There are many kinks out in the world. Some you’ve surely heard of. Some you don’t register consciously, but see often, and when you hear someone talk about them, go “Oh sure, yeah of course that’s a thing for some.” But there are also quite a few that you don’t hear that much about, and make you go: “Oh what really?”. This is the kind we’re trying to present to you today. Strap in for a fun ride. Lets go.


This one sounds strange right? It’s a very rarely used term. Because it’s also a rare occurance to achieve.

The ability to achieve orgasm without any physical stimulation of the genitalia, usually achieved through mental stimulation or fantasy alone. (src: wiktionary)

There are probably only a very few people who can achieve that without help. Usually that kink is lived out through hypnosis play, stimulating the mind imagery and body sensitivity and ecstasy through suggestions. And it can be an extremely intense experience, from what people say.

Gheisa (play)

If you don’t know what a geisha is, they are the following:

A class of female Japanese performing artists and entertainers trained in traditional Japanese performing arts styles, such as dance, music and singing, as well as being proficient conversationalists and hosts. (src: wikipedia)

Of course, being a very traditional part of Japan’s history, it’s natural for many japanese to be intrigued by them still today. Although the geishas are a dying out breed. It is a very niche culture. But there are also people from other places who are into them. And others who like to play them.

Now it should be mentioned that traditional geisha’s are not prostitutes, even though they are often compared to european high class curtisans. Whether the role players hold to that tradition… who can say. Some like to adhere to the traditions, some may not. Either way, its a fascinating phenomenon.


Many know about foot fetishism, and connected through that, boot/shoe fetishism. But less know that there’s also a group that like to play with hands, and are into covered hands, as in gloves. Wikipedia says the following to that:

A form of sexual fetishism which, as the name implies has as its object gloves of many and varied types. Persons with this fetish find the gloves themselves arouse sexual feelings, whether visualised, worn by themselves or as is mostly the case, when worn or even held by someone else and in particular by a partner. 

The material can also be very important to people. Some prefer leather, because of the natural feel. Others again latex, because of the second skin effect.

There are quite a few practices connected to it. After all you need your hands for many interactions between each other. Some are heavily into being fingered into the mouth with them for example. Another practice is the classic gloved hand over mouth. Or general body and ass-play with gloves.


So this one is quite interesting. You’d think this applies to grooming another person as, for example, in the classic scenario where you sit in front of a mirrored makeup-table, getting your hair made, prettied up etc. And you’d be right. It’s likely to a degree connected to Trichophilia.

 Trichophilia – A partialism in which a person sees hair – most commonly, head hair – as particularly erotic and sexually arousing.

There might also be some correlation for the receiving person to Tripsolagnia, a fetish already discussed in another article.

That’s one part of the grooming kink. However, grooming also has another definition, quite a bit darker.

To get into a close relationship to somebody, make them vulnerable, and form them, groom them into something.

This is the other side. Now it should be mentioned, there are people who go into this willingly. For slave play, it can even be wished for to be reformed heavily into a tool that is useful to their master. There, the grooming isn’t necessarily bad, but a goal they want to achieve. It’s a thoroughly positive experience for them. However there are also some people who abuse this method and get off on it.

I’m going for the adult version here. The other one shouldn’t even exist in this world. But yes, it means to raise someone, form them. Essentially, it can be this:

Adult grooming applies to any behaviour where an adult is prepared so they unwittingly allow abusive behaviour or exploitation to occur later. The abuser typically befriends or builds a relationship with the victim in order to establish a relationship of trust. Well known examples of such abusive behaviours are sexual abuseelder abuse, financial extortion, human trafficking and sexual slavery. The same or similar psychological processes as with their not mentioned here counterpart are used to exploit adults. Adult grooming typically involves:

– positive reinforcement (Gifts, money, praise, superficial charm, flattery, smiling etc.)
– normalization
– deception

(paraphrased from psychology wiki)

That is the bad side. I leave the possible scenarios and consequences of such to your imagination. Essentially that’s what often happens in bad bdsm relationships. The Dom takes in the sub, has them vulnerable, forms them in a bad way, and abuses them, while the sub thinks that’s how its supposed to be due to manipulation. Now, I should also say, there are some subs who knowingly seek out abuse. That is also a kink. But yes, quite an unpleasant note of our community. Lets get to something else, shall we.

Abrasion Play

You’ve likely seen tickling depicted as fun kinky torture somewhere. Well this is a close branch of that.

Abrasion as a human sexual practice involves sexual arousal from contact with abrasive substances. (src: psychology wiki)

Have you ever taken a shower and just kept rubbing somewhere even though it was clean? To get to that freshest skin layer, even if it became red? 😉 You could imagine it similar, just harsher.

There’s many instruments that are used to this kind of play. Scratchwool, thistles, brushes, twigs/leaves… some go from this also to more damaging kinds, resulting in scaring. But that’s something for another article. I hope you enjoyed the dwelve in the strange wonderful world of kinks. See you in the next one!

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