Lets face it. Being a kinkster means to sometimes just throw your doubts and in the wind and just go for it. That means exposing yourself to a certain amount of danger. Of course, being a kinkster also means trying to reduce that risk of danger to as low as possible. But how? Well, here’s 10 tools that may help:

1. EMT / First Aid Scissors

EMT/ First aid scissors are usually known as essential safety gear in rope bondage. But it’s not only there that it can come in handy. They are used pretty much everywhere when it comes to quickly cut a human body free of things. Whether that’s someone in rope, mummified in ducktape, leather, nylon, hell it’s also used for plaster casts etc. It is a damn good idea to have at home should somebody suddenly pass out or have a huge panic attack, or starting to bleed or whatever.

2. Metal Saw

Why should you have a metal saw? Have you ever lost your keys? Or bought a cheap lock or cage, whatever really from china? I could tell you tales… In fact, I’m gonna tell you in the next one. It is definitely a good thing to have.

3. Dremel

I recently went to a chillout party day at a friends place. One of our friends there had those really sweet bondage mitts which went all the way up to your elbow and were lockable. We of course put the locks that were in the bag on our adorable victim, and had tons of fun. Well turns out our dear friend lost the key to those locks. Which made the situation a little more inescapable than we thought. We weren’t too worried though, since our host and victim had a dremel. That cutting and drilling machine with all its attachments was easily able to cut through the locks and free him. It’s especially handy to have, since sometimes just cutting and sawing won’t help with more delicate/intriguing designs which require more finessed tools.

4. Bolt Cutter

The third one in our series of metal cutting devices. Are you fond of metal bondage? Do you like chains and heavy locks? If that’s you and you don’t have one of these at home, then you’re quite honestly a little irresponsible. It’s also good to have that if you’re wearing one of those chain padlocks. That, or once you notice your lock has rusted shut, you may need to make a little bit embarassing trip to the hardware store to get one. Or hope no one comes into that metal tools and chains row while you or your partner tries to free you.

5. Quick Release Mechanisms | Panic Snaps

Many people just buy locks and perhaps some carabiners for the legs etc. But if you go into suspension or have victims who may need to be freed in a quick way, panic snaps and similar quick release connectors are a great addition to your collection. There are some who have a high tension pullout possibilities, and that can save a lot of valuable time in a pinch if he’s tied up in a stress position and starts to shake from muscle cramps and blood flow problems while having whatever stuck to or in him.

The same goes for any lock btw that you attach anywhere, whether on somebody or to something that keeps that someone locked in somewhere. Always make sure it’s easily removable, even under stress and tension.

6. Strong Attachment Points

A longer time ago I’ve had a session with somebody chained to screwed in attachment points in my wooden bedframe…. turns out he had a little more power than I thought once I really started getting into things with him. He ripped that thing off and almost hit himself on the head with the thick chain.

In a similar case my partner once tied someone up in spreadeagle form with attachment points in the ceiling for a whipping. Turned out those attachment points were not pure metal, but inside just filled up with filler material. They bent and broke from the stress, and my partner was only just about able to save that poor guy who’s legs were still tied up to the sides from breaking his face on the concrete floor.

Nowadays We drill through the wood and secure it extra on the other end. And our ceiling attachment points have a weight durability of several 100 kg. It’s important to keep safety of the sub in mind wherever you can in your play space. Spend that extra money. Or else you may pay it in form of whatever the insurance doesn’t pay in health care.

7. Extra Rope

Similar to getting that extra safety in attachment points, it also pays of to have that extra rope laying around to make your play extra secure. Not just for inescapability, but also prevent your sub to hurt himself while wiggling about. Take chair bondage for example.

Your sub is the squirmy kind, that really likes the adrenalin feel of wanting to escape but can’t. You thought of bringing 4 pieces of rope. One for each of his limbs. You tie him to the chair in the hotel. He starts to move and squirm… and starts bucking his hips, half standing up and falls over. You need some rope for the upper legs/waist area to tie him down…. Essentially, it’s always good to have more rope than you think you need.

8. Water

Huh? Water? Why? Simple. The amount of times I forgot to drink during good sessions while subby is… well pretty much every session. It doesn’t come to mind. I want to have fun and action, submit, no thoughts, no actions that aren’t for my top. No thinking for asking for water. And at some point it can happen that I even start to get dizzy or half a headache because of sweating dehydration, if someone who isn’t calmer in some moments suggests it. Now imagine you’re in an intense session in an intense moment with somebody and that’d start to happen.

Always keep some water bottle nearby and regularly keep your sub hydrated.

9. First Aid Kit

At some point, something is bound to go wrong once. Whether it’s a cut from a sharp edge in a chain, some whipping gone wrong, sprained joint from wrong movement in bondage …. Better to have some stuff at home that helps. I mean, honestly, it’s a thing you should have in your house anyway, right?

10. Phone

Are you scared because you don’t know the city or location your Session Dom asked you to? You know can always write your friends the location beforehand and tell them you’d write a message in x hours. And if you’re unsure whether the play is really in that location, or you’ll go somewhere else or be abducted etc. did you know telegram and other apps have a send location feature?

You can also schedule messages over that, if you have an agreement with your friends to keep each other in check, where you can send them the details of the planned play, and to react if they get that message. If everything’s ok you can just delete it and everyone goes on with their day normally, else it gets sent. And if you’re unsure you could forget deleting timers in time should everything be ok, you can write that the person should wait for another hour or whatever time, might be in intense play or so, or just start to write back to make sure before going into alarm mode as a backup.

Though that’s likely overdoing it in most cases. On that note, the smarter thing to do if you are unsure about that person is to just chat with your potential playmate’s profile connected friends, or others in the local area, and friendly ask them about that guy. Just be polite and ask them quickly if he is an ok guy. Here’s one way you could go about it for example if you are not the communicative type:

“Hey, how’re you doing? Sorry if I bother you with this, but I saw you were friends with (or live around the same area as) (that guy’s profile name). I’m likely gonna meet him soon, and he seems friendly (/cool). But I’m a quite nervous as I’m not used to dating (or not from around), and (he seems intense/The play (he suggested) we may do is very intense and a little bit intimidating /He seems quirky/his answers were very short/He seems a bit thight-lipped/ I can’t quite get those background fears out of my head). So I just wanted to inform myself a little beforehand to be sure he’s cool. Do you know him and if he’s fine and genuine, or whether he has a bad rep / I should steer clear? 🙂 Really appreciate your help, and thank you in advance! ”

More often than not the people are happy to help and tell you what they can, to give you a assurance and a fun experience.

But it’s not only in that regard. You can also look up tutorials during sessions if you’re a little unsure how some practices go. Or ask a friend to explain it to you. Or order something that’d help in some cases. Like the tools above.

Or they can call emergency services, whether to send someone or have someone explain to you how to handle wake someone up from passing out.

Essentially what I want to say is that your phone is a multi purpose tool for so many things that can ensure you have a safe and fun fetish experience. You just gotta think of it and use it.

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