered and helpless on his relentlessly searching pole. He held my waist as he felt like he was turning me inside out. He was so controlling and overwhelming me that I wailed in pain and pleasure managing only to mutter “Oh Master, Oh Master”! – As he pounded my insides.

I have no idea why I couldn’t say no or to beg him to stop or to relent in his attack of my insides. I was quivering, shivering and panting and moaning. I was dizzy, aware only that his cock was filling me and hurting me – yet I was frazzled and somehow moved beyond comprehension. I was crazed in trying to comprehend the madness of what I was “getting” yet I was near explosion – and even in my inexperience I could tell so was he.


Many hours later exhausted from my servitude, I found myself half awake, half asleep, in the middle of the strangest sensual dream of my life. I was in a bed, under the covers and I felt warm and magnificently comfortable. I was dreaming that I was being loved and I realized that I most certainly was indeed “being” loved. I was nude and being held firmly and closely, cradled from behind. His tongue searched my ear and he kissed my neck with gentle, loving kindness. It was early morning and he had invaded my smooth shaven ass while I was deep in my sleep. He was holding me, one arm under my neck and across my chest and his other hand on my hip guiding my backside as he thrusted more deeply with each stroke. His cock was just so big and as he firmly, but gently thrust his incredible huge, engorged cock further into my depths I quietly cried out, moaning in both the confusion and in the lust of this incredible awakening. “Oh god” I moaned now stirred and quite awake. “Oh god”! – I gasped. My strangest of sensual dreams had come true.

Suddenly my lover was so incredibly tender. He probed and penetrated me so skillfully and so wondrously, waking me to a level of sensual awareness that electrified me to a level that I had never experienced. His cock was overwhelming me yet he loved me tenderly and magically, making me moan and plead for more. The care with which he was fucking me had me crazed. Feeling that huge cock inside me was so powerful and so stunning that I was trembling and quivering all over. He was licking my ear with his tongue and kissing my neck as he fucked me deeply but still with delightful skill and care. I was swooning in my willing surrender.

He had been so rough and so merciless with me earlier. He had fucked me like I was being punished and now this was so different, so wondrous, and so magical that I was swooning in the lust of my surrender. I felt as though he loved me. I felt like he cherished me. His patient lovemaking had me dizzy and so wanting. I decided right then that he could fuck me all he wanted! I wanted him to fuck me all day! This was my first experience with a man and I was so in lust and love! I so wanted Master now!

He was so strong and he was physically so much bigger than I. It was easy for him to control me and I had already learned to allow him to do just that. He paused for a moment and turned me so that I faced him. He kissed me so deeply that I was breathless and stunned. I was so moved by his kiss. I was so moved and swooned to feel such love and such sincere affection. He skillfully rolled me onto my back while he kept me still impaled completely on his huge hard cock as I was again his and helpless.

Now atop me face to face Master’s needy, smooth lips greedily locked mine while his powerful tongue searched and invaded my mouth, sucking my breath away. I was stunned at the rawness of the intimacy. I was so moved and so stunned by the passion in his kiss that I nearly orgasmed on the spot. I shuddered and whimpered in the joy of being so “needed” and so “wanted”. I was now again “his boy” in complete and I never was more pleased about being “his”.

Now I was not just simply naked, but forcefully being bent back. My ankles were now held firmly by his huge hands by my ears. I was spread so completely and so helplessly, that when he plunged into me, his huge cock was now penetrating my anus so deeply that if felt his balls against my ass. Soon his thrusting caused the sound of his balls and pelvis spanking my ass to echo throughout the room. I fought to hold on to his back while breathlessly, moaning and squealing in disbelief. His cock went so “deep” that it went “past” my prostate! The pain was gone but never did I feel more filled and or so completely overwhelmed. It was wonderful, stunning, and crazy. Physically I had gone beyond what I believed was possible yet emotionally I was thrilled to be so wanted, so thoroughly “used”, and to be so thoroughly loved.

Once again, I had no control and I was at Master’s mercy. Soon Master became wildly impassioned thrusting into my depths with rapid, hard, piercing strokes. He was once again rough and filled with animal like need, but I was so moved by how forcefully he drove his hard swollen cock into places so deep inside me that I could only groan and comply with his needs in helplessness and anguish. My legs were now instinctively wrapped around his back and my arms held his neck and the back of his head. I was holding on for dear life and dear passion! Somehow though, I wanted this madness to continue! I wanted him to enjoy me and if he spilled his seed into the condom deep inside me I was being the sexy boy he so desired me to be for him. I wanted to prove to both he and myself, that I was truly a very “good boy”! I wanted to “please” “My Master”!

Feeling the intensity of his desire and the love that I was experiencing – made me wonder why I had never allowed myself to admit to the reality that I was gay, and that I needed the love of a man. I always denied this thinking perhaps I was “bi”. I finally was accepting that I was a “man’s boy” and I had never, ever, felt anything so wondrous or so powerful before. Now I was so moved that I had no doubts as to why I had submitted to him. As his thrusting became more and more frenetic, my joy increased proportionately. I knew he was near because I too was so near to losing all control. My own cock was hard as a rock as another sudden deep tongue searching kiss caused it “all”!

I so felt the wonder as I felt his orgasm shake him like an earthquake It so pleased me and moved me that I too could not help but experience incredulous orgasmic sensations beyond belief and beyond anything that I had ever comprehended. I saw stars as I cried out in joy and happiness desperately squealing and shouting “Oh god, Oh god yes!” as we exploded together. We were lovers united as one in a powerful, intense, wondrously unbelievably explosive orgasm that left both of us breathless, covered in our own sweat, exhausted, and unable to move from each others arms. I fell asleep holding him above me, his cock still deeply embedded inside me! What a way to sleep and “dream”! I was so “his”!


In the morning Master awakened me quietly telling me his expectations of me as his “slave boy”. He told me that I was to keep a diary of my experiences so that I could reflect on my progress. I would share this with him whenever he desired. I would continue to be “a very good boy” for him. He was pleased though with how quickly I was “learning”. In his home I was always to be naked unless told otherwise.

As he held me his kisses awoke me further, as I once again felt the magic of finding his cock thrust inside me, probing me with gentle, yet meaningful need. The intensity built gradually as he skillfully fucked me again and again, loving me with all of the love, lust, and intensity of the first and second time that he had fucked “his boy”. I was so happy, and as pleased as I reveled in the spirituality and lust of how his god like cock filled me with such incredulousness and such joy. I never felt so wanted and so needed. I was physically exhausted, but he was not tired at all. He fucked me and fucked me until I was so built up into frenzy that we both went off again. The power and the meaning of our orgasmic coupling was beyond my wildest dreams!

I was now so sore that I had to beg him to rest my anus so I could take him again later! He still wanted more from his boy! He found me so sexy and he said he couldn’t have enough of me! I was so pleased to hear how much he liked his boy! He sent me to “my room” a study to record my thoughts and write how I could “improve” as his slave and “boy”. I put thoughts together and showed them to Master. He was pleased with some ideas I had – but wanted to know why the process of cock sucking wasn’t on my list! “You need to learn to suck my cock and do so with enthusiasm!” It honestly hadn’t occurred to me that I needed to learn more in this area because I never had sucked cock before! I told Master I would be happy to try my best to please him! I truly in my heart wanted to do so.

He then wanted me to get “started”. He got me out of bed and handcuffed my hands behind my back. Master told me to kneel and worship his cock. I was more than happy to comply because I so wanted to please him. I first licked his huge cock head. It was stunningly large and like a phallus from Greek Mythology. I was thrilled because Master groaned and when I started to suck him he moaned and moaned. This made me work all the harder on him. I loved looking up to see the pleasure in his face as I could see the pleasure I was bringing to him. Fortunately in the helpless, handcuffed state I was in, Master was gentle. My sucking became greedy as I was so turned on that I was getting real hard knowing, feeling, and experiencing his masculine member swelling into hardness that was like a steel pipe.

After but a minute or two of learning to suck him – he erupted in my mouth and I swallowed his essences so that he was a part of me. I gagged and gagged but I was so thrilled and happy that I had brought sexual pleasure to him. Master was so quite pleased too. He had me stand on his bed with my hands still cuffed behind my back. He went down on me and in but moments I was cumming into Master mouth. I was crazed in madness and in how I could constantly orgasm so easily and so often with him.

He kissed me and made me taste my own cum as our tongues intertwined. He then spanked me firmly for my naughtiness, putting me over his lap, reminding me of my “place”. I was surprised to find that his firm handwork on my reddened bottom caused me to get a raging erection! I too was so stimulated by him because he so understood my needs and desires. Ashamed but “understanding” I knew I “needed” more punishment for my shamelessness. He then took my handcuffs off me, only to put me into a leather sling, suspended on my back, from the ceiling in his “playroom” where I had lost my virginity to him.

Above on the ceiling was a mirror and I was aghast in disbelief of the reflected scene. My hands and legs were spread and I was “locked” at the ankles and wrists. In the reflection above I clearly saw myself being violated repeatedly by my studly lover. In spite of my complete helplessness, I loved the unbelievable and spectacular sight and reflection of having his ten-inch cock disappear then appear from my insides as he fucked me. Soon he proceeded to fuck me so hard that the rhythmically swaying swing and chain allowed his cock such depth that I was once again overwhelmed and violated in places so far inside me that I never knew was possible. He held the chains in his hands controlling my whole self-pulling me on the sling onto him and almost off of him with incredulous power and vigor. I would get his cock rammed so far inside me that I was dizzy after each hard stroke. It seemed like hours I was ravaged by him and like the most intense dream of my life.

The spectacular manner in which I was being ravaged in the reflection and my helplessness had my cock so hard and “bouncing” like a spring with each powerful thrust given my insides by My Master. Eventually I could take this no more as this reflection just caused me so much more frenzy that I hoped closing my eyes would enable me to last longer for my stud. With no control of my body or my circumstance, I could no longer fight off the pulsing surging need caused by his huge cock being driven so deeply and expertly into me. I soon helplessly lost all control. I exploded in orgasm from the wonder of the reflection above, and from the sensation of being so totally filled and helplessly ravaged.

As crazy as this scene was – I realized that being his “boy” just suddenly seemed so normal and that he so helped me just be me! I so enjoyed being the object of Masters needs and affection. Unfortunately though, I came before Master as my cum spurted up and onto my chest surprising yet annoying Master. Master does not allow my pleasure before his. He would soon see to that!

“The Lesson!”

Master left the room returning in moments. Helplessly tethered to the sling, I got the cane immediately for my affront on my exposed ass. In a single thwack I cried out. Then the second and the third caused me to jerk and cry out like a baby. The pain felt like searing heat and stung like nothing I had ever felt. The cane hurt so much more than any implement or pain that I’ve experienced. I so fear it now. It left marks and welts on me for days but I learned my lesson well. I cried as Master stung me – teaching me a lesson I would never forget.

Master turned me over and showed me the welts in the mirror. I was put into handcuffs and I was made to sit on my burning, naked ass in “my room” and write a note to My Master explaining what I would never do again. In huge letters I wrote “Master’s pleasure always comes first! I will always wait for Master. I will cum only when Master allows!” Fortunately my written response was just what Master wanted to see from me.

“Now let me finish what I started”! Master took me back to the playroom but not before locking my neck into a shiny metal collar and on a chain leash. Now I was attached to the sling face down – like I was flying. I was spread eagled on my stomach, helpless as could be. Master shoved his cock inside me and I soon felt the pain of not only his cock entering me to his balls – but his pelvis spanked my sore, almost bleeding naked, exposed ass.

Master enjoyed fucking me in this new position of helplessness. I was biting my lip as I struggled against my bonds taking his raging, magnificent cock so deep into my insides that I thought it would come out of my mouth! “You will learn you sexy, naughty boy, that Master is everything and you are mine for my enjoyment!” He then rammed his huge hard, cock into me with such force and with such a frenzy that I became panicked, fearful that I may orgasm! My fear only made things worse as I lost control of my body! I couldn’t help but cum again in wild spewing spasms. It must have been great luck because I came fortunately right after he did.

He left me there for panting and breathing hard for many minutes while he showered. Master then came back to spank me thoroughly. The stinging was magnified by my “wounds” from the cane. Master then proceeded to fuck me furiously again. His staying power was beyond belief and his “manhood” was like nothing I’d ever dreamed could be. There was so much pleasure and so much pain that I was a dizzy, but soon I was an incredibly satiated “boy”.

“Night Two”

That evening after a badly needed afternoon nap in which I was handcuffed to his bed, I was once again ready to submit to him. I was buckled into my leather cuffs only this time wearing a thick, black studded leather collar with a “dog tag” labeling me as “Master’s Toy”. It included a chain like leash that Master would later use when he made me suck his cock. I was aghast yet pleased when he brought out a collection of very naughty, sensual “things” that made my eyes grow wider and wider! He set them down on a table moving it in front of me to see to see my reaction. Master smiled as I looked intently at them in fear, yet with intense curiosity. There was a cane, several dildos, nipple clamps and much, much more! I knew that I had so much more to learn, but I was clearly a willing prisoner who would submit to all that Master had to offer.

That night was incredibly even more intense and even more erotic than my “first night!” It is safe to say I was treated to all of Master’s training devices and I somehow managed to pass his tests. Now that I had lost my virginity to him, I was so willing and giving every bit of my all to him! My Master and my lover had very rapidly becoming my hero and even my “love”. I have “fallen” for him and I had learned to trust him with all my heart.

Master continues to teach me more about pleasure, pain, pleasing, submission and how to please him. I still haven’t decided whether I like morning, noon or “our activities” at night the most, but what pleases Master pleases me the most! It all seems pretty wonderful to me and I will serve and please him whenever he wants. I can’t believe I waited so long to come out of the closet. I think about “Master” at work and every time we are apart. I am officially “out”! I am totally gay and so proud to be a man’s personal love and lover! Who knows what tonight will bring but I know it will be a new challenge and it will be filled with the joy of my complete giving of myself to him. Tonight my newest learning experience is to enthusiastically serve one of Master’s friends.

I will be asked to do things for this friend of my Master for as long as Master desires for me to. This is part of my “training” and my improvement program. Master has made it clear that I obey him and I most certainly will. I so do want to please and I enjoy so much the reward in my heart to know that I have made him happy.

Serving “More” Than Master

When Master’s friend arrived I was already helplessly awaiting my “duty”. For hours I had been preparing myself for the guest. Master had me bathe myself and shave myself so that I was soft and smooth all over. I was given an enema to clean and “prepare” my insides as well. It was very uncomfortable and Master “helped me” by shoving the end of a large squeeze bottle up my ass and then by filling my insides with warm “perfumed” water. I was made to hold the water and to suck Master’s cock on my knees while I struggled to keep the water inside my ass.

What a challenge this was! It was like torture trying to please Master with my mouth and tongue while my insides were on fire. I can only take about half of his huge cock before he is pounding the back of my throat. I quickly realized that the sooner I made Master cum, the sooner my painful, shameless predicament would end. I sucked on my Master like a crazy person and eventually made him cum inside my mouth as I tried to swallow all of his jism as I looked up at him with tears in my eyes. Now that Master was pleased, Master finally allowed me to expel the water over and into the toilet.

The next preparation made clear to me how I was to be used by Master and his friend. Master had me kneel on my hands and knees over a short bench. Telling me to remain still, Master paddled me a dozen times with his black huge wooden paddle. Then he had me kiss the paddle (he called Bessie) and thank him for the “experience”! Master then wrapped a huge thick belt around my waist and the bench immobilizing me and leaving me there cold, naked, and in my slave’s “collar”. Master said simply “Think about how you will please Mr. Simmons. “He is a business client of mine and I expect you to be on your very best behavior for him!”

It seemed like eternity as I waited on my hands and knees, belted to the bench. Finally the doorbell rang and I heard Master greet his friend. They went into the living room to get drinks while I knelt helplessly “waiting for attention”. I heard laughter and toasts. I heard Master and his friend joking about his slave. I overheard Master say that “His new boy was a real sexy hottie” and that “He was quite trainable!” Master told his guest that he would like me a lot! I was getting hot just thinking about the possibilities – but they were in no hurry to come see the helplessly bound “plaything” yet!

As I waited my very warm ass was the only real sensation I felt other than the coolness of “the playroom”. The playroom was a modified dungeon and was the place where much of my training had taken place and where I first lost my virginity to Master. I was comfortable in this “erotic” and special place but something told me that I was in for a bit more than I might typically imagine. I’ve never been with a man before Master and now just days later I was about to be with two men – in a completely helpless state. I really began to wonder about what was sane on my part and what was just plain “lust”. What if I were to get a disease from this man? What were they going to do to me? My mind was racing and it was truly torture being helplessly bound on my knees as my mind raced and my knees began to ache.

I lost track of time waiting there. I think Master and his friend must have thought leaving me here alone “in wait” would drive me crazy and it most certainly was. I so wanted to please Master – but waiting helplessly was not “my” idea of pleasing him. I began to wonder “why” I was in my “state”. I was smooth shaven, perfumed, and “cleaned out” for a stranger. I was naked and belted and locked to a bench like a true slave or prisoner. I had a thick black collar locked around my neck and I was emotionally ready to be used by the man I had suddenly fallen in “love” (or lust) with as well as a stranger. I was now experiencing that same panic and sense of wanting to flee that I always felt before I met Master.

When Master and first I met at the bar after talking on line through e-mails, I “just knew” I had met someone special. Now though, I was doubting him and doubting myself. Earlier I was the center of his world and now clearly I was not. I was the “entertainment”. I was like a trophy or an object of amusement to Master and he was going to use me to please his friend most likely for business purposes! I wanted to flee but I was helpless. If I cried out I would get the cane, and my ass had not even fully healed from my first two experiences with the dreaded “sting”. Finally I heard them coming and I realized that I was stimulated and hard as a rock, yet extraordinarily fearful, and in an emotional frenzy.

“Master” showed the man “His Boy-Toy”. They walked around me examining me from head to toe. “Don’t look up at me boy” said Master. With a quick stinging spank to my ass I replied as I was always expected. “Yes My Master!” The man was tall and in a very expensive suit. Master was wearing his “leathers” and had a crop in his hand. The crop was something that stung but did not hurt like the cane. He ran it all over parts of my body making me shiver and quake in fearful anticipation.

“What a sexy boy! I want his ass!” said the man enthusiastically. Master seemed all too willing to please him and give me up to him for his pleasure. “He is yours Richard. Use him as you please. I have trained him for your use. He probably can’t wait to have your cock up his ass. Am I right slave boy?” “Yes Master, Yes” I replied. I was truly not sure about this but I was quite beyond “choice”. “Tell him how much you want his cock!” demanded Master. “I do so want his cock up my ass Master. I want his cock so bad!” I couldn’t believe I said that but I did. “Richard” was soon removing his suit, folding the jacket and pants and leaving them on one of the benches.

I never got a good look at him but he was already behind me. Before I could even think I felt him there pressing a finger into me. Without any lubricant he pushed it farther and farther inside me as I found myself instinctively reacting, trying to react when he stopped, wanting more of his finger. “Richard” was clearly amused as he told my Master “What a naughty slut this boy is! He wants it real bad!” He came around to the front of me and put his finger into my mouth. “Do you like the taste of your insides? He asked leeringly. “Yes Sir” I replied weakly when he finally removed it from my mouth. With his cock inches from my face – He asked me if I wanted to suck his cock.

I knew the “drill” but with Master watching – I wanted to please him. I was to please Master’s friend. I have never had a cock other than “My Master’s”. I was about to become the “slut” that that man had called me. His cock was as large as Master’s. He soon shoved it into my mouth and grabbed my head. This was quite awkward and he got very hard very fast as I struggled to take it inside my mouth and throat. He was literally fucking my mouth as he held my head and rammed his hard throbbing dick into the back of my throat repeatedly. I was so uncomfortable and hardly able to breath. Master must have seen my struggle and even the tears that were streaming down my face as I thought I would pass out – while being smothered by having his cock so deep inside my mouth and throat. I gagged and gagged and the man refused to stop.

Thankfully Master came to my rescue suggesting to Richard that he try my ass. “He wants you inside him Richard. Fuck my boy in the ass! You’ll love how tight his pretty little asshole is!” I was so relieved when he withdrew from my mouth. I gasped for air and could finally breathe. In but moments, I felt Richard’s hard swollen cock against my opening. I didn’t know if he had a condom on or not. I was panicked. Master always used a condom. I wondered whether Master would allow him to fuck me without one. I would never allow that to happen, but I now had no choice. I dared not ask and as I felt him enter me, I squealed in pain, aghast at his size, impatience, and how much he was hurting me.

While Richard began to hurt me and pound my insides, Master was busy undoing the thick buckle around my waist that had be attached to the bench. Like it was choreographed I was lifted and carried to the sling with Richard refusing to let me off his thick pole. He withdrew momentarily as I was placed on my back on the sling. Master placed my legs and wrists into loops designed for them but did not lock them as he had done with me the first time I experienced this device. Richard then re-entered me and began to ravage my insides again. I looked above to see Master readying his hard prick for my mouth. I so wanted to please him and turned my head to the left to take him.

Now I was being fucked from both sides and in the middles of all this madness it suddenly occurred to me that I might be able to see if Richard was wearing a condom – if I looked up into the ceiling mirror. I wanted to try to relax some but I couldn’t unless I knew that I was “safe”. I trusted my Master – but having a “stranger” and second person involved seemed to be a very new situation. I hoped the rules hadn’t changed. I struggled to look up but with Master pumping his cock into my mouth I couldn’t see clearly what was happening to my behind.

Richard caught note of this and made the assumption that I wanted to see my revilement. Suddenly I was being spanked by him and fucked by him in a wild frenzy. I gasped and groaned with Master’s cock in my mouth, making only strange muffled sounds just causing both of them to become more frenzied in my assault and use. “He loves this. What a naughty little sissy slut! He can’t get enough!” Richard said – as he then proceeded to grab the chains and pull me so far onto him that I could only try to hold on to the wrist straps for dear life. Each thrust hurt so bad but soon his cock was past my prostate, like when Master got past that area. It finally felt better and when Master took his cock from my mouth I was squealing in delight!

Finally I could look up and I saw what seemed to be a condom on Richards cock – though it was so deep inside me. Now I was truly relaxing until Master placed a chained set of nipple clamps onto my nipple and then onto the other. The pain suddenly became immense. They were strong and hurt beyond comprehension. My tits burned and then Master proceeded to attach a, heavy, shiny steel ball to the chain. Each time Richard thrust into me the entire sling moved and the chain and ball jumped along my chest, causing a tremendous pulling on my nipples. The harder he thrust into me, the greater the stretching as the moving ball pulled on my nipples mercilessly. This pleasure and pain was killing me. I was already dizzy. I thought I might pass out, as Richard thoroughly seemed to enjoy making the steel ball move and tug and stretch my poor, burning nipples.

Richard just fucked onward. Faster and harder he fucked me. The ball pulled and pulled with each vicious thrust into my depths. My breasts burned and my head spun. I could no longer open my eyes. I was burning yet melting. Earlier I thought I may orgasm. Now moments later, I was ready to loose all sense of reality and consciousness! I was completely overwhelmed by pleasure and now pain. Things eventually went dark. I truly had passed out, so overwhelmed that I could no longer endure my fucking and painful tit torture.

I awoke to feeling a cold feeling on my face and I saw Master above me. I was still in the sling and he was putting a cold washcloth on my face. “You have done well my boy. You did everything I asked of you. I so love you! Let me help you to my bed.” I was only half awake yet I felt I had failed him. Why was Master pleased? I was thrilled but still dizzy. He helped me out of the sling as I staggered. He lifted my nude, still limp body and carried me up the stairs and then up a second set of stairs to his room. He gently placed me down on my back, head on the pillow. Master took another washcloth and cleaned my stomach and chest. It was Richard’s cum that he was cleaning from my body!

“Submission’s Bliss”

“You have more than proven yourself to me. Let’s enjoy each other for a while now my sexy naughty, cutie boy”! I was so thrilled when Master then kissed me on the lips. I was never more pleased with myself. My Master was happy with me. I had truly pleased him. My heart surged and my desire for him just continued to blossom. After another deep kiss – I felt his tongue swirl into my mouth and I once again felt such a sense of urgent want and need for him in spite of my exhausted condition. My cock had instantly gotten so hard and excited. His intense kisses did that to me. I was once again so willing and wanting to please him.

I went down on Master’s cock. It was delicious and I was thrilled to feel it growing in my mouth. I sucked him almost greedily and I made him so hard that I knew I was in for “more”. He turned me onto my knees. I was so ready for his cock! We made love as Master fucked me like a dog; fucking me so hard he drove me down onto the bed onto my stomach. I passively lay there in such wonder, so willing and so enjoying taking every inch of him. I laid there feeling his pulsing cock inside me while so enjoying every thrust. I so marveled at his skill, squealing in the delight of each and every magnificent fuck stroke. It was so beautiful and as I told Master that he was the world’s best lover. Soon he tensed and I could feel him erupt inside my depths. When he spilled his hot cum inside me I so glowed in the happiness of knowing and feeling how I brought such joy to my sexy, studly, Master.

I woke up in the middle of the night and I knew I had to have him again. “Slaves” should not initiate sex with their Masters but I took the risk as I carefully went down on him well under the covers. I carefully teased and gently sucked his cock as he stirred. I pretended to be sleeping and dreaming! “Yes my boy, Oh Yes” he said. Soon I just had to have his cock and I sat atop him, sliding his hard, thick, beautiful cock up my ass. I gently rode him as Master slowly awakened, fucking me as I sat on his delicious, oversized, missile like, organ. Eventually his thrusting grew in intensity and my Master was soon guiding me up and down his pole as I reveled in the joy of riding my Master. I was squealing and crying out in joy, as I so loved the feeling and wonder of having my lover so fully in my depths.

I soon found myself so filled and so enthused that my horny humping had Master groaning like I was. Soon Master gripped my waist with frenzy and pulled me up and down and up and down so furiously that I screamed in delight. I knew I had once again brought Master to the edge. In the wild frenzy of being forced so hard down onto him he soon he spilled his cum deep into the insides of my ass. I was so thrilled to feel the heat and warmth of his own fluids that I was smiling and thanking him – when he then suddenly grabbed hold of my own hard cock and milked me. This sent me into heaven and into a wild frenzied explosion that caused me to quake all over.

My cum spurted and spurted like a fountain on overdrive. I cried out in such joy that I screeched – “I love you Master! I so love you!” Master smiled broadly and was pleased. He kissed me and our tongues swirled as we kissed and kissed for many minutes. Our appreciation for each other was clear. Soon we fell into a wondrous, satiated, sleep.

“In Complete”

In the morning Master took me into the shower. He had me clean him all over and then he cleaned every inch of me. With a razor and shaving cream he then helped me shave my body into smooth, hairless perfection, as he so desires of me and so likes. Once I was smooth all over he had me bend over as he knelt behind me. Master went to work on me by cleaning my sensitive anus with his tongue. I can’t imagine anything more erotic. I was going crazy in lust. Master is so skilled and he knew that his deepening licks and “tongue fucking” was driving to another place that I have never been. I told Master I was going to cum if he didn’t stop. Master then spanked me over and over again as my wet backside glowed, but only temporarily caused my need and lust to ebb. Everything Master did to me brought me joy!

Master went on licking me and “rimming” me as I kept mumbling in disbelief and panting from the delight and skill of feeling a man’s tongue in my most personal place. There seemed no more wondrous and gentle a feeling. I was going absolutely crazy. I cannot describe the delight and magic of Masters tongue warming my sphincter and insides. What a “fucking” I was getting! The warm shower seemed to just add to the glory of this most sensual of acts. Finally I was instinctively begging for the “real thing”! I wanted his cock inside me. “Fuck me Master” I begged. “Fuck me my Master please give me your beautiful cock!” – I pleaded!

Master was happy with his “boy toy”. He spanked me hard and firmly for being such a naughty boy! He was very hard and soon proceeded to enter me and I swear his cock was never more welcome. As Master fucked me I cried out in delight and told Master that there was no better man on the face of the earth and that I was his forever! After many wondrous deep strokes I was crying in joy. Soon I felt Master erupting inside me and I was so thrilled that I began to lose it too. Master took hold of my cock and milked me while holding me and pulling me all the way onto his hard exploding prick. Holding me tightly from behind, my cum flew onto the shower walls as I squealed and screeched like I was losing my mind. I then appreciatively kept thanking my Master for each and every inch of his wondrous bone and for his skill and caring. Having my insides filled with his hot cum seemed as natural as any act in my young life.

We hugged in the warmth of the water and I couldn’t help but go down on my knees! I wanted more. I wanted to please Master even more. I so wanted to once again please the man who so pleased me. My punishment and my understanding of giving to him had made me spiritually complete. I would have much more to learn in my slavery and in my servitude to him, but my willingness and enthusiasm was so indelibly clear. I was his willing property and his to use in complete, but nothing made me feel happier.

I couldn’t get enough of my Master and my Master’s cock. I sucked Master hard in just a minute or two, sucking him with enthusiasm and in such need and such want. He was delicious. Only his cum could taste better! I worked diligently and enthusiastically to have his seed in my mouth. I so loved how Master quickly became engorged and huge. I wanted his seed and my Master was soon happy to oblige me. I swallowed and swallowed his cum. It tasted incredible, to me, like the nectar of the gods.

My Master now fucks me bareback all of the time. I am truly “his boy” in complete. This is just how I like it. I am a true boy-toy and a slave who “does it all”, without compromise for his Master. We are one and I would happily see that Master continues to fill my willing ass with his wondrous cock and his delicious seed, by being obedient, attentive, and by being willing to take his cock whenever he so desires. I wear his collar almost always now. I do Master’s domestic work around the house completely naked and firmly locked in my thick leather collar. At times Master shows me off in “my collar” it in public. He no longer feels the need to share me with anyone and I’m so pleased to be his and his alone. Master says more will come and be expected of me in the future! In whatever Master wants or asks, I will most certainly do as he says! I am truly his “boy” after all – and please him I will!


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